Monday, March 31, 2008

DJ Mek 1988 Scratchin / B-Boy Clip

Old Schoolage all the way in a vid just uploaded by DJ Mek of him displaying his skills on JoMaxi on RTE back in '88, Dublin's millenial year. Alongside the man is pre-grey d'arcy Ray D'Arcy who can only gaze on in merry wonderment. Troop tracksuits y'all.

Mek says:

"...doin' a little scratch demo on Irish television show 'jo-maxi'.
2 copies of World Class Wreckin Cru - 'world class'.
off the streetsounds electro 9 album. :)

ridiculous fuckin hat - look like popeye
Look at the size of the damn mixer..."

In the meantime, check this excellent electro/alternative/reggae mix Mek did for 2FM, originally broadcast on a hot friday night in August '05.

Tracklist :

D.J. Mek - Look out he's Irish
Ian Brown - F.E.A.R. (unkle remix)
Ice T, Dave Storrs, The Glove - Tibetan Jam
Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
Sheila B. Devotion - Spacer
Landscape - Einstein a go-go
The Jam - Precious
The Clash - Rock the Casbah
Visage - Pleasure boys
Demon Boyz - Dett
Asher Senator - Fast Style Origination
Smiley Culture - Shan a Shan
Papa Face and Bionic Rhona - pon the Street (dub)
Papa Levi - '84-tion
Gregory Isaacs - Mind yu Diss
Shinehead - Know how fe chat
Jah Shaka - Dub Symphony
Rankin' Roger - Mono gone to stereo

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Deadbeat @ The Tivoli

Deadbeat is a new night aiming to provide Dublin with a healthy dose of electro and dubstep.
This month they present two of the finest electro acts Aux 88(live) and Exzakt(live) on the 11th of April.

The electro bass pioneers Aux 88 released many Detroit classics's such as 'Techno/electro'. Their Live show is guaranteed to be mind blowing with a lot of old school crowd interaction and and quality electro beats.

Exzakt has carved his own space in today's ever changing face of music as an artist and a business man running one of the most influential electro labels monotone and on-line record store Electrowax.

Irish electro and dubstep wavetwister Simon Lynch ( aka 16Hz) promises a quality set as ever, along with the minimal electro of DeFekt.

Buy Tickets HERE.

Ital Tek @ Diston 5th April

Diston in Belfast present Ital Tek next Saturday night, bringing his hard hitting and twisted dub sound to Norn Iron. Here's some vid of the man himself tearing the universe a new one.


Thanks to Cheebah for alerting me to this, a piece I'd been told about but hadn't actually heard till today...from 2005, I'll let T-woc explain.....

...'for those that aren't familiar with the irish trad scene it basically comes in two flavours, one being watered down 'trad hits' usually found in temple bar in dublin and other tourist spots and the other a free for all who are musically minded to sit in the corner and drink & play whatever instrument you can, usually fiddles, pipes, whistles spoon etc.. the later being the rowdier and far more fun variety, and it was the Sin é in Cork city, a particularly (in)famous trad pub that we found ourselves continuing eek's 50th birthday celebrations downing the black stuff from lunchtime till close.

here is a 6 minute recording... '

DJ Laz-e Old School Styles

Here are some 80s memories from Dublin's old school b-boy DJ Laz-E ( above, getting his skratch on 'longside DJ Flip ).

Rocking the 1's and 2's since year zero, and the first person I knew to have a drum machine(gettin teary eyed here) he has a frightening collection of vinyl, and some damn impressive photos on his MySpace.

Heres a complimentary snippet of a tasty old school mix....enjoy

cut'n'paste part two

Roots Factory Limerick 4th April

I hope by some miracle I can manage to get to Limerick City for this Reggae/Dub/Dubstep affair representing Poland, Ireland, The UK and France. Check the links below for a taste of what will be a quality night...

T-Woc (Alphabet Set)

Radikal Guru(Blakstarline)

Cubeman Selectah

Brigadier JC

Host for the night is Sun Of Selah (Blakstarline, REACT FM London)

4th April
Underground Baker Place
ADM 6 euro

Colz Raidio Na Life March Special

Well, rough month that its been I never got off my arse and did a proper March mix, so here's last night's mix from my stint on Raidio Na Life. T-woc was away in Eng - land for the weekend so I took over his weekly show again for this one. Its a bit of a mish mash of choons, starts off quite deep and heads straight for the mashed potato in the end. Whatever.....

