Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hyperdub 2009

Hyperdub can do no wrong. The label and the atitude of himself have often been at odds with the vast bulk of post-Fabric 37 clowns who seem to be clogging up the forums lately, and stumbling around pissed or k'd out of it at gigs these last few months. With certain distributors churning out plate after plate of utter shite through 08, Hyperdub shocked and amazed with a slew of fantastic recent releases, and look set to follow on in 2009.

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of 2000F's shared 12 with Joker next month, Kode 9's newie, and best of all (personal opinion folks) the vinyl debut of Cooly G in March (click HERE to hear her exclusive refix of 'Love Dub' for Dubculture). The game has been raised to the point where many others don't seem to understand the rules.


Unknown said...

There's a big 4Hero vibe off that one Colz... it reminds me of Ursula Rucker.

cólz said...

Yeah, she seems to have her own take on the sound, hard to describe(Thankfully)