Monday, June 29, 2009

Zomby - Pandora's Box

EP coming soon on Ramp. In the meantime check 'Pandora's Box'


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Night 27/06/2009

Skipping needles added to the stress in the very humid confines of Raidio Na Life last night, starting off on a house vibe and with lots of grimey garage nostalgia (as usual), then more grime. Tune in again next week for Halfdutch, fresh from her holliers.



01 Donaeo - I
02 MJ Cole - Sincere (Dub)
03 NB Funky - Nutz
04 Roska - Climate Change
05 Fingerprint - Night Time
06 R1 Ryders - Ricochet
07 Dark Knight - My Bitch
08 Fr3e - Tribal Skank
09 Horsepower Productions - Special 131
10 EL-B featuring MC Juiceman - Buck & Bury
11 Roy Davis Jnr - Gabriel (Large Joints Remix)
12 Singing Melody - If You Like It (EL-B Remix)
13 Benga - Skank
14 So Solid Crew - They Don't Know/Envy
15 Mr Fidget's Bounce - Mr Fidgit
16 Compund One - Ruff 'n' Tuff (EL-B Remix)
17 Statik featuring MC Bushkin - Hey Yo
18 Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days (MJ Cole Remix)
19 Menta featuring Ms Dynamite - Ramp
20 Wiley - What Do U Call It?
21 Starfox - Candy Floss
22 Joker - Untitled rsn
23 Dizzee Rascal - I Luv U
24 Lethal Bizzle - Pow
25 Skeamz - Greengate Guys
25 Geeneus feat Wiley, Riko and Breeze - Knife And Gun
26 Hectic - War
27 Skepta - Tingles
28 Brackles - Get A Job
29 Silkie vs Mizz Beats - Purple Love
30 DJ Mujava - Township Funk (TRG Remix)
31 Lennie De Ice - WeAreIE


True Blood Soldierz - Recession Skank

It was inevitable, but it's still something of a surprise...yes, Ireland's first contribution to the many skank tracks out there courtesy of the True Blood Soldierz and their mixtape 'Genre Problem'.
Have a listen HERE- you'll probably recognise the rhythm.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Colz On The Radio This Saturday

It's my turn on the jobshare on Raidio Na Life again this Saturday night. I've no idea what I'm going to play, but chances are it'll be whatever's in my bag(s) after Friday's session - I hope to see you there, but if you can't reach it, tune in saturday from 9-10.30 pm (GMT).

Text on 0866001064, or tweet HERE.

For anyone outside Dublin you can catch the livestream HERE.

Show repeats Monday at midnight GMT 29/06/09.

Previous shows

Tonight In Dublin

If yer about Dublin city, pop into the !KClub's new venue, Thomas House on Thomas Street D8 - tonight its Sub One and Konspiracy bringing the funky grimey end of things. Free in too.

Joker @ Sonar 09


MJ Cole - Bodytonic Podcast

This is great stuff. The man MJ Cole has put this mix together for Dublin's Bodytonic. Full of goodness.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Infomatics - Let Me Fly

The Infomatics pulled a nice tune out of the air on The Raw sessions last night. A funky refix is on the cards I reckon...

Anyone in Ireland can vote to get the lads through round 2 by texting RAW 4 to 57111.
Once you've voted you can follow instructions to download the track.

Owen Howard June Mix

Wicklow born and Madrid based Owen Howard puts together some great mixes, as mentioned a while back on Wearie - check his blogariddims podcast HERE. He sent me this one recently, and again he dodges the pigeonholes. Download it HERE.


01 Quadriplegic Companion - Omar S
02 Narst – Cooly G
03 Similarity - Ben Klock
04 Christian Martin – Elephant Fight (Justin Martin's Jungle remix)
05 Untitled - D Breeze
06 Girls Get Low - DJ Clent
07 Bad - Kode 9 vs L.D
08 Turn the Music Up – Mathead
09 From Day – Double S
10 Shortwave – Shackleton
11 The Lie – Zomby
12 Deck Static - The Dexorcist
13 I Can't Stop – Untold
14 Swarm - Kode 9
15 Dollar Sign – Stush
16 Orchestral Lab – Guido /Eyes of the Lord – Wiley

This Friday

Dublin Drum and Bass crew 174 are doing their thing this friday night in the Twisted Pepper, with special guest Fierce.

