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Friday, January 30, 2009

Saturday Night In Limerick


Tonight In Belfast


Tonight In Dublin


Rammelzee v K-Rob 'Beat Bop'

I think this is my all time favourite tune from my youth, from way back in 83 on the mighty Profile label. You have ten minutes, enjoy.


Read All About It.

Thanks to Audiolemon.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Dole Q (Hatch 42 Mix)

100,000 of us will be humming along to this one again soon they reckon. I suppose I'll see you there.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

!Kaboogie Sampler Volume 2

Grab It HERE

Colz 'Hypno Toad'

I spent the day working on a tune. My setup is still dismantled, so Im just using Acid with out any plugins. This one's called 'Hypno Toad'.

Gemmy : Fact Mix 25

A bunch of us paddies are off across the water to Brizzle this weekend, for a few days break from Dub City and no doubt some damn good times from the home of some of the UK's best underground music.

One DJ and producer who hails from Bristol and is highly rated here at smokeless is Gemmy, whose Supligen EP is eagerly awaited by many record bags in Dublin. To keep us going till then, here's Gemmy's exclusive mix for FACT magazine. You can
read more (including an interview with the man himself) HERE.



1 J@kes - Nyabingi
2 Rustie - Black Block Remix
3 Gemmy - Purple Moon
4 Gemmy - Johnny 5
5 Kutz - Spaceman ( VIP )
6 Davinche - Jam Hot ( Remix )
7 Joker & Ginz - Purple City
8 Joker - Do It
9 Gemmy - Shanti Riddim
10 Gemmy - Kodoma
11 Gemmy - Rusty Tin
12 RSD - Pretty Bright Light
13 Gemmy - Bk 2 The Future

King Midas Sound 'One Ting' (Dabrye Remix)

I bought it for the A side, but this side has increasingly become embedded in my brain. Sweet.

Soulja Boy Has Been Listening To Grime

All that cash from Crank Dat seems to have gone towards a few imported mixtapes....

Monday, January 26, 2009

DJ Colz January Selection - 2 Step

Old School Fool

I woke this morning at 8, suffering the effects of the weekend but thankfully with no work to face today, just the task of keeping this monthly mix thing going. This time the mix is pretty much exclusively 2 step garage, with some wot u call it of various types thrown in for good measure. All weekend, people I talked to (well, three anyway) were requesting more 2 step - the sound is in general enjoying a revival, but its virtually first time around in the clubs for it as far as Dublin goes. People seem to be feeling it, so I'll keep playing it. I used to use older tunes in my mixes to add a little syncopation to the newer; nowadays I seem more and more to be seeking out suitable new tunes to fit in with all the old school. Hmm. I hope the ever worsening leaky-fader situation doesn't spoil your enjoyment of these tracks - once a few years back it would have been inexcusable, but the economic situation gives us all an excuse for shoddy workmanship. Bump this mix in yer jammer then, if you still have one.



1 Ebon - E - What To Do
2 El-B + Nude - Reality
3 All Night Jam - Zed Bias + DJ Principal ( S. Gurley Remix )
4 Jay Da Flex - Wez 2
5 Brasstooth - Celebrate Life ( Zed Bias Remix )
6 Groove Chronicles - Been Here Before
7 El-B + Nude - South West
8 Benga - Amber
9 Artful Dodger + Craig David - Rewind
10 Skyjoose + Skykap - Perfect Dark
11 Corporation Of London - Roar Beats
12 Melodi Brown - Naked ( Groove Chronicles Dub Mix )
13 Darqwan - As We Enta
14 Porn Starz - Dis One
15 Fuze - Unknown
16 Roxy v El-B - Cuba
17 J-Sweet - Rock U
18 Roll Deep - Roll Deep Regular ( Devil Mix )
19 Dizzee Rascal - Off To Work
20 Benga - Dose
21 Kode 9 - Swarm
22 Hatcha - Dub Express
23 Scandalous Unlimited - Dark Horse
24 Geeneus - Detroit

All City Dublin Writers Exhibition

This wednesday, head down to All City Records for the first of a series of exhibitions of the work of two of Dublin's most prolific you can probably guess who.
There will be canvases + wall paintings plus some photography by Chewie.

Please note - Wednesday is over 18s - the exhibition will be open downstairs for a week after..

All City
4 Crow St.
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

Naked Lunch 002 Out Now

Carlow's Naked Lunch release their second...

