Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marcus Nasty On Rinse FM 13/12/2008

Marcus Nasty on Rinse FM.


Joker - Purple Wow Sound Mix



1 Heny g - Delayed style
2 Silkie - 7-1
3 Joker & ginz - purple city
4 Joker - psychedelic runway
5 Joker - Gullybrook plain
6 Joker -Digidesign
7 Guido - Tango 140
8 Gemmy - Espaniola (SOMETHING LIKE THAT )
9 Gemmy - The box remix no.2
10 Gemmy - BT Tower
11 Gemmy -Back 2 the future 2012
12 Gemmy- ……..
13 Joker - Do it
14 Joker - Early morning
15 Benga - Buzzin
16 RSD - Naked mario kart
17 Skream - Unknown
18 Silkie - Weird piano
19 Quest - The unknown
20 Rude kid - Are you ready (instrumental)
21 Maniac - Three crows
22 Joker & Rustie -Play doe
23 Joker -Untitled

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mantua Christmas Party

Get yourself down to McGruder's tomorrow night to celebrate the Mantua Festival's xmas bash - pretty much a recreation of the three-day event in one night. I'll be spinning some cheerful xmas records with the Wobble crew, and can't wait for what should surely be the highlight of the evening, a set from the man himself Rustie. If you're suffering from tinselitis at this stage, come and join us on Saturday night for a hair of the dog.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

DJ Colz December Mix 2008

Here it is, my final mix for the year. I lashed it together in a frenzy yesterday, and you can probably tell in parts. As usual, its not made up exclusively of tracks from the last year, so expect one or two older ones among the new. Either way, enjoy the mix, forgive the leaky faders, the sometimes wobbly mixage, and most of all the lame scratches I recorded by accident. Otherwise some great tunes from some of my favourite artists, guaranteed to put some sway and skank into however it is you celebrate the solstice and the new year. Ta!
Tracklist 1 Pence - JME 2 Yellowtail - Geeneus 3 Leader - Fuzzy Logik 4 In To The Future - Geeneus 5 2 Bad - Kode 9 vs LD 6 Beat Them - Loefah 7 Breakbeat Science - El-B + Roxy 8 Just To See Her - Synkro 9 Roberta Flack (Martyn's Heart Beat Mix) - Flying Lotus 10 Walk Through Walls - Untold 11 Sabacco - Quarta 330 12 Dripping Like Water - Zomby 13 Knife And Gun (Blackdown Remix) - Geeneus featuring Riko, Wiley + Breeze 14 Miss Her - Komonazmuk 15 Filth - Skream 16 Bass Transmitter - Gemmy 17 Dreadlock Dislocation - Markomen vs Asimolon 18 Over It - RSD 19 Brand New - Optimuz 20 Cosmic Minefield - Zed Bias 21 Strategy - X1 22 Pleasure - Benga 23 Bidding War - Ramadanman 24 Neverland - Digital Mystikz 25 Cool Out - King Midas Sound

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tonight In Galway - Mantua Bash

Detwist December Dubstep Mix

Up North happenings tonight also, with the Crilli crew celebrating their 3rd birthday. The man Detwist will be one to check if you're about - he also very kindly threw up a mix of his favourites from the last year and beyond. Download below..



1. RL/VL-Utility
2. Dusk & Blackdown-Crackle Blues (Burial Remix)
3. Vertical67-Nightwalk
4. Wagawaga-Stumble
5. Various Production-Hater (Zomby Mix)
6. Vertical 67-Daylight
7. Wagawaga-Huautla
8. Wagawaga-J_Dub
9. Lastrapink-Pushing Boundaries
10. Sitezen-Thelma Step
11. TRG-Broken Heart (Martyn Remix)
12. 2562-Techno Dread
13. F-Icon
14. Lord Skywave-Something(TRG’s ’95 Remix)
15. T-Polar – The Baseball Furies
16. Kansas City Prophets-Detraffee
17. King Cannibal-Badman Near Dark(Komonazmuk Mix)
18. Sub Swara-Insh’alla (Ghislain Poirer Remix)
19. Starkey- Escape
20. NHK-Entire Set 2
21. Coki-Spongebob
22. Blackmass Plastics-Suck Your Mum
23. Various Productions-Pintman