I'll be providing the alternative upstairs with Assquake (thats us on that little blue sticker on the flyer) so drop down if you like this sort of thing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daniel McDonnell 1984 - 2009

Dan has passed away. At this very difficult time, we can only send our love out to his family, those he loved, and those who loved him. I had the pleasure of many gigs with Dan and the lads over the years, and always had the craic with him; anyone who knew him will tell you the same. Thanks for everything Dan, you will be sadly missed by many.

Zomby - Mercury's Rainbow

Untold - Luna

It's definitely Untold's time right now; Hemlock is just getting better and better by the release, and Mr Dunning seems to be taking the grime/dubstep aesthetic forward without actually mentioning it - now that the focus seems to be moving away from MC's and their personal dramas and back to the producers and the music. His FACT mix and interview with Blackdown give great insight into the way he works it, so check them. In the meantime, he has graciously uploaded a new track for free download (not for release) HERE, entitled 'Luna'.
Eyes down biz.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Coming Soon

Blunted Robots drop two of the most anticipated (for me anyway) tracks of the summer ... very soon. Previews HERE.

Ikonika - Why Not? Podcast

Ikonika's podcast for Why Not? is another highlight of this month so far, along with Geiom and Untold's FACT mixes among other things...

Starting with UK Funky (fast becoming mix canon) along with some classic Ghost, rolling into the sounds of the future formerly known as dubstep.

Download it HERE.


01 Cooly G – Narst
02 Greena – Actual Pain
03 Mario – Play The Bludclart Bass
04 Altered Natives – Rass Out
05 El B - Lyrical
06 Martyn – Hear Me
07 Brackles – LHC
08 Ikonika – Fish
09 Ghostleigh – Bleep Off
10 Pangaea – Memories
11 Guido – Cat In The Window
12 Ikonika- The Idiot
13 Madd – Flex’d
14 Joe - Rut
15 Ikonika – Sahara Michael
16 XI – Unfair (Ikonika Remix)

Plastician @FWD 21/06/2009

Plastician's set last night at FWD - I know its pointless to live in the past, but it's great to hear the plasticman back again, if only for about 40 minutes. More please. And more Grime.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Drum Machines/2 Modulars/1 Tu-Ki - Live

"So we had a sweet day down in Tu-Ki's studio. We brought the modulars down to see if they'd play nice with all other gear. An 808, a 909, an MPC 1000, 2 modulars and Tu-Ki being killer on the decks. We were just messing about really trying to see if we could get it all synced and working. The track above is a live jam... about 11 mins long... starts cooking a few mins in... no edits, no mastering, no mixing, just the machines sounding raw. The 808 is going through the Frostwave Resonator for a bit more bite. It really was a lovely way to spend my B'Day.

If you like it we are going to try and organise something for this year's DEAF festival. PushMoveClick and Tu-Ki doing a live thing... hopefully projectors and cameras again. Anyways hope you like the track..."

- Grizzle

DJ Halfdutch 20/06/2009

A great summer selection from DJ Halfdutch last night on 106.4 with a bouquet of uk garage memories. Tune in at the same time next week for my good self.



01 night crawlers - push the feeling on
02 tina moore - never gonna let you go
03 sounds of blackness - everything is gonna be alright
04 dnd - diamond rings
05 ruffneck ft yahvan - everybody be somebody
06 castle freaks - been a long time (and you know that mix)
07 nu-birth - anytime (tuff & jams kick dub)
08 dj deekline & polo - i don't smoke
09 doolally - straight from the heart (bump & flex vocal mix)
10 angie stone - no more rain (wookie dub)
11 leee john - your mind, your body, your soul (mj cole Mix)
12 m dubs feat lady saw - bump n grind
13 el b - cruiser
14 ghost - lyrical tempo
15 groove chronicles - masterplan
16 dubchild - like a girl
17 jammin - tonka (menta remix)
18 horsepower productions - rude boyz
19 james cotton - mind your manners (food be clean mix)
20 horsepower productions - lets dance
21 martyn - hear me
22 tivannagh l'abbe - rise up
23 emvee - glitch dub
24 debruit - congo whoomp


