Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A-Force / Major Grave / Bob 29/03/09

Here's sunday nights show on 106.4 FM, our man A-Force at the helm with special guests Major Grave, Sub and Bob. Starts out deep in the dubby before the garáiste kicks in.


Tracklist on the way...possibly

Sunday, March 29, 2009

DJ Halfdutch 28/03/2009

Here's the audio and tracklisting from DJ Halfdutch's radio show on saturday night. Tune in again next saturday when its my turn.



01 joe - rut
02 guido - way you make me feel
03 the specials - ghost town (djg bootleg)
04 untold - walk through walls (lv mix)
05 16bit - shallow
06 2562 - basin dub
07 ekelon - 7th soul (sully remix)
08 fused forces - what's going down
09 groove chronicles - incredible
10 mj cole - bandalero desperado (el-b's vip mix)
11 mj cole - bandalero desperado (el-b's vocal mix)
12 dark knight - reasons
13 donaeo - party hard
14 stanton warriors - who are the warriors (bass clef mix)
15 booom - hold your head up high
16 ruffneck ft yahvan - everybody be somebody
17 george krantz - din daa daa (original us mix)
18 mungo's hifi ft benjamin - mexican bean
19 mungo's hifi ft lyricson - grudge & vanity
20 mungo's hifi ft murrayman - mash up
21 mungo's hifi ft murrayman - mash up dub
22 dawn penn - no no no
23 beenie man - love is lovely
24 ini kamoze - my girl
25 dj vadim - terrorist
26 flying lotus - massage situation
27 mount kimbie - taps
28 south3rn - luddite's dub
29 t-woc - johnny the fox
30 noah d & roommate - the bassman

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pangaea - Reprise Podcast

Pangaea with a great selection of old and new, just the way we like it.

Click the pic to download.


01 SL2 - DJs Take Control
02 Martin Kemp - Bowser
03 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down
04 Ramadanman - Untitled
05 Micky Pearce - Innami
06 Luke Envoy - Uptown
07 Badawi - Lost Highway
08 Acen - Trip II The Moon (Part II)
09 Guido - Tango
10 Tempa t - Next Hype (Brackles remix)
11 Untold - Anaconda
12 Peverelist - The Blues
13 Joe - Rut
14 Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling (Pangaea remix)
15 Pangaea - Memories

DJ Halfdutch 106.4 FM Tonight

DJ Halfdutch is on Raidio Na Life tonight...

Tune in to 106.4 FM in the greater Dublin area from 9-10.30 pm GMT. You can catch the worldwide stream HERE

*You can also hear a repeat of the show at midnight GMT, Monday March 30th.

2 Tall - The Space Race

Thanks to Halfdutch via T-woc for alerting me to this fine slab of saturday listening from 2 Tall. Click the pic above to download.


01 Architeq - Sleeping Bear (Take Remix)
03 Onra feat Hazel - Super Genesis
04 Floating Points - Love me like this
05 Harmonic 313 - Flaash
06 010 - Beatdatazz
07 Daniel Savio - Flogsta Danshall
08 Beem - The future
09 Jay Dee - B.B.E (instrumental)
10 Mr Scruff - Hold The Dub
11 2tall - Grazing On Empty (King Knut’s 80’s Dub)
12 Uncle Lew - Mandy’s Uh
13 Om Unit - Ether
14 Bullion - Young Hearache
15 Saul Williams - Coded Language (live at def comedy jam)
16 Ras G - Sloooooow Doooooowm
17 Tranquil - Payroll (paul white’s clean dub)
18 Dr Who Dat - Ghetto Dreaming
19 Madlib - Left On Silverlake
20 Sugoisounds - Many Grams
21 Actress - Hazylude
22 Afta 1 - The Time In Between
23 Afta 1 - Honey Dip
24 Lukid - Time Doing So Mean
25 Dwilt Sharpp - Will You Tell Me Where You Are

Quarta 330 - Ahirskew / Asutata 50

Download the tracks for free at Maltine Records.

More Quarta 330

Billy Jam Limerick Special WFMU

Yesterday saw New York's WFMU broadcasting out of Limerick City, thanks to our friend Billy Jam. Click here to see the playlist.

Listen HERE.
Many Thanks to Cheebah.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I didn't really want to post it, and its old news at this stage. It just made my jaw hit the floor when I saw it. My mam had texted me to switch on the telly, no doubt her memory going back to when I used to walk the streets with a rolled up piece of lino with my little crew. It's beginning to feel like this country is actually travelling backwards in time. Ask Cheebah.

Time to get rid.