DeadBeat Presents - Luke Envoy


Digital Mystikz @Crawdaddy


Friday, December 19, 2008

DubCulture Cork Launches Tonight

DubCulture bring the deep and the heavy to The People's Republic Of Cork tonight, all in celebration of the holiday season and the label launch. The usual reprobates will be in effect, but once again I won't be able to make it, busy as I am upsetting people and starting fires. Should be great if the reports on last weeks do are anything to go by....

If you aren't down south and are in the Dublin area tonight, you are invited to attend Wobble and !Kaboogie's joint xmas party. Excpect all sorts from the residents, with a mix of laptoppery and spinnage.

Damage is a tenner whether you're in Cork or Dub tonight, doors 11pm.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas in Hollis

Caption Competition

Thanks to soulcabbage. No prize, but fire away.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ghetto Santa

Don Rosco and Stacks on Power FM

Tune into Power FM online every wednesday night 9.30pm - 12am GMT for Don Rosco and Stacks playing the best in sub-low frequencies. You can also join the chatter Here.

I think they're on tonight....

Bok Bok + L-Vis 1990 Fact Mix

Dublin pisses me off. I can't go out to a club these days without hearing very bad drum and bass, or even fucking breakcore. Why is this? In the case of d'n'b, its particularly disturbing - if I hear breakcore I can just leave and that's the end of that. A quick smoke outside and I can't even recall what permutation of Amen-clever clogism I've been assaulted with. But when its d'n'b its one of two things; in the case of the recent stuff, I get a dreary feeling equivalent to seeing an ex you once loved, now a crackhead on the 77 bus home. You feel for them but at the same time hope they won't recognise you. When its the old stuff (quality), I feel depressed in a different way - Its like exhuming a beautiful corpse, or looking at a photo of the dearly departed. It can lead to upset.

Those were the days. These are NOT

So, Dublin. Elsewhere in Ireland there seems to be more variety; Dublin promoters seem to book the same acts again and again - year after year. And so, what with the recession and the fact that the middle class are the only young people who seem to be able to afford to have any fun anymore (ah, the comfort of the safety net), there's been much talk in Smokeless Towers, for the first time in decades, about moving to The Big Smoke across the water - if there's any work there. Like everyone at the moment, they too have their own problems.

However, at least over there you can hop on a tube and catch a quality night like This. Night Slugs has the kind of line ups that I would kill to have over here on the regular. Kill I say. Have a listen to Lower End Spasm's Bok Bok and L-Vis for FACT and maybe your ears will know what I mean, even if nothing else makes sense. Lucky sods. I'm going to start my own night in the new year.



01 - KARIZMA - broken beats
02 - RAPID - report to the dance floor
03 - DJ MYSTERY - changes
04 - LIL SILVA - funky flex
05 - CONAN LIQUID - one time (for your mind)
06 - GEENEUS - yellowtail
07 - D1 - ongie bongie
08 - D MALICE - monopoly
09 - L-VIS & BOK BOK - Bongo Jam Refix
10 - CRAZY COUSINZ - infiltration
11 - L-VIS 1990 - flux
12 - ROD LEE - let the horns go
13 - MOVES!! - all skate
14 - SILVERLINK - message is love (L-VIS 1990 Dub)
15 - DJ ZINC - ghosttrain
16 - BOK BOK - no need to front 2009
17 - IKONIKA - please
18 - KODE 9 vs LD - bad
19 - HUNGER PAINS - in middle (DJ SLUGO remix)
20 - DROP THE LIME - hear me (BURAKA SOM SISTEMA remix)
21 - L-VIS 1990 - the night slug

