Monday, April 28, 2014

Last Night 26/04/2014

Here's saturday night's Standard Radio broadcast; both DJ Bob and Major Grave on the set for this one, so a few Standard Crew exclusives from me, Bob and the Major thrown in for good measure among the current favourites and classics.

We'll be back next weekend to kick the month of May off in fine style.

Regards as ever to the listeners/moral supporters.


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DJ EZ Rock R.I.P.

Rest in Peace DJ EZ Rock, the man behind one of the most popular crossover records of the golden era.

It's been a sad month for the music we grew up on and the music we love.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

DJ Rashad R.I.P.

Rashad Harden has passed away.

Rest in Peace to a true innovator.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Standard Radio Saturday

Standard Radio returns for another live show tonight, with DJ Bob representing the crew with another 90 minutes live in the mix.

As ever, we're on air from 9 - 10.30 PM (GMT)

Dublin listeners - lock on to Raidió Na Life 106.4FM

Listeners outside Dublin can also tune in HERE

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Send your shouts to the studio via Facebook

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The Standard Crew

Monday, April 21, 2014

Last Night 19/04/2014

Another Standard Radio show for your listening delight, with DJ Bob at the controls once again. Broken beat, UKG and the usual oddity thrown in on this one. Tune in again next saturday night for the last of the April fuels.



01 Rawdeal - Head On The Block Pt2
02 Domu - Nu Vision
03 Mark Force - 40 Days/40 Nights
04 Seiji - Secound Nature (Chateau Flight Remix)
05 Domu - Last Encounter
06 Bugz In The Attic - Booty La La
07 Agent K - Hands
08 James Lavonz - Gotta Know
09 Qualifide & Jason H - All I Need
10 Qualifide - No More Dub
11 187 Lockdown - Gunman
12 RuffCut & Julius - Smell Some Greens
13 Dj South Central - Free Ur Mind
14 Bad Boy Renegade - Body + Soul
15 Maxwell D - Serious
16 Corporation Of London - Funky Shit
17 E.S. Dubs - urban Myth
18 Tre Steppers - The Finest
19 Tempelton Peck - Down (Teebone 2005 remix)
20 Mj Cole,Rodney P & Courtney Melody - Ruff Like Me
21 Dj Zinc - 138 Trek (Vocal Mix)
22 Bad Boy Renegade - Deep Inside
23 RuffCut - Brok' Blues
24 Dj Dinesh & Kid Deli - Egypt
25 Ninjaman - Between Her Legs

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Infomatics featuring 4Real - New Era

It's going on three years old now, but when Bob played it at the end of the Standard radio show a few weeks back it lodged in my head ever since, and I have to say I miss The Infomatics.

You can still download it for free ,here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DJ Zinc - Trust Me I Was There - Chapter 11 - 1991 (Part 3)

"...This is part 11 in a series of mixes called 'Trust Me I Was There' - the tracks that were big in the clubs I was going to and the London pirates I was listening to at the time.

In 91 the music was morphing from the previous Housier/US sound to a more UK vibe, with basslines and breakbeats shaping the sound. As a punter/DJ back then, I had really liked the earlier music in these mixes, but from this point I felt like i was part of a scene that was largely people like me, in areas like where i lived - I was well and truly hooked!....

- Zinc

Grab the download here

DJ Zinc - Trust Me I Was There - Chapter 10 - 1991 (Part 2)

"...This is chapter 10 in my series of mixes called 'Trust Me I Was There' - this one is pt 2 from 1991. As I said in the last one, you can really hear the sound changing, more breakbeats and to my ears a more bedroom studio sound.
Included in this mix are tracks from Doc Scott, Shades of Rhythm, Shut Up And Dance and Blame, to name a few....

- Zinc

Grab the download here

DJ Zinc - Trust Me I Was There - Chapter 9 - 1991 (Part One)

"...This is the 9th chapter in my 'Trust Me I Was There' series - this is the part 1 from 1991.