1 clockwatching - ld
2 haile selassie i - 6blocc
3 sub sol - djunya
4 i want to eat you - shackleton
5 positive - search and destroy
6 congo - geeneus
7 highland spring - benny ill and dj hatcha
8 bury da bwoy - mala
9 electro scratch - benga
10 spliff dub(rustie remix) - zomby
11 trust nobody - SP:MC
12 kingdom - untold
13 V - Distance
14 3kout - Jakes
15 Tears - Unknown
16 purity - untold
17 candyfloss - search and destroy
18 spanish fly - dj ras kwame
19 wobble that gut - skream
20 speed - D1
21 26 basslines - benga
22 shake out your demons - digital mystikz
23 den of drums - kode 9 vs badawi
24 circulate - 2562
25 when science fails - mike lennon vs hektagon
26 too far - rusko
27 unknown - ironsoul
28 endorse and set it(bump mix) - el-b vs roxy
29 future sounds - phuture assassins

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dots 'One Drop Roots Vol 1'

More V.W.A.T. business here from Roots and Bashment selector, Worries Outernational main man and original Firehouse DJ Dots who has kept the likes a me skankin in Dublin these many years. Here's his latest selection, Dots One Drop Roots Volume 1.

Download HERE

Goldy 1995 Jungle Mix

Always good to wake up to a new mixtape, or in this case an old one...
Dublin's long serving selector Goldy takes us back to 1995 with this one, a set recorded live from one of his gigs in the now vaporised Kitchen nightclub.

Check his mixes on the deadly V.W.A.T. resource, where the vinyl weighs a ton.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3

Friday, March 28, 2008

Colz 'Stale Cheese & Onion'

Here's one I threw together in an afternoon for the Full Irish Special.
Therefore, its sloppy as hell but I reckon has some nice elements I could salvage to re-make it into an actual's the demo version anyway.

Troubled Soul Dubplate

Belfast born and Berlin based Sei Milligan aka DJ Troubled Soul has kindly put up both sides of an unreleased 2006 dubplate which he cut straight to vinyl.

A fellow old school b-boy tuned Producer and Turntablist, he has a hand in many projects including Trouble Penetrator as well as recording with Junkfood for Sei's own Equilibrium Recordings.

Although Im not sure if he's aware of it, his mixtapes were a big inspiration to me in getting me back on turntables again after a (too) long break. So, Big Up TeeSoul and crew for keeping real Hip Hop burning in Ireland. Heres both sides of the 2006 laquer.

side a

side b

Buy Troubled Soul Music on Vinyl HERE

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wobble Presents Headhunter

Friday April 18th, in Traffic, 54 Middle Abbey St.

It's time for the next chapter of WOBBLE, Dublin's finest exponents of the sweet, sweet sounds of Dubstep.
This month they're reaching back over the water to hand-pick some of the finest, freshest Dubstep talent around - the HEADHUNTER.

First appearing on our radar with the massive Sleepwalkers on Tempa Allstars Vol 3, Tony Headhunter has forged a unique sound for himself, with one foot in the deep, techno-influenced Bristol massive, and the other firmly in London's tumult of wobbling bangers. Check his brilliant November 07 mix below tracklisting however, but according to Tony it features :

" by Substance & Vainquier, Peverelist, pinch, Me, Luke Envoy, Tech Itch and more that i've now forgotten"

In support is Sligo's finest: GRIZZLE. Grizzle lashes out
some of the finest home-grown dubstep there is, including the
highlight of the recent !kaboogie records sampler, '48 hours', which you can hear/download below.

A technician in the studio, you can check his tunes 'pon the myspace, and his wicked blog on all sorts of audio weirdness...

More support on the night from one or three of Richie !kaboogie, T-woc and Don Rosco. Should make for an interesting night!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ikonika Interview

Recorded Live from The Get Darker show on Rinse FM - Thursday 7th February 2008 at 23:00 gmt.