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Marty Whelan



"We have been getting some feedback that “UP DA RA” is
offensive to Irish Republicans. I want to clear this matter up.
“Up DA RA” is a piece of satire. It Satirises armchairrepublicanism. It was written from the point of view of the type of eejit who is liable to have “Tiocfaidh ar la” tattooed on his arm while wearing a Manchester united Jersey. It was personally inspired by a gentleman I knew who spray painted C.I.R.A on a bus stop, believing that the acronym stood for “Constitutional Irish Republican Army”. The writing technique implemented in“UP DA RA” is known as “The unreliable Narrator”. This is a narrative mode used by the writer to best communicate the intended message. This unreliability canbe due to psychological instability, a powerful bias, a lack of knowledge, or even a deliberate attempt to deceive the reader or audience. Some lovely examples of this technique can be found in the song “Rednecks” by Randy Newman, or in the satirical piece “A modest proposal” by Johnathan Swift.

So if you listen to “UP DA RA” literally, without exploring its subtext then it is wide open for misinterpretation. As its author, I wrote the song for a 21st century audience who are very familiar with postmodern Irony. Also, any song whereby the narrator threatens to chase the Queen of England around a field with dog shit on the end of a golf club should generally be taken with a pinch of salt. For example, If you were walking down the road and a man who talks to himself and smells heavily of piss tells you that you can use old condoms as currency, would you then save all your used condoms and try and buy a jumper with them in River Island.?? Probably not, because the mans view of society is unreliable.

“Up DA RA” is intended to educate through the use of humour, because humour is a damn fine way to get your message across to someone without shoving your views down their throat. If it means even one armchair republican picking up a history book and actually understanding why they call themselves “Republican” then the song is a success. I personally find the level of ignorance and lack of knowledge amongst some people who call themselves republican to be offensive. It is offensive to the memory of the Irish men and women who gave their lives for basic civil rights. Armchair republicans attach themselves to a romantic image of the I.R.A brandishing Kalashnikovs as a way of making themselves look and feel tough, when it suits them. They will loudly state how they hate the brits yet have no problem supporting English football or more commonly, mimicking every aspect of British chav culture and absorbing it into their identity. I also get a bit annoyed with the student types who wear Che Guevara T-shirts without having any real interest in socialism. The T-shirts just look cool, that’s it. “UP DA RA” has received a positive response mostly, I take this as evidence that an awful lot of people are just as annoyed with armchair republicanism as I am, because its insincere, and insincerity is a particularly annoying human trait.

I support peaceful republicanism; I support all peaceful attempts to pursue justice where a community of any creed is downtrodden by an unfair and oppressive system. That includes Palestinians, the Travelling Community,and foreign nationals in Ireland. I am proud of my Irish history. My own grandfather was a member of the I.R.A in Tom Barry’s flying column during the war of independence and he took a bullet for it too. However... while I understand my ancestral history of oppression and cruelty I have no interest in hanging on to hatred of the oppressor. If a child is born today, of English blood in London, I refuse to hold him responsible for the actions of his ancestors before he was born. So to anyone who thinks that we are being disrespectful to Republicanism? Well then you may as well call Edward Norton a Racist for the character he portrayed in American History X"

-The Rubberbandits

Christmas Rapping


If yer in Belfast tonight catch 2Bit and friends at The Black Box for an evening of Beats and Pizzas. No charge for extra cheese.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dubculture Label Launch Tonight

Tonight sees the official launch of Dubculture Records in Galway City, and the label's first release, 'Cavegirl' by RSD ( check the track above ) along with Crysis's 'Super Villain'.

In session tonight will be Crysis and Sub One back to back on the platters, with a live set of exclusive Irish dubs from Major Grave and Konspiracy in anticipation of the Full Irish Special Part Two ( coming soon ), with an 08 update on the mostly 07 tracks of the first mix . If yer fortunate enough to be way out west this weekend, drop down. Go with an empty stomach though; grub will be provided.