91 was the year I started on pirate radio with my DJ partner Swift (not Mampi Swift btw, a different one!) we were on Impact FM and our first show was the first time I'd touched a pair of technics - till then i'd been using decks without pitch, or if I was lucky, some Soundlabs. The studio mixer was an MRT 60, futuristic business at the time :D

Swift and I did 4 hours every sat night and 4 hours sunday night, plus any cover shows we could do. keen...

Music wise - 91 was a real turning point, you can really hear the UK sound starting to take off, most tracks had a breakbeat instead of the 4/4 kick that had been more common before and it sounds like the samplers were getting used in the studio more and more - for me, the music up to this point was great, but from 1991 it just becomes exceptional. The golden era of the Jungle sound has now begun :D...

- Zinc

Grab the download here

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Major Grave - Spread Out

Something new from Major Grave, just a taste of some fresh ones on the way...

Warlock - Kool London - 2-Step Breaks 2001-2006 Retrospective

"Turning back the time machine for a visit to the early noughties (2001-2006) and the classic sound of 2-step, broken beat, breaks and a touch of breakstep. Music that was in a large part the precursor to dubstep. Music from the likes of Horsepower, Darqwan, Afronaught, Zinc, El-B and much more....."

Catch Warlock every Tuesday morning on Kool London 11.00-13.00 UTC.

Ricky Force - Got Me

Out now on 12" white label, one from Dublin's Ricky Force on top form. Heavyweight.

Via Criterion Records

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

Frankie Knuckles at Power House Club, 1986 Opening Night

So much has been said elsewhere this week; for me, this video says it all.

As a B-boy back in the '80's, I knew the resistance many felt to this music (oftentimes a second hand received opinion from the 'real music' brigade, the remnants of the 'anti-disco' years, and the covert homophobia of Hip Hop) as it began its encroachment into our lives. As a kid in school buying those first records that slowly dripped in from Chicago, those first tracks that were licensed to be sold in Europe, I along with my friends would study the sleevenotes, the names, read accounts of what was happening in Chicago (and starting to happen to the previously rare groove clubs across the Irish sea), and could only dream of what was to come. So, it's been a loss this week - but let's not forget the legacy. It's great to see so many people who weren't even born when these records were first heard paying their respects in recognition of the contribution Frankie Knuckles made to so many of our lives.

Rest In Peace.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last Night 29/03/2014

As the clocks rolled forward once again, Bob was on set to bring you another installment of Standard Radio - working the way up through the tempos on this one, with a little bit of everything from the UK Hardcore Continuum. 

As ever we're back next week same time and place. Thanks to everyone who locked in, and to those who contributed music.

01 Steevio - Stream
02 Steevio -  Benign Apes With Technolgy Weed
03 Beneath - Texers
04 Champion - Tribal Affair
05 Dj Eastwood - What's It Gonna Be
06 Crazy Cousinz - The Funky Anthem (Murlo Fix)
07 Roska feat Anesha - I Need Love
08 Uncle Bakongo - Makonde
09 Distance & Crazy D - Worries Again
10 Murlo - Last Dance
11 Lesotho Protokol - I Feel You
12 Lesotho Protokol - You're Mine
13 Hackman & Reuben G - Longitude
14 Shy One - Untitled 9
15 Kakrot - Port Harcourt (Shriekin Specialist's Orchestral Maximalism Conga VIP)
16 Finn - My My
17 Hatcha - Dub Express
18 Massive Music - Find My Way (Kode 9 Remix)
19 Wen - Spark It
20 Sticky & Ms Dynamite - Boo
21 Saga - Friction
22 Kayne West - Sierra Leone (Shriekin Specialist Bootleg)
23 DarkO - HYLI (Grime Refix)
24 Spooky - I Need A Girl (Refix)
25 Logos - Steel Pulse
26 Etch - Sphynx
27 Special Request - Broken Dreams
28 Special Request - Soundboy Killer
29 Landslide - Dreams And Visions
30 TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix)
31 Brother The Point - Pattie Bligh (2562 Remix)