Monday, June 30, 2008

T-Woc Dub Rollers

There sure have been a lot of black and white pictures up here lately, so this is another one. A very tasty broadcast from last Saturday night courtesy of T-woc on Raidio Na Life. Should help to clear any residual monday blues.

Dub rollers Tracklist

1. fuckaz - the bug + space ape
2. calm down - cotti + doctor
3. hooby - silkie
4. my story - emalkay
5. orginal cut - rusko
6. even - order
7. mashup de baldhead - waddada
8. enforcers - 2562
9. the watcher - omni trio
10. block -solen
11. glock dub - bew
12. monster - various productions
13. speakerbox - rsd
14. doctor who theme - doctor blue and the time travellers
15. cloudlion - clouds
16. scorpion - scope
17. 2 bad - roxy vs el - b
18. matoa - hulwatt
19. far east assasin - distance mix
20. he sed - silkie
21. blue notes - mala
22. maghreb - t-woc

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Gon 'Dub vs Dubstep'

A couple of months back, GON aka Pasta Masta told me about this mix he was going to put together, mixing the more digidub/reggae influenced dubstep with his collection of dub records. Well, finally he's uploaded it, and here it is (below). Enjoy this one. Deep skankage.


1. BABYLON SYSTEM - Dancin shoes
2. MARSHALL - Marshall Dub
3. MARLOW - Butterfish
4. SKA FLAMES - Spirit Dub
5. UNKNOWN - War Dub
7. L-WIZ - Fruit shop
8. AUGUSTUS PABLO - Tubby's dub song
9. ROGUESTATE ft DADDY FREDDY - Very dangerous
10. JUNIOR ROSS & SPEARS - So jah jah says
11. SHACKLETON - You bring me down
12. MAD PROFESSOR - The heart of the jungle
13. RAMADANMAN - Good feeling
14. PRIMAL SCREAM - Dub together
15. SARANTIS - 3 Course dub
16. MAD PROFESSOR - Drunken scotsman
17. HIJAK & SKREAM - Retro
18. SLY & ROBBIE - Destination unknow
19. COTTI ft. KINGPIN - Let go mi shirt
21. SKREAM - Smiley faces
22. STUDIO ONE - Jamaica back
23. RSD - Kingfisher

see also:
Pasta Masta 'Scratch Card'

Monday, June 23, 2008

Colz 'The Warning' Remix

Here's a 140 bpm refix of my track 'The Warning'. You can hear the original version HERE if you are SICK OF WOBBLES. Its a bit too long, and of very dodgy audio quality, but there's something I like about it. Probably not the wobbles though. Or maybe it is.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

MRK1 and MC JSD Next Week @Get Low

I'm lookin forward big time to next weekend, not just because I fucking hate my miserable dead-end day job, but because we'll see the return to these shores of Manchester's MRK1, producer behind Virus Syndicate, proprietor of Contagious Records, and the man behind over 30 or so releases of quality Grime / Dubstep. Galway is going to be an oasis of mayhem in what's looking to be an otherwise very sleepy midsummer period (on the East Coast anyway - sweet feck all going down this end). MRK1 will be joined by MC JSD, and support will be from me and Lowkey of the Get Low peoples.

For a taster, check MRK1's May Mix below.....


1. Skream - Filth Master
2. Chase and Status - Bits 320
3. Freq Nasty - Iraq
4. Skream - unknown
5. Jakes - Freak out special
6. MRK1 - Pornstar
7. Chimpo - Lock off VIP
8. MRK1 - Infected
9. MRK1 - Deathstar
10. MRK1 - Electronik
11. Skream - Calous
12. Benga - 26 Bass Refix
13. Chimpo - Badman no friend fish
14. Biome - unknown
15. Skream - Simple City
16. MRK1 - Counteraction
17. Benga - Night Special
18. Chimpo - Smokin Camal
19. Chimpo - Informer
20. Chimpo - Lickle Stereo
21. Chase and Status - Badout Riddim
22. MRK1 - Borderline Vocal
23. Rusko - Period
24. Virus Syndicate - Love the music (instrumental)
25. Sukh Knight - ?

Joker Mix

The Eternal Struggle

Here's a deadly mix by Bristol's Joker from Skream's radio show. That's all of the info I have as I nicked the link from Decks and the City. Plus I had to thief her photo of the man himself, as he's very elusive. Still, really feeling Joker's stuff now. And finally, 'Gully Brook Lane' is coming out real soon on vinyl on Terrorhythm. Thank fook.