Here's Crysis, Sub One and Konspiracy on the turntables from the night, courtesy of DJ Welfare.


North of the border, the Nips as they are (affectionately?) known have been getting into a spot of bother; they've been joyriding (something which used to unofficially carry The Death Penalty) as well as waggling their weapons about. They were kind enough to film it (which landed them in botheration) but I'll be damned if I can find the footage.
In the meantime, we'll have to do with a clip of our finest south of the border, as they tackle the scourge of antisocial driving.

Needs the Benny Hill theme.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Let The Jingle Bells Rock

Here's my favourite xmas song of all time. No, not The Pogues with the late Kirsty McColl; not even Jonah Lewie - and defo not John and Yoko. It's this simple track by Sweet Tee, with Hurby 'Luv Bug' Astor on the buttons. As its my birthday week, a big shout to my folks who bought me this record 20 years ago. How time flies. Hurby's beats are still sick.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handbags At Dawn

It was like Alan Partridge meets Hyacinth Bucket. Rejecting tickets to the eternal monument to all things plastic and furry - The Late Late Toy Show. Sure it's an institution. Getting to be a member of the audience for this holiest of holies requires a lot of waiting around.

It's a cross between Jury Duty selection and winning the Lotto - at least to those under 12 and the dewy eyed progress-obsessed 50-something baby boomers, for whom each new year brings innovations in technology the like of which they have never seen - probably because they stopped paying attention after the moon landings - and a further pat on the back to let them know how far we've come.
Bejayzus, that auld hoor. its as if she went up to our Lord himself an' spat in his mush. Mother of God preserve us in these desperate times.

In Udder News

Don't Have A Cow?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wiley - Mixtape Master

As its that time of year, I think my seasonal gift will be to keep uploading and embedding mixes while not saying much about them. This one, put together by DJ Furious, is made up mostly of vocal tracks from Tunnel Vision along with various instrumentals - purely to remind us what the Eskiboy is capable of. In fact, isn't this what a mixtape should be?



1 BBK Freestyle
2 Pump Up Tone Up (Instrumental)
3 16 Bar Rally
4 Ice Cream Man Remix
5 E3 Talent
6 So Amazing (Instrumental)
7 Check Mate
8 Chance Us (Instrumental)
9 Nothing Less
10 Morgue
11 A lot To Learn
12 Eskimo
13 She's A Ryder
14 Ice Pole Remix
15 I'm A Sinner
16 Stormy Weather (Instrumental)
17 He's Too Much -
18 North London
19 Time And A Place
20 Ice Cream Man
21 Pump Up Tone Up
22 Avenger
23 Mum I'm Stronger
24 Fire Flight
25 Cool Off
26 Gangsters (Instrumental)
27 Nasty Jack War Dub
28 Murkle Man Remix
29 Footsie War Dub
30 Ur Not Ready (Instrumental)
31 Oi Rudeboy
32 Ice Rink
33 Face Your Fear
34 Back With A Bang (Instrumental)
35 Sky Is Falling
36 Igloo
37 Don't Do It
38 Eskimo Devils Remix
39 One Line Flow Remix
40 Eskiboy (Instrumental)
41 Crossfire Snippet
42 Fire Hydrant
43 Bad Em Up
44 Wen Im 'Ere Remix
45 Respect
46 Flying
47 Crash Bandicoot Freestyle
48 Snowman

Monday, December 8, 2008

Joker Mini Mix


Jafaican It

(Another) New Low For Dublin

After the shock of this incident earlier in the year, sunday night saw another new low for Dublin. This is not gang related.

