Saturday, March 21, 2009

Colz On 106.4 FM Tonight

I'm on Raidio Na Life again tonight...

Tune in from 9-10.30 pm (GMT)
Text on 0866001064

For anyone outside Dublin you can catch the livestream HERE.
Show repeats Monday at midnight GMT 23/03/2009.

You can check the Last Show Here


Anonymous said...

maybe im just jaded beyond all recognition, but it seems like MN sets have been identical since last november or so. save a plate or two

coming from DJ Cleo / Spoeke Mathambo mixes or the 155 bpm mayhem on my local Soca pirates back to marcus sets feels like returning to a quaint little village

cólz said...

Maybe...I would guess you may be jaded from the sheer amount of choice. As you mention soca pirates, I assume you're in the UK - over here we are starved, the only pirates that exist here are playing the same 90s trance/hard house playlists ad infinitum, and even they are few and far between. I'd gladly swap places with u all the same, I'd rather be jaded than starved...