Have A Listen Here...

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

DJ Halfdutch/Colz 106.4 FM

DJ Halfdutch and myself are on Raidio Na Life tonight, 106.4 FM in the greater Dublin area from 9-10.30 pm GMT. You can catch the worldwide stream HERE

*You can also catch a repeat of the show at midnight GMT, Monday 26th January.

If you want to download saturday's show, click HERE.

Tracklist 24/01/09

1 mikey murka w/ disrupt - downpressor man
2 mikey murka w/ disrupt - oppressor dub
3 scientist - mr. babylon dub
4 mungo's hi fi - babylon
5 mrk1 - dubelek
6 seven - the darkness
7 aardvarck - two
8 joker - 80s
9 coki - triple six
10 mala - changes
11 prince kong - outside
12 naphta - street dancing
13 rod lee - let me ee what you workin with (rustie remix)
14 dikulous - u know what to do
15 n.b funky - riddim box

16 benga + coki - night (geeneus remix)
17 n.b. funky - nutz
18 mr mathz - preachers daughter
19 fuzzy logik - twiss
20 donaeo - african warrior (instrumental)
21 so solid - they don't know
22 girobeats - rock you
23 el-b + nude - reality
24 brasstooth - celebrate life (zed bias dub)
25 groove chronicles - been here before
26 skream - the bug
27 loefah - mud

* some problems with the recording around tracks 20/21...oops

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are You Dumb?

What? 16 blips? Yer damn right. And worth every penny. Fight the freeze tomorrow night at the Tipsy Leper. While Bodytonic are at home wondering how they're going to pay for their many mortgages, us toxic-debt free low life types will be commandeering their gaff for the night. Both floors will be open for bizz, and the action kicks off at 9pm with Push Move Click. Those of you with big ears may have caught them being very wierd but beautiful at the last Dirty Collective..if not, then here's a clip of Grizz, Maff and the man like 16Hz doing what they have done in the past. Check their MySpace for a preview of what they're doing now. Tasty.

After all that we have The DeadBeat Crew celebrating their first birthday alongside DubCulture popping the corks in honour of their first release. So, look forward to an evening of beautiful sounds from the likes of local low end theorists DeFekt, LightYear, 16Hz and Johnny Oakley, Ed Chamberlain, Sub One, Me, Crysis, along with very special guests Jamie Vex'd and the legend that is RSD. So are you or what?

N-Type At DubCulture

N-Type tearing it up in Galway at last week's DubCulture. A fine time was had by all.

Big Up The Irish National Anthem.

The Optimist 'Devil The Bit'

Cork born but Limerick resident The Optimist with a heavy track called 'Devil The Bit'. Catch the optimistic one in support of Benga in Cork next month...

NGOMA Vol. 2

"..I have been playing Euro-centric Minimal, Hard Techno, Tech House, Breaks, Electro, etc., for years, but in recent years have increasingly sensed a solipsism, stagnation, and bankrupsy. in 2009 i feel the style loosely termed "UK Funky" is leading the way out of the rut; and it is no coincidence that the most exciting thing happening in European dance music is directly derivative of African and Afro-Caribbean rhythmic structures...."

- DJ Zhao

Read More / Download

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


..has Landed.

All City Tees

Ok, so it's still fucking freezing, but the days are getting longer and spring is on its slow lurch towards Dub City. With this in mind, All City have just brought out their first run of 'Dublin' tees, with the capital on front and the label/shop logo on the back. In various colours, and with only 100 printed, you may want to run down to the lads and pick one up...if you're outside the reach of the city, grab one HERE. Only a score of yer hard earned euros.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Skream 'Burnin' Up'

N Type played this to us in the car on the way back from Galway. A simple tune, I nevertheless got the big full on feelin from it. Cue objections.

DeadBeat Meets DubCulture

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Join us in Galway tonight for what promises to be a great sesh. Info Here.

Cool C

Original old school local legend Cool C kicks off what I hope will be a return to mixtape making with this the pic above to download.