Ben UFO - Ruffage Sessions

Ben UFO is one of my favourite DJs; consistently choosing quality music to build great sets on Sub FM's Ruffage Sessions( Thursdays 8-10pm GMT ).
Ben hasn't visited these shores in a while, but surely the time is ripe. On his last visit to Dublin he played a great set of UKG, Grime and Dubstep, providing an education of sorts to a Dublin audience for many of whom the route to Dubstep was without any real reference points to 2 Step or early Grime.

On this session from last week, he brings the Funky vibe to the table with tracks such as 'Yellowtail' from Geeneus' Volumes 1 EP, along with the House, Garage and new Dubstep tracks from talent like Brackles, along with absolute killers along the lines of 'Knife and Gun'.

It's selections like this( along with This One,
This One
.. and many others that made 2008 such a positive year - maybe not for everyone, but hasn't a lot of cream risen?



1. Recloose - Can't Take It (Planet E)
2. Anton Zap - Movin' (Quintessentials)
3. Omar s - Give It To Me (FXHE)
4. Cassy - April (Cassy02)
5. DJ Mystery - Shameless (white)
6. Zander VT - Get Down (Bpitch Control)
7. Roska - Gone To A Better Place (Roska Kicks and Snares)
8. Melchior Productions - Searching (Perlon)
9. Geeneus - Yellowtail (Rinse)
10. Portable - Notions of Slow and Fast (Scape)
11. Karizma - Groove A Cordingly (R2)
12. Pressure - Money Honey [remix] (Hyperdub)
13. Lighter - Skanker (white)
14. DJ Gregory - synth tune on uptown white (white)
15. Grievous Angel - Loser [funky mix] (Unreleased)
16. Tuff Productions - Top of the World [Steve Gurley dub] (?)
17. Tuff Jam vs. Todd Edwards - Need Good Love [Tuff Jam DIY Dub] (XL)
18. Grain - ??? (?)
19. Scott Garcia - ? (white)
20. Dem 2 - Baby You're So Sexy [Dub] (Locked On)
21. Sully - Reminder (Unreleased)
22. Kode 9 - Sub-Kontinent (Rephlex)
23. Instra:mental - Forbidden (Unreleased)
24. Zomby - Rumours and Revelations (?)
25. Likhan - Broken Stepper (Unreleased)
26. Kode 9 vs. LD - Bad (Hyperdub)
27. Brackles - Lizards (Unreleased)
28. Moves!!! - Playaz (Dress 2 Sweat)
29. Greena - Mr. Vansan Too (Unreleased)
30. XI - Dreaming Void (Unreleased)
31. Pangaea - Bear Witness (Forthcoming Hotflush)
32. Milanese - The End [Untold remix] (Unreleased)
33. ??? - ??? (unreleased)
34. Ikonika - Smuck (Unreleased)
35. Pearson Sound - Ex (Unreleased)
36. Geeneus - Knife and Gun [Blackdown and Dusk remix] (Keysound)
37. Joker and Rustie - Play Doe (Kapsize)
38. Peverelist - Esperanto (Unreleased)
39. TRG - Street Republic (Unreleased)
40. Grievous Angel vs. Missy Elliot - Lose Control [Garage mix] (Unreleased)

Kraftwerk 'The Robots' ( Live In Dublin )

U Can't Touch This

Ding, Dong, Dioxins...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Marcus Nasty + Rankin on Rinse FM

Marcus Nasty and Rankin on Rinse FM last week - say no more.
Many thanks to CFour.


Rinse FM 7-9 GMT every Wednesday

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Woofah 3

Available in Dublin HERE and HERE. Buy it online HERE.

Essential Reading.

N-Type + Walsh Garage Special

Feelin Moody

Here's last thursday's excellent Old School Special on Rinse FM, with N-Type and Walsh in control. Plenty of classics on this one. More please!
Many thanks to CFour for recording it..


Incomplete Tracklist HERE.

