Thursday, July 3, 2008

Colz 'Clack' / 'Tea Leaf' / 'Tribute' 2001

I've been digging through old CD's with 'demo' scrawled on them, looking for interesting tidbits. I found these three, all from 2001 so the same period as 'Stoney Park' and two of them heavily influenced by the UKG sounds of the time that myself and Grizzle were somehow picking up from London. They aren't 'tracks' by any stretch, just repeating structured demo type shit. The first one, which I have just now named 'Clack' starts off four to the floor, and sounds nice and cheap if you know what I mean.

The next one has been christened 'Tea Leaf' because I think i straight thieved the beat before choppytime.

The third one is called 'Tribute' and was just myself and my mate Rink messing about and smoking for a few hours. Rink doesn't make music but he loves Reggae. So, its a Dub track but were really overdoing it on the delays and reverbs so listener discretion is advised. The melody (on melodica) was later used in my Warning Remix. Mind your ears.

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