Bugz In The Attic - Breaking Point Selection

I remember going to see 4 Hero play a DJ set in Dublin, must have been 1999 or 2000 (a lot of 2000 Black dubs were played) and being delighted to hear where they were taking their sound. It was a great night, and I'll never forget the lad who was up front screwing up his face all night and shouting requests at the lads. After the last track finished and people began to call for more, I could hear what he was shouting. 'Mr Kirk's Nightmare!!!', over and over as the lights came up, a look of dissappointment on his face as they ignored him and wrapped up. It was clear the lads were ahead of their time.

This classic mix was recently uploaded to one of the better forums out there, and as it was always one of my favourite comps from the apparently brief but fertile period in the early noughties when West London's broken sound began to reach us here in Dublin, before much of it seemed to move further out of the club context and into 'nu-jazz'. As in the case of UKG, the only other person I knew who loved the sound at the time was Grizzle, whose vinyl broken beat collection is currently under my care...but like UKG, a wider audience has definitely opened up through the wide acceptance of dubstep (even if it is for the most generic, boring and narrowly defined end) so it should become easier to include some of he great and nuum-ignoring tracks in the sonic pallette. Should be. Enjoy it.


01 Son Of Scientist - Ion Steel
02 Mark De Clive-Lowe - The Way That It Goes
03 Rima - Forward
04 Artwork - Red
05 Seiji featuring Lyric L - Loose Lips
06 Daluq - Oriental Express
07 Domu And Volcov - Souljah
08 Pavel Kostiuk - Willo The Wisp
09 Quango - Let Groove Come (Co-Op Mix)
10 Nutmeg - Bicycle Kick
11 Cousin Cockroach - This Ain't Tom N' Jerry
12 Jinadu - Natural Thing (Domu's Mutant Soul Remix)

Still No Sign?


Monday, March 23, 2009

Technical Issues 21/03/09

Here's my radio show from saturday. Plenty of nice new and old vinyl, along with some technical issues, fluffy needles and wobbly mixing. Broken, dubby, skippy, funky and grimey would be the best description.

DJ Halfdutch takes over at the same time next week. Thanks to the listeners.



01 Roni Size / Reprazent - Dirty Beats (Wookie's Dark Mix)
02 Domu - Groovesome
03 KMA - Phantasy Trip
04 Hatiras - Space Invader
05 Donaeo - Party Hard
06 Dark Knight - Broken Beats
07 El-B feat Rolla - Serious
08 Steve Gurley - Hot Boys
09 Horsepower Productions - Electro Bass (Dub)
10 Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days (MJ Cole Mix)
11 Sticky - Triplets II
12 Section 13 - Freak The Funk
13 Large Joints - Thinkin (Dub)
14 200F & JKamata - You Don't Know What Love Is
15 Garna & Hectic - Magic Circle
16 Sunship feat Warrior Queen - Almighty Father
17 Musical Mob - Pulse X
18 So Solid Crew - More Less More Soul (Wooh)
19 Kode 9 - 2 Far Gone
20 Mala - Left Leg Out
21 Shackleton - New Dawn
22 Pangaea - Mosaix
23 Dusk & Blackdown feat Farrah - ConFusion
24 Untold - Sweat
25 Pavel Kostiuk - Pirates Of Penzance

Previous Shows

'It Sets Alarm Things Off In The Senses...'

Help an old man out. Listening to Marcus Nasty on Rinse always leaves me reeling, and every couple of tunes there's something there that I'd love to part with cash for. Last saturday my missus was in her pyjamas and going nowhere, so I put on a set from earlier in the month, and by the time this track came on she said 'fuck it, let's go out' and an hour later she was skanking out to Supercat, courtesy of Heatwave. The Nasty man is therefore stronger than feminax. So if you can help us out, please do. Anyone able to ID this one?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Colz On 106.4 FM Tonight

I'm on Raidio Na Life again tonight...

Tune in from 9-10.30 pm (GMT)
Text on 0866001064

For anyone outside Dublin you can catch the livestream HERE.
Show repeats Monday at midnight GMT 23/03/2009.

You can check the Last Show Here

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Newham Generals on Tim & Barry TV

Saturday - Bok Bok & Manara

Nice to know someone with a bit of spare money was listening. Where's my free pass?

That Friday Feeling

!Kaboogie with their best booking yet I reckon. See ya there.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Space 2 Pace Launch Sessions

If you managed to miss the launch last friday of the Space 2 Pace label, fear not. Ricky has uploaded all the sets from the night along with tracklists for most of them...I'll update as more comes through. Click the DJs names to download.