Download Darkside b2b Ikonika on Rinse fm HERE

Get the tracklist HERE

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Benga Interview

Thanks to Drum & Bass Arena.

K3Bee 'Have Vibes'

More from Limerick's K.3.Bee here, a new one just done called 'Have Vibes'.

Tidy Kid 'Frozen'

New Yorker Tidy Kid makes the kind of music that eventually finds me one way or the other, and usually through a 'friend request' or an accidentally overheard snippet from the interweb. I tend to run screaming when the word '*******nica' is presented to me(or god forbid, IDM...shudder), with the image of exchanging my dancing shoes for a pair of sandals. Thats just me and my bizarre taste. Anyway, I like this geezer's stuff, particularly 'Smell' which you can check on his MySpace. Niiiice.

Delia Derbyshire - Love Without Sound (1969)

Many thanks to the artist also known as Audiolemon who put together this short piece of film to accompany this piece of music which frankly is so far ahead of its time, it puts much electronic popular music to shame...thats my opinion and here's the evidence. In the words of Audiolemon:

"I heard this track for the first time yesterday and I must have listened to it about 20/30 times already. It's from the 1969 The White Noise - Electric Storm LP. To me it sounds 30 years ahead of it's time. I made a fairly rudimentary video for it. I hope you like it.

Delia Derbyshire is well known for her work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and her help in creating the Dr.Who theme. Of all the BBC Radiophonic musicians I've heard I always found Delia's music to be more aesthetically mature than that of the others. While many were content to create mathematically structured enharmonic noise she looked for the ghost in the machine, creating haunting, off kilter and often sexually charged music."

If you want to read more:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Redrum Tonight @McGruders

Too much happening to keep up with in Dub Land this weekend.

Ursus Crew are pulling out all the stops tonight at McGruders with the Dublin debut of Brighton's Ital Tek whose 'Deep Pools' EP has been causing waves lately.

Have a listen HERE

Other highlights for me tonight would be T-Woc spinning the roots reggae, and a live set from music maker Cignol (below) whose stuff I would recommend for anyone with an interest in harmonic and melodic electronics. Hell of a DJ too, hopefully he'll get back into that soon, as I have good memories of DJing with him back in the 90s. Check his stuff HERE.

However, As I suffer from a phobia of any music with 'core' in the title, I cant really comment on most of the other acts, as I dont have a clue about them, but I suspect light shows and special k....

Also happening tonight is Overdubz with the Irish dubsteppers and junglists taking over the dodgy upstairs in the Legal Eagle. Should be worth a trip down there though as these lads are sure to rip it up. Me? Could be the couch for the evening. Lazy bastid. Get out there and enjoy the festivities yerselves...

DMZ Sunday Night @Crawdaddy

Digital Mystiks

Plus support from Safetyboy

Longtime friends from south London, Mala and Coki began with a shared love of jungle, dub, roots reggae, garage and house. Together they began forming their own distinct styles of music.

They soon started their own flagship label DMZ with partner Loefah. Now on its eleventh release, DMZ has become a figurehead imprint for the dubstep scene.

(L-R) Mala, Pokes and Loefah (pre-smoking ban)

To fully showcase their sound, they also (again with Loefah) began DMZ the night. Now 3 years old the club has friends, fans and family flying in from all over the globe to attend. Their home is Mass in Brixton.

Catch Mala, Loefah and Pokes tomorrow night 11.30 at Crawdaddy

And check the classic February 06 Essential mix below...

01. Digital Mystikz - Misty Winter
02. Digital Mystikz - Earth A Run Red
03. Loefah - Left Right Left
04. Digital Mystikz - Blue Notez
05. Digital Mystikz - Serious
06. Digital Mystikz - Torture
07. Digital Mystikz - Haunted
08. Skream - Tapped
09. Digital Mystikz - Ancient Memories (Skream Remix)
10. Loefah - Goat Stare
11. Digital Mystikz - Shattered
12. Digital Mystikz - Left Leg Out
13. Digital Mystikz - Anti-War Dub (Ft. Spen G)

2Bit and Rachel Dey 'Leave It All Behind'

2bit on remix duties here again, with a dubstep refix of Dublin vocalist Rachel Dey's 'Leave It All Behind'. Brand new and deep.