1. Ahmad Jamaal - Poincia...
2. Grand Master Melle Mel - The Message (Accapella)
3. Top Cat - I get My Kicks (instrumental)
4. Indeep - Lastnight A DJ Saved My Life (Accapella)
5. K9 Posse - Ain't Nuthin To It
6. Herbie Hancock - Rockit
7. Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
8. Snoop Dogg - Lets Get Blown
9. Queen - Another One Bites The Dust
10. Frank Zappa - Peaches In Regalia
11. Talking Heads - Once In A Life Time
12. Karl Atkins - Wanderin Soul
13. Aretha Franklin - Respect
14. Souls Of Mischief - 93 Til Infinity (Instrumental)
15. ODB - Gottcha Money etc. (Accapella)
16. Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good
17. DJ Food - Dark Lady
18. Cut Chemist - The Garden
19. Jurrassic 5 - W.O.E.
20. Galt McDermot - Let The Sunshine In
21. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause (Instrumental)
22. Keno 1 & The Hermit - Hardest Rain
23. Public Enemy - Rebel... (accapella)

Friday, January 16, 2009

ROAD Records Dublin

Bad news for Dublin - the recession is biting hard. First the legendary Abbey Discs and now ROAD are closing down.

Read Here

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kode 9 + Benny Ill 13/02/2002

Just a month shy of seven years ago...hard to fathom. Kode 9 joined by special guest Benny Ill on the now defunct Groovetech Radio.


Hessle Audio Mix For RA

"I think that at the moment there's a lot of middle-of-the-road dubby techno that doesn't really do a lot, and whilst you might describe it as dubsteppy techno, it's not what I'm really into. I prefer stuff that maybe takes a few different influences, like Pangaea's "Router" which borrows from quite a few different genres and creates something new rather than a Basic Channel rehash at 140 BPM."


An exclusive mix by Ramadanman, co-founder along with Ben UFO of Hessle Audio, Resident Advisor's label of the month. A great selection of Hessle tracks and some unreleased and released gems.


1 Pangaea - Deviant [Hessle Audio]
2 Ramadanman - Offal [Soul Jazz]
3 Guido - Orchestral Lab [Forthcoming Punch Drunk]
4 Loefah - Rufage [DMZ]
5 TRG - Put You Down (Ramadanman Refix) [Hessle Audio]
6 Benga - Electro Scratch [Ringo]
7 2562 - Hijack [3024]
8 Untold - Bones [Hemlock]
9 Ramadanman - Tak [Hessle Audio]
10 Compound One - Space Oddyssey [Unreleased]
11 TRG - Put You Down [Hessle Audio]
12 Benga - Back in the Day [Unreleased]
13 Shackleton - Massacre [Hotflush]
14 Ramadanman - Humber [Forthcoming Applepips]
15 TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix) [Hessle Audio]
16 Joe - Rut [Forthcoming Hessle Audio]
17 Pearson Sound - Ex [Unreleased]
18 Joker - Do It [Unreleased]
19 Pangaea - Router [Hessle Audio]
20 Plastician - Death By Stereo [Rephlex]
21 Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling [Unreleased]

Thanks to Safetyboy


Newham Generals featuring Dizzee Rascal and G Man. Album out in February...

Hyperdub 2009

Hyperdub can do no wrong. The label and the atitude of himself have often been at odds with the vast bulk of post-Fabric 37 clowns who seem to be clogging up the forums lately, and stumbling around pissed or k'd out of it at gigs these last few months. With certain distributors churning out plate after plate of utter shite through 08, Hyperdub shocked and amazed with a slew of fantastic recent releases, and look set to follow on in 2009.

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of 2000F's shared 12 with Joker next month, Kode 9's newie, and best of all (personal opinion folks) the vinyl debut of Cooly G in March (click HERE to hear her exclusive refix of 'Love Dub' for Dubculture). The game has been raised to the point where many others don't seem to understand the rules.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Burial 'Broken Home'

Some nice unofficial visuals for Burial's 'Broken Home' by Limerick's Gingerbhoy. Nitey Nite.

Hotel Ballymun

Footage from the Ballymun Hotel Project back in 2007. The effects of recession will no doubt affect the regeneration of the area in 2009.

Don Rosco + Stacks Recession Session

Tune into Power FM tonight at the new time of 9.00pm - 12am GMT for Don Rosco and Stacks...which means its on now.


You can also join the chatter Here.

Nipo Fresh!

Ta to Sarsparilla. Is Shah Smooth the happiest man in Ireland?

For The Moaners

"..Maybe this interest in funky and the resulting subforum is related to the way that quite a lot of dubstep now sounds like the horrible love child of heavy metal and modern drum and bass..."