1-Natasja-ilderbrand i byen-2000F REMIX

2-Swagger-Benny page

3-Snake eater-Joker

4-You dont Know what love is -2000f-JKamata

5-Solid state-Joker



8-Narsty Narsty Narsty-Scratcha.D.V.A

9-Get ya cock out-Rusko

10-3K lane-J@kes & Joker

11-Holly brook park-Joker

12-Sushi brain-Headhunter

13-Konfusion dub-Kode9

14-Back 2 the future-Gemmy

15-Need You-Darkstar


17-Get up instrumental-Pinch

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lethal Bizzle at Download

'If you want to slag off the music, fair enough. But why bring race into it?'

June 19, 2008 3:50 PM

"If I had found it at the beginning of the set, I'm not sure I would have carried on. It was a banana skin, thrown at my feet as I played last weekend's Download festival. On the outside, someone had written "Bizzle you black cunt". I couldn't believe my eyes.

It had always been a bit of a risk for us - myself, my DJ Twister, and my fellow MC 2Face - to play Download at all. It's a heavy rock festival and I think I'm the first rapper ever to play there. I didn't immediately say yes when I got the offer; I asked my manager who said they wouldn't have asked me if they didn't think I'd rock it. So I agreed.

Then the messages started to appear on my blog and MySpace. People were asking: "Are you doing Download? Are you serious?" Then I found a message board thread with over 100 posts, all of them talking about when I was going to get bottled. By the time I left for the festival I was fully aware that my booking was a problem.

That didn't stop me being surprised at the size of the crowd waiting for me as I took to the stage last Sunday. We were on the second stage, but while I had been expecting a small tent, it was open air and the crowd was massive. I was nervous, but the size of the crowd fired me up. I accepted there was going to be a majority who didn't want me there, but I was going to turn it in my favour.

As soon as we stepped on stage - blloooshh - the bottles, liquids, even a carton of Muller rice started to fly. To be honest, I was kind of relieved that it had begun, but about 80% of the crowd was throwing stuff. It looked like the whole field was raining bottles.

I wouldn't say there was a racial element to what most people were doing, I really wouldn't. I know the history of Download and that it's really central to the metal scene, that the fans are passionate and protective of their music. And the weird thing was that by the end I had got most of the crowd on my side! I'd showed a lot of balls and I gained respect - 90% of the people there applauded me off. But then I found the racist stuff and my mood totally changed.

Being who I am, I'd probably do it again. I'm pretty sure my DJ wouldn't though. We're used to getting looks and things like that when we tour middle England, six black guys getting out of a van, you can see they're looking at you and getting defensive. That can get frustrating, but you deal with it. This was different. Why did they have to bring my race into it?

The funny thing is that I'm sure there's lots of different races involved in the metal scene, whether in bands or in production. Music is really multicultural in general and for a long time popular culture has been a way of getting beyond colour. But these people couldn't do that and, to me, they're sick in the head. If you want to send out a message about music, fair enough. But what the fuck is the point of bringing in my skin colour?"

From The Guardian.

Colz 'Power Version'

Here's one from last year wot I made. Have a listen, and if you like it feel free to download it.

Sounds Of The RickyForce

Well, its saturday afternoon, its pissing with rain outside, I had to give back the mixer I borrowed so no more mixes until I find some spare cash, and thanks to the ESB and Bord Gáis I'm as broke as a joke.

So, I won't be hitting Galway tonight for the Mantua Launch. Big shame, as I'll be missing a set from Dublin Junglist RickyForce, a man whose productions make me want to go back and make proper Jungle tunes again, in the midst of all this breakcore(give me strength) and 200bpm drum and bass (give me earplugs) that seems to excite the dog-on-a-string massive in Ireland so these days.

Anyway, here's two from himself, firstly 'Dreams' a deep and intense roller below...


And this one , 'Triggerman', a proper Hip Hop flavoured anthem. Squish them Amens.


Catch Ricky tonight at The Black Box in Galway, you lucky people.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Plastician and MRK1 - Speed Dating

DJ Colz June Mix Part Two!

So here's part two. Part One was about 50% older garage/grime, this one is pretty much new stuff and some classics from the last few years. Starts off deep, wobbles a bit, then finally steps up before skankin right out at the end. Download it below....