Friday, June 19, 2009

EL-B - WIRE Interview

Joe Muggs interviews El-B for WIRE

Read the full unedited transcript HERE.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

DJ Halfdutch 106.4 FM

Tune in for DJ Halfdutch, this saturday night on Raidio Na Life. This week she's going to focus on the garage end of things, so lets hope for some fine solstice weather as she provides the soundtrack for outdoor sessions/in-car bumpage.

Tune in to 106.4 FM in the greater Dublin area from 9-10.30 pm GMT. You can catch the worldwide stream HERE

*You can also hear a repeat of the show at midnight GMT, Monday June 22nd.

Previous Shows

The End

Anyone reared in Dublin before the celtic tiger cubs came into being ( demanding wraps, ciabbata and 'gourmet burgers'(ffs)) has fond memories of Walsh's Spice Burgers. Split in two, deep fried, with a few chips thrown in the bag and the essential salt and vinegar added, they were an integral part of Dublin chippy life - I say were, as its bad news for Dubs.

Read all about it, then stock the fuck up.

Thanks to Droid, bearer of these bad tidings.

- saved

This Friday - Dublin Tropical!

With its headquarters in Dublin, Radio Groovalizacion is a worldwide roster of artists broadcasting on the web.

Co-founder DJ Izem puts it in these terms: “We want to build bridges between people of distinct parts of the world as it happens in many cities of the world such as Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, New York, etc... all cosmopolitan cities. What we would like to recapture on the radio is this aspect of a metropolis.”

With that in mind, tomorrow night sees the first foray off the ether and into the concrete world of Dublin nightclubbing - alongside Groovalizacion regulars Izem and BBW, Kiko De Gallo and T-woc will be playing all sorts of Afro-Latin, and everything in between. Dancing shoes at the ready then.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don Rosco + Stacks + Colz Tonight Power FM

Power FM's time back on the analog dial unfortunately ended last week. Sad really. They're still streaming live on the 21st century wireless however, and tonight its time once again for the Don Rosco & Stacks show. I'll be guesting on the show tonight - if you fancy having a listen in ( 9pm GMT till midnight ), go to the Power FM website and click away.

If you're in Dublin and like what you hear, you are invited to attend our new night starting in July, located in the city centre and featuring a very special guest to kick it off. More on that soon.

At 9 PM GMT - click HERE

Chat to the studio HERE.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2Bit - Can't Please Everyone Mix

You certainly can't. Repping the republic across the border in Norn Iron (I miss hearing his sets out in Dublin tbh), 2Bit just threw me this mix, and, as it implies on the tin, it can't please everyone. It makes a fine effort though, with UK and US bits thrown in, which is certainly a bit of a rarity on this blog. You can download the mix by clicking the pic above.


01 Seiji - Yo Voy (Seiji Remix)
02 Harvard Bass - 81 (Renaissance Man Remix)
03 Buraka Som Sistema feat. Petty - D..D..D..D..JAY
04 MJ Cole feat Digga - I gotta Have It (MJ’s Funky Dubb)
05 Drop the Lime - Hear Me (Drums O Death Remix)
06 Twizzle - Skydiving (Green Money in Tha Sky Remix)
07 Kid Cudi - Day and Night (Crookers Remix)
08 Ebola - Portland 2CB
09 Major Lazer - Hold the Line (DZ REmix)
10 Bruce Stallion - 1992
11 Raffertie - Anti Social Refix
12 Guns &; Bombs - Riddle of Steel (12th Planet & teaLong Remix)
13 Toddla T- Shake It (Count and Sinden Remix)
14 Rogue State - Back Then
15 Bulimiatron - Stab Attack (NoNewYork Bay Area Bass Remix)
16 La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Seiji - Funky DJ Mix

A very nice mix from Seiji, someone whose music I've always kept an ear out for; from the Reinforced days, through Broken Beat and beyond. This mix stays on the Funky vibe - some big rhythms from the last year along with new bits such as the Neighbourhood refix. Enjoy.



