Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last Night 24/01/2015

Joining us for our second
guest mix of the month, SAGA did us the honour of a production
showcase, filled to the brim with plenty unreleased material
along with tracks taken from his previous releases.

The mix is definitely packing a lot of heat and shows what SAGA
has in store for the new year ahead. Flawless production and
attention to detail makes his music stand out the most while
still holding down great melody and structure. Ill say no more
Just listen back/download the show below if you missed it.

You can check out his previous releases here Crescent EP on
Lost Codes and Flight Risk EP on Lit City Trax.

Also follow him on Twitter & Facebook to keep up with his latest


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Last Night 10/01/2015

It's a brand new year, and we kicked things off for 2015 at Standard Radio with a guest mix from Montreal boss man, Son Raw
We caught up with him when he was over visiting Dublin last year 
and unfortunately we didn't get to do a live radio set together.
However, he has put a well crafted mix for us to get the ball
rolling, so hold tight for 90 minutes of fun and games.

Also well know as a writer for Passionweiss and as a contributor to 
Fact Magazine, Son Raw can also be found on NastyFm for 
his show Technical Thursdays every Thursday from 7pm - 9 (EST).

If  you would like to keep up to date with Son Raw's mixes 
head over to his soundcloud HERE or follow him on Twitter HERE 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last Night 20/12/2014

Tonight's Standard Radio was an xmas guest take over, as a crew of DJs and producers lined up to help us end the year in the customary style. Our own Standard Crew's Major Grave and BOB along with Glacial Sound, Bobo-Funk, Section-Five and RDA rolled out a heap of exclusives amongst the favourites from the last year, and of course the odd classic as per standard.

I'd like to send a personal thank you to all who've listened and given us their support, whether by accident or design, and whether on FM in Dublin City or elsewhere via the wonders of the real time stream. Big thanks to BOB for keeping the turntables turning in my absence, to Major Grave for keeping the fire burning, everyone at Raidió Na Life for tolerating our weekly pilgrimage up the steps to the studio.

- Colz


Last Night 29/11/2014

Joining Bob in the studio a fortnight back for Standard Radio were fellow Standard crew member Major Grave, and guest Glacial Sound.

Bob steps up first for the opening 30 minutes, then its over to Glacial Sound with plenty of unreleased bits taking the mix in all kinda directions.
Next up is Major Grave with a set made up entirely of his own unreleased productions. To finish, Glacial hopped back on the decks, with Bob covering for the last one.

If you would like to keep up to date with all things Glacial Sound, head over to their soundcloud, or you can stop by the online Glacial Sound shop here.

Thanks again to the listeners, and to our special guest this week for dropping by.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last Night 13/12/2014

'This week joining me for a  guest mix on the show was Entropy from Limerick's DIE crew. I only managed to catch half of his set down at this years Life Festival, so I thought it was only right that we got him in for a full mix. He has very kindly put a set together for us just under the 1 hour mark, and we hope you enjoy hearing whats inside...'



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Last Night 22/11/2014

As promised, Dublin's RSCH 14 took over proceedings for this week's Standard Radio Show, so it's four x four for the full 90 on this one. Taking over the whole show for the night they dug through their record bags, and went back to back with a top selection. If you would like to keep up to date with their radio shows, head over HERE and have a listen .

More info on the lads can be found below.

Thanks again to the listeners, and to our special guests this week for dropping by.

The Standard Crew


Friday, November 21, 2014

Standard Radio Saturday

Dropping into the studio this week to take over the airwaves is RSCH 14 (Doug Cooney & Niall Dunne). RSCH 14 just released their  debut ep "ISOPSEPHY" on the Vision Collector label.They also host their own radio show over on where they can be be found on the last Wednesday of every month on their Real Sound Radio show. Head over to their Mixcloud HERE to keep up to date with their previous shows.

As always, we're  on the air from 9 - 10.30PM (GMT)

Dublin listeners: lock onto Raidio na Life 106.4FM

If you're listening in from outside Dublin, you can stream the show live HERE

Or >> Google Play/iTunes

Send your shouts to the studio via Facebook or Twitter

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last Night 08/11/2014

Once more it's DJ Bob on the set, keeping the encroaching winter winds at bay with some tasty vinyl selections. Kicking off on a House vibe, before veering into the funky and the broken, and ending on some futurist favourites.

Thanks again to the listeners - if you missed it on saturday night you can listen back below; if you like it, why not download it....

The Standard Crew


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Slimzee's Going On Terrible

SLIMZEE'S GOING ON TERRIBLE from Rollo Jackson on Vimeo.

Last Night 25/10/2014

Here's the final show of October, keeping the Indian summer warmed up before we head in to the inevitable freeze. Thanks to all who listened in; those who missed it can download the show below.

The Standard Crew


G.I - Spilled Milk

Tommy KD - Bag A Gear

Ex Man & The Machine frontman and street MC known to all who pass through Dublin's Henry Street, Tomo has a new release available now.

Grab it here.

Scary Éire - Yes (Dub Version) 1995 (Unreleased)

An unheard, never released, never used demo from 1995 from Irish Hip Hop heroes Scary Éire, uploaded this week by DJ Mek. Made the good old way, with the akai s3000 and atari 1040st running C-Lab notator. Enjoy.

Last Night 18/10/2014

For this show, DJ DJ Bob was joined by a very special guest indeed, none other than Sully (Keysound Recordings), one of our favourite producers of the last few years, who dropped down to the studio to bless the decks with some fire from across the water.
Expect some special treats on this one, thanks to all who locked in!

The Standard Crew


Naphta - Ruffest (There Can Be Only One)