Friday, December 5, 2008

WagaWaga - mrepsican ep

"Acroplane.org asked me about 6 months ago if I wanted to do an EP. We decided on Dec 1st and then I didnt think much more deeply about it until a week ago. I wanted to wait til the last minute before picking the tunes in case I wrote anything worthwile before the release. So, this week i started picking tracks and I couldnt resist putting as much music on there as possible. So instead of a 4/5 track EP its become an 11 track LP. I tried to get it to flow so it was listenable as one solid piece of music rather than just isolated tracks. Musically it's all quite similarly paced, sitting somewhere between dub, acid and jungle with plenty of bass. It's nice to finally have picked out some tunes to present properly to people rather than the usual method of just giving random bundles of tunes bit by bit. I hope people enjoy it as much as I do."


Download mrpepsican here

2Bit '1 Fer Two'

Czech net label Amenorea have just released Amenorea Dubs Volume 2, available from their site for free download. Grab it HERE.

Our own 2Bit, who this week fought the law(and he won) features in this net-only release with the Dublinese-titled 1 Fer Two. Lots of tasty sounds from the Bit lately; good to hear his 'Ancient Archive' getting play from Dusk + Blackdown on Rinse recently.
Visit him on his Myspace for some newly uploaded beauties, and check 1 Fer Two below.

September 07 Mix Re-Upped

I think this is the last of the broken zshare links, a mix from 07.



1. Alicia - Mala
2. Goat Stare - Loefah
3. Chestboxing - Skream
4. Progression - Hatcha + Benga
5. Lean Forward - Mala
6. Sandsnake - Skream + Cluekid
7. Crunked Up - Benga
8. Money Is The Root Of All Evil - Rogue State feat. Lone Ranger
9. Quantum(edit) - Kode 9 + Spaceape
10. Redrum - Cyrus
11. Blipstream - Skream
12. Burnin' - Coki
13. Root - Loefah
14. Shattered - Coki
15. I - Skream
16. Rainy Dayz - Kromestar
17. Blue Notes - Mala

The Bridge 2008

A little footage from the annual graffiti jam in Drogheda, where every year writers faithfully come and repaint the bridge. The longest running outdoor graffiti event in Europe(15 years now), thanks to TDA Klan.

Mid 90s Junglist Mix Re-Upped

Another broken zshare link, so I've re-uploaded a mix from October '07, made up of some of the remains of my vinyl collection from the mid-90s. Must do another one soon.



1) Gangsta Hardstep - Ed Rush
2) Dubplate Pressure - White
3) Warp 10 - Rude Bwoy Monty
4) This is L.A. - Lemon D
5) Its Yours - Doc Scott
6) Pranksters - DJ Zinc
7) Super Sharp Shooter - DJ Zinc
8) What the Time Dread - Dred Bass
9) You Must Think First(Back 2 Basics Remix) - DJ Hype
10) Feel '96(Guyver Remix) - DJ Stretch
11) Oh Gosh - Sappo
12) Shaolin Style - DJ Teebone + DJ Stretch
13) Roll That Shit(Remix) - Joker
14) Play The Game - Freestyles(Zinc)
15) Version - L Double

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Brothers Grim(e)

Read On

C Is For Cookie Re-Upped

I just re-uploaded this labour of love I did in 2006, as the good old zshare links seem to be fecked. I'll probably have to re-up some of the older mixes over the next while - if you need any tracklisting information just shout me here. As for this mix, there's no tracklist, but if any of the featured records / breaks is unfamiliar and you'd like to know more, I'll gladly oblige. Sounds of the xmas party.


B-Wonder + Buachaill Dána - 'The Shades'

Could this be a sign of the return of B-Wonder?

December Doings

December already...for me, not a great month, and this will be reflected here on this blog. Its a time of year when I have to put gigging on hold, and work a solid month in my glamorous day / night job. The most I'll probably manage myself is to throw a monthly mix up here, but that's it. Here's what some of the rest of you can look forward to between now and the Darkness.