01 Skanker / Lighter
02 Gabryelle (D-Malice Rmx) / DJ Technic
03 Sirens / Hardhouse Banton
04 Roll it Gal (A Lil’ Bit Funky VIP) / Alison Hinds
05 Elevated Level / Roska
06 Sign Up / El-B
07 Riddim Box / N.B. Funky
08 The Music / Hardhouse Bantom
09 Buss It / Perempay and Dee
10 Neighbourhood 09 / Zed Bias ft McRumpus & Nicky Prince
11 Jumeirah Riddim / Sticky
12 Wonderful / Jamie George & Roska

Butterz - Rinse FM 10/06/09

Last wednesday on Rinse FM, Elijah and Skilliam of Butterz did their promised 100% Grime instrumental show. Download it here.


01 Plastician - Japan
02 Joker - Psychedelic Runway
03 Swindle - Generations
04 Dizzee Rascal - Street Fighter
05 Skepta - Mucktion
06 Statik & Skepta - Skeptik
07 Skepta - Bumbaclart Badman
08 Eastwood - Coalition
09 Maniac - Salt Fish
10 P Jam - Anger Management
11 Footsie - Testuyas Theme
12 Jammer - ????
13 Statik - The Set
14 Silencer - Dirtbag
15 Skepta - DTI MC Mix
16 DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty
17 Alias - Gladiator
18 Davinche - What Is Mine
19 JME - Baraka
20 Plastician - Cha
21 Wiley - Club 5
22 DPM - Slow VIP
23 Rude Kid - Window Cleaner
24 Oddz - Champion VIP
25 Joker - Do It
26 Skepta - Serious Thugs
27 Rude Kid - Jack Daniels
28 Eastwood - Regime 4/4
29 Skepta - Stageshow
30 Mr Slash - Kid Set Anthem
31 Nocturnal - Dont Phone Me
32 Maniac - Grime Kid
33 Tubby - Steppa
34 JME - Central London
35 Silencer - Mr T
36 Geeneus - Hedgehog
37 Low Deep - Get Set
38 Nocturnal - Vet
39 Dexplicit - Hench 3
40 Dexplicit - Bars
41 Mr Slash - Concerto Riddim
42 Maniac - Cardiac Arrest
43 Waifer - Gunman Skank
44 Silencer - Bonus Stage
45 DOK - Road Rage
46 Skepta - MOTD
47 Silencer - Goblin
48 Royal T - 1UP (Supersonic VIP Mix)

Ps make sure you grab this one while yer at it.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Night 13/06/2009

Summery vibes were in attendance down the studio last night, and the beer flowed like wine. Here's the audio from the show, tune in again next week for Halfdutch. Many thanks to Chris, Bob and Jen.



01 Cooly G - Love Dub
02 Boxsaga - Back Inside
03 Wookie - Down On Me
04 Viktor Duplaix - I'm A Man (Rima Remix)
05 Roska - Feeline VIP
06 Geeneus feat. Katy B - As I
07 Sunship feat Warrior Queen - Almighty Father (Solid Groove Underground Souljah Mix)
08 Cooly G - Narst
09 R1 Ryders - Rubberband VIP
10 Lee Perry & Samiah Farah - Yellow Tongue (Kode 9 Remix)
11 DEA - Mariah Refix
12 Sticky - Pacman
13 Mr Oizo - Flat Beat
14 B15 Project - Games (Ras Kwame Remix)
15 Darkstar - Need You
16 Untold - Anaconda
17 Hijack - Tears
18 Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix)
19 Desto - Bounce
20 Joker & Ginz - Re-Up
21 Terror Danjah - Night Crawler 2
22 Skream - I (Loefah Remix)
23 Brackles - Glazed
24 Untold - Dante
25 Horsepower Productions - Vigilante
26 Kromestar - Kalawanji
27 Phokus feat Tinchy Stryder - Dem All Shot

Previous Shows

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tonight - 106.4FM

Tune into Raidio Na Life from 9-10.30 pm (GMT) tonight for more excursions into what-do-you-call-it territory.