Colz (Garage/Grime/Dubstep)

Hard House Banton - Sirens
Kode 9 v LD - Bad
Benny Ill & Hatcha - Highland Spring
Darqwan - As We Enter
Toasty - On Something
Toasty - Knowledge
Darqwan - Warrior Stance
Loefah - Root
Sully - Feel Me
TRG - Time Is Now
Horsepower Productions - Vigilante
Benga & Skream - The Judgement
2562 - Embrace

Naphta (Hardcore/Jungle)

The Saucer Crew - Do they Exist?
2 Bad Mice - Tribal Revival
A Guy Called Gerald - Nazinji-Zaka
Hyper-On Experience - Disturbance
Bay B Kane - Junglist Warrior
4 Hero - Students of the Future
DJ Hype - I Can't Understand It
Poosie + Cru-L-T - Hear Me Hear Me
Kev Bird - Kano
Mole The Dipper - Immoral Depth
Wax Doctor + Jack Smooth - Unfriendly
Acen - Trip 2 The Moon - The Darkside

RickyForce (J-Tek)

RickyForce - Cool it
Nolige - Funked Out
Modular - Buck stops here
Skitty + Nolige - Night People
DJ Trax - What it is
Outrage - Acid Drop
Outrage - Eutopia
Secret Society - Street Music
RickyForce - Underground

Outrage + Modular (J-Tek)

*no tracklist yet

MC Lariman on duty at points throughout.

Electronique Returns

Limerick gets its groove back tomorrow night as the Electronique crew return after six months without a home. If you are in the area and are interested click HERE for more info. You can also listen to/download a set from DJ Code below to give you a flavour of what to expect for the main course



01 Boxcutter - Infraviolet
02 Pangaea - You & I
03 Untold - Discipline
04 Peverelist - Die Brücke
05 South3rn - La Rana
06 Skream - Midnight Request Line
07 Martyn - Vancouver
08 Benga - Broken Dubstep
09 Headhunter - Prototypes
10 Ital Tek - Tokyo
11 Intex Systems - Deadweight
12 Pinch - Joyride
13 Bass Clef - Get On The A10 And Drive And Drive
14 Quest - Stand
15 Sub - Skadi (Vaccine Remix)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Goldy's Paddy's Day Treat

If, like me, you're back to work in the morning and are shattered from last nights festivities, you can curl up into a ball, get under a blanket and not go out tonight. The soundtrack to your hangover recovery has been provided by The Golden One. Click the pic to listen / download.

St Patricks Day Doings

Today is St Patrick's Day, a day where all over the world people who aren't Irish get bladdered drunk in celebration of the coming of christianity to Ireland. Dressed in green (for some reason) they celebrate. I'll be dressing in black to lament the day some Welsh god botherer (symbolically or otherwise) brought the crazy cult and the ensuing misery to this land. Join me in drowning my sorrows / celebrating having a day off poxy work.

First up today is this - a fundraiser for the Mantua Festival. Recreate the bog dance in the heart of Dublin's tourist hell, minus the mud but with the vomiting students.

Later on in the night, a very green faced looking Benga will be entertaining the crowd alongside the REACH lads.

Outside of Dublin, Dubculture has put on two shows for Paddy's Day - one in Galway (their home) and one across the pond in Bristol. Should be interesting.

Anyway, if you're at any of these tonight, be kind to each other, try not to get too messy and force broken glasses into each others faces tooooo much. Some of us have to live here.

PS If you arent Irish, try not to use the P Word when talking to us. Only we can use that, its ours.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

DJ Mek + The Rubberbandits

Kicking off the Paddy's Day festivities in Dublin is this unmissable session, reminiscent of The Rogues Reunion some years back. Yes, its DJ Mek and the Rubberbandits tomorrow night in the heart of Temple Barf. Doors at 11.

DJ Halfdutch 106.4 FM 14/03/2009

Here's last nights show from DJ Halfdutch. Plenty Hip Hop, Funk and more. I'll be back in the big comfy chair next Saturday.

Download Here


01 quantic - make dub not war
02 the detroit emeralds - baby let me take you in my arms
03 willi williams - slave
04 kaman leung - special blends vol 1
05 tranqill - payroll (paul white's clean dub)
06 q-tip - believe
07 de la soul - all good
08 the undisputed truth - mama i got a brand new thing
09 rob tex - foxy lady
10 nitin sawhney - sunset
11 michna - swiss glide
12 ave blast & cosmo lopez - change the channel
13 da wiesel - cool hot grits
14 tv on the radio - crying
15 ann sexton - you're losing me
16 crystal waters - gypsy woman
17 lord skywave - something
18 lauren flax feat sia - you've changed
19 common - universal mind control (inst)
20 matenlo - woho
21 the sly players - turn you on
22 anita ward - ring my bell
23 xxxchange - 100 million
24 dizzee rascal - flex
25 zed bias - neighbourhood
26 steve gurley - walk on by
27 us3 - tukka yoots riddim
28 dikulous - you know what to doo

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Space 2 Pace Label Launch

This Friday night should be massive. Space2Pace aim to keep things at good old rollage tempo. Info can be found HERE.