This may be a seperate but related issue. Compare and Contrast:

DJ Halfdutch/Colz 10/01/09 106.4 FM

Here's the audio from last weeks show..

DJ Halfdutch followed by myself.



1 daleduro - bombon asesino
2 kid cudi - day n night
3 t-woc - game of jimba
4 galactic - second & dryades ft big chief monk
5 mulatu astatke - yekermo sew
6 king midas sound - one ting (dabrye remix)
7 limonius - swedish pommack
8 bullion - get familiar
9 michna - swiss glide
10 roska - feeline
11 xxxchange - 100 million
12 dj class - roll it (fully fitted Mix)
13 boy 8-bit - suspense is killing me
14 boy 8-bit - fog bank (jack beats remix)
15 lcd soundsystem - north american scum (dfa remix)

16 Missy Elliot - She's a Bitch (Zed Bias Psycho Dub)
17 Landslide - Hear My People (Dub)
18 El-B + Juiceman - Digital
19 Blaze - Life (remix)
20 Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold
21 London Dodgers - Down Down Business
22 Statik - Hey! Yo
23 Wiley - Eskimo
24 Musical Mob- Pulse X
25 Scratchy - Shangooli (Geeneus Remix)
26 Garna + Hectic - Magic Circle
27 J@kes + Joker - 3KLane
28 Komonazmuk - Miss Her


La Planète Sauvage

I remember I was in Balrothery in Tallaght at about the age of seven, attending some keep-em-off-the-streets summer camp, when we were all sat down in front of a projector screen, and the adult in charge fecked off for his lunch. The film was La Planète Sauvage, and it has haunted me ever since. Thanks to Grizzle I watched it again recently. The imagery, along with the brilliant soundtrack by Alain Goraguer (bits of which I have on vinyl from the Dusty Fingers compilations) is just as I remembered it.


Dublin Zoo's newest arrival, a lickle babbie Giraffe, needs a name. The public have been asked to help in selecting one, and you can do so by clicking HERE. Despite the fact that its a male, I would suggest, for clear and obvious reasons, Beverley.

2000 & Grime

Skilliam and Elijah of Grime blog
Butterz and Rinse FM fame present 2000 & Grime, a great mix including some nice Butterz specials. Click HERE to visit them and grab the mix.


1 P Money - Grime Scene
2 D1 - Oingy Boingy
3 Maniac - Thug
4 Tinchy Stryder - Rollin
5 Royal T - 1UP
6 Mz Bratt Feat Griminal - Drop Bombs
7 DOK - Royal Flush
8 Joker - Do it
9 JME - Ju Ju Riddim
10 Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
11 Jammer Feat Frisco & Tempa T - Big Man Ting
12 Royal T - Wheres My Money? (Butterz Special)
13 Ghetto Feat Griminal - Dont Phone Me
14 Mr Snowman - Triple Drop (Butterz Special)
15 DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Sukh Knight RMX)
16 Tempa T - Next Hype
17 Waifer - Gunman Skank
18 DVA - Bullet A Go Fly

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Radikal Guru + DJ Welfare Midnight Tonight

Radikal at the controls

Tonight Matt Miller aka Radikal Guru joins DJ Welfare in The Welfare Clinic on Raidio Na Life, 106.4 FM in the greater Dublin area from 12 midnight -1.30 am GMT. You can catch the worldwide stream HERE

Download The Show

Peverelist @ REACH

Well, I reckon he went on too early (midnight) and didn't get to play for long enough, but maybe thats just my bias as I really enjoyed the set from Peverelist at REACH last friday. Happily, Safetyboy got there in time to record 20 odd minutes of the set. Out to Steo as well for making a fair stab at pronouncing Tom's moniker (difficult for us Paddies).


Tom chats with Executive Steve


Monday, January 12, 2009

Irish History Explained

Recent Irish history is a maze at the best of times - thankfully the spirit of the poet lives on to break it down. Confusing.

Thanks to the Rubberbandits.

N-Type @DubCulture This Saturday

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Enough Is Enough

Blame T-Pain.

Leeroy Bambaataa - Def Mix

Leeroy Bambaataa sent me this mix recently, as he knows I'm a bit long in the tooth and can still remember applying Mr Sheen to linoleum, and fat laces to Nike Vandals. Leeroy's last mix focused more on the early 80s electro days - this one rolls forward a few years with the likes of Stetsasonic, EPMD and Kane, and while also casting an ear back to the funk roots.