01 Geiom feat. Marita - Reminissin' (Shackleton Refix)
02 Pinch - 136 Trek
03 Blackdown - Lata
04 Untold - Test Signal
05 Jack Sparrow - Predator
06 Nevamis - Grave Digger
07 Caspa - The Terminator
08 Benga - Tech Wobbler
09 Kromestar feat. Cessman - Kalawanji
10 Jack Sparrow - I and I
11 Ramadanman - Carla
12 2562 - Techno Dread
13 TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix)
14 Skream - Dutch Flowers
15 Cotti & Cluekid - The Legacy
16 Cluekid - Hovercraft
17 Digital Mystikz - Haunted
18 Tunnidge - Geddeon
19 Compound One - Cohaagen
20 Fat Freddy's Drop - Cay's Crays (Digital Mystikz Remix)
21 Hijak - Dally

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Freebird Records and the Sound Cellar

Dublin record shops soldier on in the face of download culture. Thanks to Last Light Film. Big Up Goldy and Pasta Masta at Freebird.

Colz '3AM Dub'

Here's some more spring cleaning, a track I did at the end of 2006 / start of 2007 called '3AM Dub'. The idea in giving away this stuff is to encourage me to actually get busy and start making music again. So far so bad.....:(
Its a bit of a dragging dubby one with what someone described to me as 'ADHD delay' drenching the mix. I've lost the master for this track so all that remains is this unmixed Myspace version. Grab it below if u like it ...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Photo Of The Month

Equinox reaches new heights at Outreach

Photo by Safetyboy.

Who Are The Club Police?

From Irish Drum And Bass:


"Irish Nightclubs are facing earlier closing. The Government are hoping to pass the Liquor Licensing Bill 2008 within the next 3 weeks. This means the latest a nightclub [ and late bar / theatre bar ] can open until is 2.30am (6 nights), and 1am on Sundays. Local judges have of course imposed even earlier closing in many towns / counties.

Raise your voice and have your opinion heard."

Visit the INIA website and complete a short survey, then please pass it on.

DJ Colz June Mix

Heres's the latest installment of the summer mixes, and the June mix is the usual blend of old and new, dubstep grime and garage. Some older records have a few skips in them, thanks to hot rocks(remember them?) but hopefully it won't spoil your enjoyment. Some big new ones on here too, I had to leave a load of tracks off because of time constraints, so I may do a 'June part two' before the end of the month.

Anyway, download it below...just click the player where it says 'divshare' and you'll be forwarded to the download page. Ta.


01 Morgan & AC Burrell - Trippin' (AC's overnight dub)
02 Section 13 - Freak The Funk
03 Blaze - Life
04 Ramadanman - Offal
05 Horsepower Productions - Triple 7
06 Benny Ill & Hatcha - Poison
07 Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days (MJ Cole dub)
08 Corporation Of London - Funky Shit
09 Southside - Southside 23
10 Shimano - Crashment
11 Elemental - Blob
12 Mike Lennon - Brass Eye (Reso remix)
13 Nevamiss - Space Yardie
14 Kromestar - Get Up
15 Sukh Knight - Born Invincible
16 The Count & Sinden - Dock Leaf
17 DJ Ras Kwame - Cum On
18 Martyn - All I Have Is Memories
19 Sully Shanks - Give Me Up
20 Lennie De Ice - We Are I.E.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Infomatics 'Back To Front' Live

Some more live Hip Hop, in the form of the The Infomatics, a crew for whom these ears have a lot of time, and one of the few worthy of the definition 'Hip Hop' in Dublin City. I had the pleasure of sharing a brew and some herbs with the lads outside Traffic last friday, where we bigged each other up(drunkenly)and set the world to rights. Anyway, here's the bwais live last year with 'Back To Front'.

Buy the album 'Kill Or Create' HERE

Grizzle 'Rainfall'

Grizzle drops some twisted halfstep now with 'Rainfall'. A don of Ireland's Grime/Dubstep scene, and highly regarded as a producer, as well as for his wide knowledge of breakbeat science. 2008 looks set to be his this space and expect more freshness from Grizzle soon.

Grizzle with Headhunter

P.S. - Big Congratulations to Griz on becoming a daddy (again) today! Our hope lies with the next generation of wave twisters.

Public Enemy Live In Dublin

Legends. Since I first heard 'Timebomb' on the late great John Peel's show back in '87, I've been a diehard fan. So it was unfortunate I missed their last show in Dublin (last month), as I haven't missed one since their debut in McGonagles back in '89.
Thankfully, Jackacehole was on hand with a decent quality cam and has graciously uploaded these snippets, apparently on Chuck D's insistence.