P.S. Gremino unfortunately cant make it to Dub City tonight, so Ill be standing in for him, opening the nights festivities with some below-140 bpm stuff(breaking with the point of the night somewhat), so if you get down in time you can enjoy some auld dark garage vibes before the tempo ups a little. You have been warned.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let The U-Hu Do What It Do To Your Mind

Bags Of Glue has a video...of sorts.
Catch them Paddy's Eve in Dublin with DJ Mek...more info soon

Monday, March 9, 2009

Radio Waves 07/03/09

Here's the audio and tracklist from Saturday Night on 106.4 FM. A big shout to those listening in Dublin and beyond.



01 KMA - Cape Fear
02 Crazy Cousinz - Inflation
03 Groove Chronicles - Masterplan
04 Hard House Banton - Siren
05 ES Dubs - Standard Hoodlum Issue (Zed Bias Mix 1)
06 Vincent J Alvis - Body Killin'
07 Benny Ill, Kode 9 & The Culprit - Fat Larry's Skank
08 Kode 9 v LD - Bad
09 Distance - Feel Me
10 Lil Silva - Funky Pulse
11 Pornstarz - Dis One
12 Riko - Ice Rink
13 Geiom & Spamchop - Geile Zwazo
14 Terror Danjah - Sonar
15 2562 - Hijack
16 Kromestar - Marz Attack
17 Menta - Sounds Of The Future
18 Kristine Blond - Bass Shy (H&J Mix)
19 Donaeo - My Philosophy (Bounce)
20 Benga - Crunked Up
21 Starkey - Pictures
22 Shimano - Crashment
23 Kode 9 - Swarm
24 Digital Mystikz feat Spen G - Anti War Dub
25 Skream - Kut Off
26 Brasstooth - Celebrate Life (El-B Remix)
27 Horsepower Productions - Gorgon Sound
28 Guido - Orchestral Lab
29 Quarta 330 - Sunset Dub

Same time and same place next week DJ Halfdutch takes over
(check her latest Chop Shop Podcast HERE)

Previous Shows HERE

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Colz on 106.4 FM Tonight

I'm on Raidio Na Life again tonight...

Tune in from 9-10.30 pm (GMT),

For anyone outside Dublin you can catch the livestream HERE.
Show repeats Monday at midnight GMT 09/03/2009.

You can check the Last Show Here

Grievous Angel - Funky Manifesto

"This is not a mix. Rather, this is a compilation of the best UK Funky I could find, taken from radio shows. I’m NOT pretending I have these tunes. Rather, I’m showcasing the best in UK Funky. Because, while funky is wonderful, there’s a lot of tunes out there I don’t like that much, and I wanted an hour of music I could point that would say, 'this is what I want. This is what I want to make...'"

Read More / Listen

Bok Bok + Manara Mix - Grimey House

Lower End Spasm's Bok Bok and Manara have thrown together a great mix here for Trash Menagerie, which they describe as:

'Some UK funky hitz as an intro for the US/international heads thrown in the mix with yet more obscure classics, edits, fresh shit from the fam and some huge heavy bass stompers. It's GRIMEY HOUSE'


Really looking forward to the 21st.

Download the mix HERE.


01 Jameson - This One
02 D Malice - Gabryelle Refix
03 DJ Mike Q - Diva Work
04 Benga - Walking Bass
05 Lil Silva - Seasons
06 Rustie - Diwali Boom Club Edit
07 Lighter - Skanker
08 Kingdom - That Mystic
09 Gremino - Be & See
10 Hard House Banton - Sirens
11 DJ Double G - Get Loose
12 Tubby - Slush
13 Skratchy - Shangooli (Geeneus remix)
14 DJ Hyperactive - Reptilian Tank (BB & M edit ft Bubbz)
15 D1 - Bg
16 Night Slugs 6 Ikonika Township interlude ft Asbo
17 Lil Silva - Funky Pulse
17 Terror Danjah - Scotch Bonnet
18 DJ Wire - Believe Me (BB & M's Latoya edit)
19 Geeneus - Yellowtail
20 Egyptrixx - Use Magic To Kill Death
21 Petra & Co - Just Let Go!
22 Zomby - Pussy (Rumours VIP)
23 L-Vis 1990 - Zahonda
24 2000F & JKamata - You Don't Know What Love Is
25 Bok Bok - rooftop (outro)

Untold Sonic Router Mix

Check the interview with Untold over on Sonic Router - there's also a nice mix there to grab.
Read the interview HERE.
Click the pic above to Download the mix.