The mix is in two parts, download them below....

Download 1

Download 2

40 Years Ago Today

Its 40 years since the gable wall was first painted in Derry, as the movement for civil rights, and then the modern 'troubles' began. Here is a snap of the mural as it is today, thanks to Hellsbells.

Jackmaster - 40 Minutes Of Funkyish

The Chicago-esque monikered Jackmaster of Glasgow's
Dress 2 Sweat comes correct with a very tasty 40 minute mix, some big funky tunes into some big dubstep. Great selection. Plus, among his interests on Myspace he includes 'slagging off cunts' as well as 'feeling guilty about slagging cunts'. There will therefore always be a spare couch in Dublin for the man.



1 Lil Silva - Funky Flex
2 Apple - Siegalizer
3 Roska - Our Father
4 Donaeo - African Warrior
5 Roska - Elevated Levels
6 Paleface & Kyla - Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz remix)
7 Roska - Tack Tiles
8 Lil Silva - Seasons
9 D Malice - Gabryelle Refix
10 Kode 9 & LD - Bad
11 Martyn - Vancouver
12 Skream - If You Know
13 Zomby - Rumours & Revolutions
14 Perempay & Dee - Buss It

Many thanks to Prancehall.

The Chop Shop Podcast 24 - DJ Mayhem

The Chop Shop returns, reaching volume 24 in this great series, and its one of Dublin's best turntablists DJ Mayhem stepping up to the plate on this one. 90s Hip Hop is the main emphasis here, and the deck wrecker himself promises more in 09, with the impending release of Memory Lane 2 and more. Click the pic above to download his mix.


1. Intro - Grass Roots Movement
2. Das Efx - Real Hip Hop vs Doom
3. De La Soul - Stakes is High vs Fugees(Nappy Heads Remix)
4. Method Man & Inspectah Deck - Plo Style vs RedMan - That’s how it is
5. Nas - It aint hard to tell vs Mobb Deep -
6. Jeru da Damaja - Ya Playin Yourself vs Outkast - Atliens & The Roots -
7. J-Live - Longevity vs Atcq - Stressed Out & Biggie - One More Chance.
8. Choclair - Just A Second vs Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn & Royal Flush - Iced Down Medallions
9. The Alkaholiks - Next Level vs Bush Babies - Remember We.
10. Mobb Deep - Shook Ones vs Gangstarr - Mass Appeal & Gza - Shadowboxin
11. Rza & Krs 1 vs Wu Tang Clan - Its Yours
12. Pete Rock, Inspectah Deck & Kurupt - Tru Master vs Dj Krush - Meiso & 7L and Esoteric - Bound to Slay.
13. Jay Z - Who you with vs Big L - I dont understand it & KMD - Constipated Monkey.
14. 7L & Esoteric feat Inpectah Deck - Speaking Real Words vs Rappin 4-Tay - Play’s Club Remix.
15. Rawcotics - Streetlife vs Xzibit - What you see & Krs 1 - Outta Here.
16. Xzibit - Paparazzi vs Dj Honda.
17. Mc Shan - The Bridge vs Nas - If i ruled the world & Cypress Hill - Hand on the Pump.
18. Mos Def - B boy Document vs Big Noyd - Usual Suspects & Myndkrooks - Remember the Face.
19. Percee P - Throw back Rap vs Unspoken Heard - East Coast Strut & Boulevard Connection - Sut Min Pik.
20. J-Live - Brand new Live vs Choclair - Just a Second
21. Freestlye - Like they used to vs L Fudge - What if & Mos Def - Universal Magnetic.
22. Dj Premier - Monks theme.
23. Dead Prez - Bigger then Hip Hop vs Cypress Hill - I Wanna get High.
24 Outro - i am for real.

Mayhem on Super Duck Breaks

DJ Darragh - End Of Year Mix

Kindly supplied by Dublin DJ Darragh O' Conaill, here's a nice selection of dubstep tunes, tastefully key mixed and all. Nice.