Micky Freeze 'After Hours'

Brighton based producer and selector Micky Freeze sent me this one today, his latest dub, 'after hours' and a damn fine track it is too. Forward......

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Disrupt Live at Reach 14/03/2008

And sure why the feck not, here's Disrupt's set from REACH last friday. 8-bit dub straight outta Leipzig, with Lariman on vocal duties again for this one. Enjoy!

T-woc and Lariman live at Reach 14/03/2008

T-woc on the platters, and
Lariman on the mic here, with a recording of their set in REACH last weekend supporting Disrupt.

Plenty of classics, lotsa '80s digital reggae time. Fair play to the 'woc, nostalgia time for me on this session, back to the summer of 87 I think it was and tunes by the likes of Half Pint......

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Woofah Issue 2

Buy it online HERE or wait till it gets to Dublin town....

Available soon from the usual suspects...City Discs, All City Records and Spindizzy.

Issue 2 features...

* Durrty Goodz
* Tippa Irie
* Scuba / Hotflush
* An extensive interview with Shut Up And Dance
* A tribute to Ninjaman
* Young Grime MCs: Chipmunk, Griminal, Little Dee
* The second part of the interview with Mark Iration
* Grime and the police
* And much much more!....

Soul Jazz Presents - An England Story Vol 2

Following on from the excellent 'An England Story - The Culture of the MC in the UK 1984-2008', Soul Jazz Records deal another deadly blow with this compilation. You can argue about omissions but between the two of them they pretty much cover most bases. On double vinyl release, here's the tracklisting for Volume 2, along with audio clips :

Vinyl 1

Warrior Queen & The Heatwave :: Things Change
Glamma Kid :: Fashion Magazine
Genral Levy :: Champagne Body
London Posse :: Money Mad
Navigator & Freestylers :: Ruffneck
Blak twang :: Red Letters

Vinyl 2

Stush :: Dollar Sign
Tubby T :: Ready She Ready
Estelle & Joni Rewind :: Uptown Rankin
Tippa Irie :: Complain Neighbour

Buy it HERE

London Posse 'Money Mad'

Vote for DeeJay Sensi

DeeJay Sensi has made the following appeal; in the spirit of Paddy's week we should all dig deep and give the brother a fightin' chance.

Chances are, Sensi has been good to you through his 'Free To The Poor' programme for the digitisation of old classic mixtapes to be handed out to auld junglists via his blog.

To preserve the Faith Of Our Fathers, and to vote for the man like sensimillia, click here.

Mala 'Unreleased Dubs'

Many thanks to Safetyboy for these.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Foggy Notions and !Kaboogie presents Kode 9

Friday March 28th sees the Irish debut performance for both Kode 9 and Various Productions in what promises to be a night of pure dubwise scintillation.

Kode 9 is one of the absolute heavyweights of the 21st century London bass community. His oceanic meta-dub productions have continuously eroded and exploded the sonic boundaries of dubstep through his idiosyncratic marriage of spectral atmospherics, ethereal melodies and bone-shaking sub bass frequencies.

Kode 9 at Sonar 2007

Publicity shy duo, Adam Phillips and Ian Carter, aka Various Productions, defy orthodox classification. Their planet-size tunes straddle the genres of underground UK electronics, folk and pop creating a maelstrom of lush melodies, razor-steppin beats, beautiful vocals, dextrous bars and intoxicatingly heaving b-lines. Their collaborations with varied singers and MCs and their masterful production has enabled them to sculpt their own inimitable sound.....

Various Productions 'Hater'

Support Irish style comes from the mighty Don Rosco and main !Kaboogie man himself Richie.

Friday 28th March
The Vaults,
Connolly Station/IFSC, Dublin 1
15 euro!

Working Class Records Presents...

Working Class Records have a hell of a spread coming up in May. They're kicking off the summer with New Yorker RA The Rugged Man.

A full Irish line up includes DJ Tu Ki, The Infomatics, MC Lunitic, Correkt Minds, Meds, Collie, Ophelia, Cullo, and Unique Existenz.

MC for the night's festivities will be rhyme spitter, beat maker and skratchbastard Moschops

Heres Ophelia with 'You Attract My Thoughts'