Harder Than You Think

911 is a joke (clip)

Moments In Love

One track that went down really well at last Fridays Session was the Caspa Remix of 'Moments In Love'. I hadn't played this one out in months and kind of forgot about the impact it has on a decent system.

Anyway, I still have a huge amount of love for the original, which seems to reappear every few years in one guise or another, on TV adverts. A big shout out to my Ma who bought me the album this track is taken from for my birthday way back in 84. Yes I'm old. But my Anne Dudley fixation is alive and well.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Recipe Drum and Bass @An Púcan Galway

Galway's An Púcan, home of my good friends Get Low, also plays host to the city's only regular D'n'B rinseout, Recipe Drum and Bass. Next Friday night sees the arrival of original junglist A-Sides who no doubt will smack the shit out of it. Here's his 'Minimix' for a quick taster of what to expect way out west next week.

Illmana Funky Mix

Ah go on then. The weather may be shite but we can keep the mindless optimism up with a little help from Illmana. I thought the weekend needed a little more Funky exposure, so here's a new mix from the Nottingham DJ/Producer more known for his Bassline sets and productions. In fact, his Bassline tracks are above the pack too, relying more on a Grime aesthetic than some Happy hardcore pastiche. For an example, check 'Shut Ya Mouth' below:

And here's the Funky Mix...Feel free to download it, or to comment on it, or both.


01 DJ Naughty - QuickTime Re-make
02 Crazi Cousinz feat Kyla - Do You Mind (House Mix)
03 Enur feat Natasha - Calabria
04 NG - Tell Me
05 Moody Muzik - Temper
06 Illmana feat Chanel - My Life
07 Crazi Cousinz feat Charlean Dance - DeJa Vu (House Mix)
08 Crazi Cousinz - Bongo Jam (DJ Naughty Rmx)
09 Illmana - Daydream
10 DJ Naughty - Your Man (Dub Mix)

Tadow Productions 'Jammin'

Here's a short clip of the emerging House Sound Of London, otherwise known as Funky. Check Tadow Productions Myspace for more examples of this emergent sound. Derided by some and hailed by others, as it evolves maybe Funky will find its feet, and its own particular feel is developing, maybe just not yet at the pace of its cousins. Time will tell.

See also:DJ Marcus Nasty
and Fuzzy Logik

Friday, June 13, 2008

You Couldn't Make It Up #5

Much as I enjoy posting this bollocks, it can get a bit depressing sometimes. Anyway, I'll try to ignore that fact. Rudeboy here is from Ballybunion. Fuck all wrong with that, but he seems to have been receiving elocution lessons from the Californian Physeptone programme. Sick flows, and I mean 'sick' as we say it in Ireland.

Enjoy it (careful now), whether you are a blood or a crip. Sigh.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wobble vs Reach

Tomorrow night, its Reach vs Wobble. It does exactly what it says on the flyer. Expect Dublin's finest playing the best in Dubstep, Grime and stuff of a similar bent. Probably our last night in Traffic for the summer at any rate, so come down and wreck the gaff with us!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

N-Type on Rinse FM 8th June 2008

In honour of his set in Dublin last Friday, which was a major highlight of the night, here's N-Type's set from last Sunday on Rinse FM. There's no full tracklist for this show as yet, but it includes new tracks by Benga, Caspa, Clouds, RoadKill, The Others, Biome, 501, Kromestar, TRG, Zed Bias, Jakes, Drome, Stenchman + many more.

DJ Goldy 'Da Art Show' Radio Broadcast June 08

Click the above pic to spend an hour in the company of Goldy in a broadcast he did for a recent art show. Nice choice of pic too. Here's the man himself to let ya know...


Lunitic 'This Used To Be Fun'

Ex Urban Intelligence MC Lunitic on this one, lamenting the state of Hip Hop as he sees it today, expressing sentiments myself and many other old farts have felt for a very long time now.
Lunitic comes from a generation of Dublin MCs who grew up on 90s Hip Hop, never really the stuff I was heavily into, but then I was bustin' windmills when Luni was born...

Rossi B & Luca Jungle Mix

Fooking Brilliant. After enjoying myself immensely during Nookie's set last Friday, I've been feeling the need to hear the auld jungle classics more and more as the summer rolls in. This mix by Rossi B & Luca, DJs and the producers behind 'The Legacy EP' and 'Ghetto Story' among others, pulls out all the stops and goes straight for the jungula. Classics one and all.