1 Synkro - King Of Kings
2 Massive Music -Find My Way (Kode 9 Remix)
3 Uncle Sam - Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Remix)
4 Skream - Blue Eyez
5 RSD - Jah Way
6 Cluekid - Crazy Legs
7 Skream - Stagger
8 Caspa & Rusko - Custard Chucker
9 RUF - Want Some Crack
10 OSC - Think Forward
11 DJG - Give me a reason
12 Starkey - Pressure
13 Joker - Gully Brook Lane
14 Natasja - Ildebrand I Byen (2000F Remix)
15 Benga - Better
16 Benny Page & Zero G - Pan Pipes
17 DJG - Bees
18 TRG - Everything We Stand For
19 Skream - Rimz
20 Mala - Lean Forward
21 Atomikdog - Inyobrain
22 nnerlign & Tyrant - Intercom
23 Ballistics - Spines
24 Malstrom - Reflex
25 TRG - Hoods Up
26 Skream - Sand Snake
27 Benga - 26 basslines
28 Ramadanman - Carla
29 Dusk & Blackdown - Focus
30 Magnetic Man - Ligma VIP
31 Chimpo - No Friend Fish
32 Suspicious Stench - Masterblaster
33 Skream - Oskilatah
34 Luke.Envoy - So
35 2562 - Morvern
36 Headhunter - Drop The Waste
37 Skream - Make Me
38 DZ - Old Timers

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Éalúchas on Raidio Na Life 106.4 FM

Catch myself and DJ Halfdutch on Raidio Na Life tonight, 106.4 FM in the greater Dublin area from 9-10.30 pm GMT. You can catch the worldwide stream HERE

*You can also catch a repeat of the show at midnight GMT, Monday 12th January.

Catch. It's a word I like to repeat to myself and others.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

REACH Update

He just heard that I was playing

A quick mention that this friday at REACH I'll be replacing Jerdy Curl in warming up the basement for Peverelist and 2562. Doors at 11pm, hope to catch you there.

More Info

Stevie G - Broken Beat / 2 Step Garage Mix

DJ Stevie G has been making people move down south for many years now, both in the clubs and on Cork's Red FM via his 'Black On Red' radio show. For those of us outside the People's Republic, he's thankfully been podcasting some great mixes spanning all the good stuff, along with some surprises. Here's a taster in the form of a UKG mix - if you like it (or if you just love good music) there are loads more over on Stevie G's Podcast page.



1 Tina Moore-Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Mix)
2 Donna Dee-Lonely
3 Amira-My Desire (Kelly G Mix)
4 Whitney Houston-It's Not Alright It's Okay (Marvel & Eli Remix)
5 B-15 Project-Girls Like Us
6 Architechs-Body Groove (Drive Time Remix)
7 Sugababes-Run For Cover (G4orce Remix)
8 Donna Dee-I Want Your Love
9 Jill Scott-Gettin In the Way (MJ Cole Remix)
10 Jill Scott-Golden (Eli remix)
11 Irfane-Just a Lil' Lovin'
12 Basement Jaxx-Red Alert
13 Rosie Gaines-Closer than Close (Tuff Jam Remix)
14 MJ Cole-Sincere
15 Master Stepz-You Know How
16 Lonyo-Summer of Love
17 Syl Johnson-Is It Because I'm Black? (Remix)
18 Industry Standard-Vol 1 (What You Want)
19 Roy Davis Jr-Gabrielle
20 Shaun Escoffery-Space Rider
21 Kelis-Flashback (Remix)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Guido - 29 Minute Mix

Bristol comes correct once again with this mini mix from DJ and producer Guido, plenty of his own tracks here (including the forthcoming 'Orchestral Lab' on Punch Drunk) and Joker's soon to be released 'Digidesign'. Check it below.



1 Tantalized - Guido
2 Beautiful Complication - Guido, Aarya + Ruthless
3 Chakra - Guido
4 You Do It Right - Guido
5 Orchestral Lab - Guido
6 Johnny 5 - Gemmy
7 Mad Sax - Guido
8 Do It! - Joker
9 Tango - Guido
10 Digidesign - Joker

Sunday, January 4, 2009

REACH Presents: 2562 + Peverelist

The first REACH of 2009 takes place this friday night in Dublin, with the return of Dave Huismans aka 2562.

The last time Dave played here was back in January 2008, where we were treated to our first taste of tracks that would end up on Aerial, as well as some by Martyn which have since seen vinyl release and huge acclaim. I'm looking forward to whatever treats he pulls out of the bag for 09....

Joining him is Rooted Records and Punch Drunk-ard Peverelist, bringing a much needed bag of Bristolian dubs to Dublin.

Supporting the visitors will be the no-longer Geri-curled Jerdy Curl. Took years off him I reckon.