Text on (+353)866001064

Or tweet me HERE

For anyone outside Dublin you can catch the livestream HERE.

Show repeats Monday at midnight GMT 01/06/09.

Previous shows HERE.

Brackles - LHC


Sutorīto Faitā

Coming in July on Planet µ

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Outreach II

The last one was great craic...this friday night Outreach returns...

More Info

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tonight In Dublin

DJ Halfdutch 06/06/2009

Here's last nights show from DJ Halfdutch, varied sounds for a rainy night inside in Dublin. Tune in again next week at the same time for my turn.



01 Madlib - Lifetime (Lifeline)
02 Madvillain - Fancy Clown
03 El Michels Affair - Mystery Of Chessboxin'
04 The Dap-Kings - Nervous Like Me
05 Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours
06 Bunny Wailer - Back To School
07 James Brown - Blind Men Can See It
08 Black On White Affair - Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother
09 Jesse Stone - Crawfish
10 Wynonie Harris - Quiet Whiskey
11 Baron Lee & The Blue Rhythm Band - Reefer Man
12 Otis Redding - Shake
13 Professor Longhair - Big Chief
14 James Brown - There Was A Time (KD Mix)
15 The Clash - The Magnificent Seven
16 Jellybass - Vulgar
17 Rhianna - Word Love (Jay's Extended Mix)
18 Linkwood - RIP
19 Mos Def - Umi Says
20 Marvin Gaye Project feat Bobby Depasois - Music Feel The Soul
21 Dam Funk - Hood Pas Intact
22 Floating Points - Love Me Like This
23 LD - Traumatic Times
24 Geiom - No More Tears
25 South3rn - Luddite's Dub
26 TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn Rmx)
27 Untold - Walk Through Walls (LV Rmx)
28 Guido - Orchestral Lab

Previous Shows

Saturday, June 6, 2009

DJ Halfdutch 106.4 FM Tonight

Try to ignore the rain, decommission the summer wear and face the music with DJ Halfdutch tonight on Raidio Na Life

Tune in to 106.4 FM in the greater Dublin area from 9-10.30 pm GMT. You can catch the worldwide stream HERE

*You can also hear a repeat of the show at midnight GMT, Monday June 8th.

Previous Shows

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gabriel Heatwave - Early Warming Mix

The summer sounds continue with this special guest mix for Get Me from Gabriel Heatwave, who played one of the best sets I've heard in Dublin recently alongside Goodz. Download the mix HERE.


01 Laden - Really Like You
02 Gappy Ranks - Gyal Mi Love
03 Voicemail - Ride Mi Bike
04 Gyptian - Money Man
05 Buju Banton - Buy Love
06 Richie Spice - Soothing Sound
07 Konshens - Straight Forward
08 Busy Signal - Beep
09 Mavado - Neva Believe U
10 Equiknoxx & Gerusalem - Cobba Cobba Riddim
11 Lil Joe - Wine
12 Tifa - Single
13 Spice - Badmind
14 Cecile - How It Feels
15 Anthony B - Roll Mi Gal
16 Mr Vegas - Mi Believe
17 Mr Vegas - Old School Hustling
18 Major Lazer feat Mr Lexx & Santigold - Hold The Line
19 Gappy Ranks - Put The Stereo On
20 Erup & Nature - Trample Dem
21 Beres Hammond - I Feel Good
22 Beres Hammond & Donovan Germain - I Feel Dub
23 General Degree - Jah Will Provide
24 Delly Ranx - Pleasure Pain
25 Buju Banton - Pretty Every Time
26 Cornadoor - Chocolate Fudge

Don Rosco + Stacks + Naphta Tonight Power FM

Be sure to tune in to Dublin's Power FM for the Don Rosco & Stacks show, on 99.5 FM from midnight till the wee hours. After last week's broadcast (my personal favourite Irish radio broadcast of the year so far - but still no archive)we can expect another treat with tonight's guest Naphta.

No doubt he'll be spinning some choice ones, along with excerpts from the forthcoming 'over an hour long and two years in the making' vinyl-only ''( D1 ). More to watch out for from Naphta includes Grievous Angel's VIP of 'Soundclash 1', coming soon on Keysound Recordings. Somebody had better record this one.