1 . M-Beat Featuring - Nazlyn - Sweet Love
2. Deep Blue - Helicopter
3. UK Apachi & Shy FX Original Nuttah
4. Dj Krust - Warhead
5. Congo Natty - Everday Junglist
6. Congo Natty - Junglist (DJ Zinc Remix)
7. Micky Finn & DJ Hype - Bad Ass
8. Congo Natty feat. Top Cat - Push Up U Lighter
9. M-Beat Featuring General Levy - Incredible
10. FireFox - Warning
11. Shy fx - This Style
12. Mad Skillz - Nod Factor
13. Dope skillz - 6 Million ways
14. Leviticus - Burial
15. DJ Krust - set speed
16 .Tribe of Issachar - Code Red
17. X Project - dubplate 1
18. Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng
19. Alex reece - Pulp Fiction

Mantua Launch Party

Well, after the best rave-up I've seen in Dublin in over a decade in the form of the Outreach Sessions, I feel i need to get my arse down to Galway for this launch party for The Mantua Festival. After the cancellation of the Dirty Collective Part Two, I'll finally get the chance to hear a live set from man of the hour Radikal Guru. Check out his track 'Warriors Dub' below...

Click HERE for interview with Radikal Guru

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cignol 'Processing' EP

More from The Alphabet Set now, and its the turn of Cignol, who was born in England, found in Holland, and brought to Ireland where he now resides creating his melodic and atmospheric electronic sound. 'Processing' is a digital only ep release. Feel free to download it below and heap praise upon his name HERE. Beautiful stuff.

Cignol (L) with Sarsparilla (R) Recently...



Download Full Listing Print Cover

T-Woc State Mix #3

Well, my missus just got back from Cuba today, along with some fine rum and a couple of Cohibas for the left behind.
And so, here is the perfect soundtrack for me today...not quite Cuban but close enough for an ignoramus like myself, is T-Woc's 'Cachaca Barato' mix, which he has thrown over to the folks at State Magazine for their State Mix Series. If u missed it HERE, then check it HERE.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Solen 'Lord / Block' 10" Out Now

Solen's 'Lord / Block', the second vinyl release from Dublin label Alphabet Set, is available now. Get more info HERE

Oneman and Asbo - React FM Session

If there is a 2 Step revival underway( something I'm happy to hear ), then one DJ leading the way is Londoner Oneman. Here's the kind of mix I just can never get enough of - tracks from the golden years of proto-grime and garage, alongside contemporary classics. This set also features Asbo on the mic (NOT whoever it was did ASBO01, as he makes clear on his Myspace).

The show was originally broadcast on React FM back in the cold distant month of February. What a fucking tracklist ;)


SebasitAn - Ross Ross Ross
SebastiAn - Smoking Kills
Friendly Fires - Slavin' Away Rmx
Cotti ft. Jammer & Slickman - Dem Man A Fi Know
Jackd - Old Skool 8bar Mashup
MJ Cole - Sincere Rmx
Zed Bias - ?
Tuff Jam - Need Your Love
Roy Davis Jnr - Gabriel Rmx
KMA - Blue Print
Kim English - Nitelife Remix
D.E.A - Love Me
Groove Chronicles - Masterplan
Zed Bias & DJ Principle - All Night Jam
Exemen - Saturn
Mala - Lean Forward
Coki - All Of A Sudden
Geiom - Reminiscin' Rmx
El-B - R U Ready
Landslide - Hear My People
Kode 9 - Subkontinent
The Bug ft. Warrior Queen - Poison Dart
Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold
The Great Gatsby - Inner City Blues Dub
Burial - Distant Lights Rmx
Loefah - Midnight
Plasticman - The Music
Coki - Officer
Benga - ??
Toasty - One Life
Digital Mystikz - Lost City
Toasty - Angel
Martyn - Broken
Distance - Feel Me
Heartless Crew - Heartless Theme
D1 - Speed
Clean Cut - F.R.I.E.N.D
Kode 9 - 9 Samurai
Zed Bias - In Your Mind
Goldie - I Believe
Loefah - Root
Angel Lee - Whats Your Number
Unknown - Unknown
El-B - When I Fall In Love

Starkey Tonight @McGruders


You Couldn't Make It Up #4

Algoo 'UK Dub Mix'

Well, here we are people. Its the first day of June so as far as I'm concerned its officially summertime. A bank holiday weekend too if yer in Ireland, and there's this massive yellow ball in the sky today. So, if yer lucky enough to have a garden, get out in it and fire up that breakfast barbie. The Sounds are provided by Cork Producer and Selector Algoo who has thrown together a nice selection in his UK Dub Mix.