01 STL - 2 Deep
02 Scuba - Hard Boiled [Scuba Edit]
03 Rhythm & Sound - Distance
04 Untold - Dead
05 D.Franklin & Untold - Beacon
06 F - Phase two
07 Touch - Separation
08 Pangaea - Memories
09 Ramadanman - Revenue
10 Kode 9 vs. Badawi - Den Of Drumz
11 Untold - Luna
12 TRG - Time is now [Untold's Jeep Riot mix]
13 2562 - Kontrol

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mek In The Underground

Yes indeed, the lucky people of Limerick get to catch a (pretty rare these days) set from the man himself DJ Mek this Friday night at the underground, Baker Place in the city center. Cheebah have a little more info HERE - if you'd like to hear a set from Mescalero click HERE.

Those stuck in Dublin fear not - by months' end there will be a special night featuring Mek alongside The Rubberbandits in their first encounter of the Jackeen kind. More info as it comes through....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Gypsy Woman

Ben UFO - Reprise Mix

"It starts off house tempo, and moves up gradually to 140 bpm. I was three years old when the first tune was made! It's a good example of the kind of stuff I'm enjoying at the moment, and it features the A side of the next Hessle Audio release (HES007) Big up Joe!"

- Ben UFO

Click the pic to Listen / Download


01 D.M.S - And The Beat Goes On [Dub version]
02 NB Funky - Riddim Box
03 Darkus Beat Company - Promises [Roska remix]
04 2 As 1 - Shadows
05 Allstars - Hotboys [Dub]
06 Grievous Angel - Loser
07 Groove Connektion - Club Lonely [Nice n Ripe dub]
08 Joe - Grimelight
09 Pangaea - Mosaix
10 Pearson Sound - PLSN [Dub]
11 Jus Wan - Dreamin'
12 Marco Bernardi - Mystery of Nazerus [2562 remix]
13 Peverelist - The Blues
14 Untold - Anaconda
15 Wiley - Crash Bandicoot
16 Brackles - LHC
17 Loudmouth - Suck Out
18 Guido - Tango

A Guy Called Gerald Exclusive

"This is my ongoing art project. Instead of releasing some sort of retrospective compilation of 21 years A Guy Called Gerald I've decided to make all of my music available here - past and present. I've noticed people have uploaded music that I thought everyone had forgotten about on youtube. But the quality on youtube is rubbish as people have digitised from their vinyls. I wanted to make sure people had access to the way that it was intended to sound - the equivalent of a director's cut. The sound on the original releases had to be compromised to fit on the vinyl - due to heavy "b-lineage". So now I'm opening the vaults and dusting off the old masters. Thankfully I recorded everything originally on DAT.


- A Guy Called Gerald

Get your cash ready and go HERE...

Coming Soon

Hessle Audio

DJ Redlock - Johnny Jungle Remix

Yes, I know they've been around a while now, but I'm really feeling DJ Redlock's remixes of classic Jungle - just the right amount of knowing nostalgia with big dancefloor pressure.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

DJ Halfdutch 106.4 FM 28/02/2009

If you missed it, you can download DJ Halfdutch's show from saturday night on 106.4 FM. Click the pic above.


01 free design - love you
02 onra - the anthem
03 untold - walk through walls (l.v. remix)
04 clouds - timekeeper
05 joker - digidesign
06 gemmy - bass transmitter
05 sully - track side
06 steve gurley - hot boys
07 groove chronicles - 1999
08 groove chronicles - mighty heroes
09 roska - gone to a better place
10 moodymann - det.riot
11 akira kiteshi - no glitch pt 1
12 guido - orchestral lab
13 t-woc - message
14 little john - tear down the dancehall
15 bill withers - grandma's hands
16 bob marley & the wailers - i shot the sheriff
17 mungo's hi fi ft murrayman - mash up
18 mungo's hi fi ft murrayman - mash up dub
19 mungo' hi fi ft lyricson - grudge & vanity
20 missy elliott - i cant stand the rain (supa dupa fly)
21 jellybass - liquid metal
22 the banker - gash up
23 2000f ft jay kamata - you don't know what love is
24 guido - way you may me feel
25 peverelist - roll with the punches
26 burial - near dark

Many thanks to The Chop Shop crew who are also throwing our shows up for download on their site each week.