Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don Rosco + Stacks + Colz Tonight Power FM

Power FM's time back on the analog dial unfortunately ended last week. Sad really. They're still streaming live on the 21st century wireless however, and tonight its time once again for the Don Rosco & Stacks show. I'll be guesting on the show tonight - if you fancy having a listen in ( 9pm GMT till midnight ), go to the Power FM website and click away.

If you're in Dublin and like what you hear, you are invited to attend our new night starting in July, located in the city centre and featuring a very special guest to kick it off. More on that soon.

At 9 PM GMT - click HERE

Chat to the studio HERE.


halfdutch said...

so its true! mad excited right now..

cólz said...

Just the beginning we hope...