When 12pm comes click HERE
Chat to the studio HERE.

*Edit - Click for the full archive

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dusk + Blackdown May 09 Rinse FM

What can I say. So much good stuff on this. More great releases from Keysound too.



01 Horsepower Productions - Classic Delux
02 Geeneus - Congo
03 Artwork - Red
04 Digital Mystikz - Anti War Dub
05 Lethal B - Forward Riddim (Pow)
06 Maxwell D - Industry Watching (Crazy Cousinz 'Inflation' riddim)
07 MJ Cole ft Digga - Gotta Have It (MJ Cole Funky Dubb)
08 Maxwell D - Rolex Sex (Bless Beats 'Rolex' riddim)
09 Wiley ft Riko - Ice Rink (Grievous Angel refix)
10 Geiom ft Marita - Sugar Coated Lover
11 Kowton - +46
12 Dusk + Blackdown - Simplicity (Blackdown's '09 refix)
13 VVV - Unknown Region
14 Cooly G - Feeling You
15 Sbtrkt - Bounce
16 Untold - Stop What You're Doing
17 Mount Kimbie - Sketch on Glass
18 Desto - Ice Cold
19 Hyetal - Gold or Soul
20 LV - Early Mob
21 Gemmy - 2nd Option
22 Stagga ft Juakali - Signs of Skank
23 TRG - Siberian Poker
24 Blackdown ft Durrty Goodz - Concrete Streets (Zomby remix)
25 Grievous Angel - Harpy
26 Unknown - Unknown
27 Joker - Do You remix
28 Double Helix - Inferno!!!
29 Royal T - 1UP
30 P Money - Fruits and Veg
31 Trim - Fire
32 DVA ft Riko, Badness, Flowdan and Killa P - Bullet A'Go Fly (Dusk + Blackdown remix)
33 Naptha - Soundclash 1 (Grievous Angel VIP)

Zomby - Back To '92 Mix

Nice one. For all who enjoyed Zomby's 'Where Were You..' CD last year, and those who missed January's exclusive mix for Dazed and Confused, here it is again, this time with a full tracklist.



01 Bodysnatch - Euphony
02 Manix - Special request
03 Structural Damage - Really Living
04 2 Bad Mice - 2 Bad Mice (Remix)
05 Code 071 - A London Sumtin
06 Rufige Kru - Menace
07 4Hero - The Elements (Fire and water Remix)
08 DMS - Vengeance
09 Criminal Minds - Baptised By Dub
10 4Hero - Students Of The Future (4th Dimension Remix)
11 Studio 2 - Dirty Games
12 Johnny Jungle - Flammable
13 Inta Warriors - Your Love Is Yours
14 Dub II - Badman (Tuffness Mix)
15 DJ Trace - Lost Entity

Bok Bok - LuckyMe Mixtape

The latest from Bok Bok - a special mix for Glasgow's LuckyMe. At this stage, these blurring and blending mixtapes are the only ones for me this summer.


01 refuge – u best believe
02 donaeo – love to happen
03 mosca – square one
04 dre skull – i want you ( bok bok remix dub )
05 alison hinds ft machel montano – ?
06 dj cleo – east rand funk
07 r1 ryders – rubberband
08 dorian concept – trilingual dance sexperience
09 short stuff & mickey pearce – tripped up
10 zomby – with lasers
11 electric red – drink in my cup
12 joker & ginz – purple city
13 terror danjah – sidechain
14 bok bok – crew dub
15 dj assualt – vandalism
16 mr de – time space scrilla
17 basutbudet - take them out to eat ( bok bok sundown edit )

Download it on Lower End Spasm

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fantastic Four - Rinse FM 30/05/09

A great show from The Fantastic Four on Rinse FM (Roska, DVA, D-Malice and Ill Blu)last weekend. Download it HERE.

Skepta Ft. JME & Jammer - Disguise

With the city shimmering in heat not seen in years, and much beauty on display, here's a timely warning from Skepta's new one, 'Microphone Champion', out now.