Thursday, March 31, 2011

2Bit - Real Life Fantasy

A big shout to our buddy 2Bit on his mercurial choice of vocal samples on this one, from Dusk & Blackdown's show last thursday on Rinse FM. Download the whole show, it's a corker.

More 2Bit Bits

Just Geo - FAHKED

20 minutes of fire from DJ / Producer Just Geo - solid gold classics alongside some brand new killers from Grime's new era of up-and-comers. Proper order.



01 Just Geo – Family
02 TNT – Transmission
03 J Beatz – Tazer (Dj Myrikal Remix)
04 J Sweet – Marxman
05 Jack Daniels – Weapon
06 CaoS – Magician
07 B-LAM – HammerTime
08 TNT – Nissi
09 Mr. Mitch – Full Stop
10 Moony – Stadium
11 Just Geo – Dagger Ya Record
12 Jack Daniels – Ghouls
13 TNT – Untitled
14 DarkToneSound – We Run This
15 Youngstar – Salsa
16 Filthy Beatz – Single (Remix)
17 TRC – My Empire
18 Just Geo – Milky Way
19 Girl Unit – Showstoppa
20 Virgo – Cinema
21 SNK Beats – Robots
22 Just Geo – 8 Bit Bullet (Fire Hazard VIP)

More and Then Some

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scott Garcia - Mix For Urban Nerds

I've been rinsing this one all week, and I was raised right and all that, so it's only right to share. Classic Garage and some great new bits from some current favourite producers, the mix was done especially for last weekend's Urban Nerds. Listen, download, enjoy.



01 Scott Garcia & MC Neat - G.A.R.A.G.E (DJ Narrows Remix)
02 MR Scruff - Get A Move On (Doorlys Pigeon Hole This! Bootleg)
03 Oxide Featuring Spencer - You Know
04 Templeton Peck - Down
05 Steve Gurley - Hot Boys
07 DJ Para - All My Heart
08 Nesha - What's It Gonna Be (Sticky Original Mix)
09 Scott Garcia - A London Thing (VIP Mix)
10 DJ Para Featuring Robbie Craig - Tell Me
11 DJ Narrows - Enter The Dance
12 Mighty Moe - Dangerous (Zed Bias Remix)
13 N'n'G - I Keep
14 Chico & Didz - Freak

Monday, March 28, 2011

Terror Danjah - East Village

Quantum Grime, both 8 bar and the densest funk, simultaneously. Forthcoming on Butterz.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Night 26/03/2011

Just me on the mix last night - continuing the nostalgia of last week's show, but getting a little darker and grimy in parts - still, enough tunes in there to get your bbq bumping on this fine afternoon.

Wind those clocks forward now.



01 Todd Edwards - Shut The Door (Original Remix)
02 The RG Project - Get Up (Sylvester's Vocal Dub)
03 The Flock - Preachin'
04 Double 99 - R.I.P. Groove
05 Scott Garcia Feat. MC Styles - A London Thing
06 The Vincent J Alvis Project - Body Killin' (M-Dubs Mix)
07 Large Joints - Thinkin' (Zoot Master's Vocal)
08 Section 13 - Freak The Funk (The Heavyweight Kru Mix)
09 Roy Davis Jnr - Gabriel (Large Joints Remix)
10 Groove Chronicles - Black Puppet
11 Ms Dynamite & Menta - Ramp
12 El-B Feat. Juiceman - Digital (Original Mix)
13 Geeneus - Congo
14 Horsepower Prouctions - Givin' Up On Love
15 The B-15 Project Feat. Machel Montano - Games (Ras Kwame Remix)
16 DJ Dinesh & Kid Deli - Egypt
17 High Plains Drifter Feat. Goldspot Productions - Sholay (Epic Mix)
18 So Solid Crew - Dilemna (Instrumental
19 Oxide & Neutrino - Bound 4 Da Reload (Instrumental)
20 Stush - Dollar Sign
21 DJ Zinc - 138 Trek
22 The Surgery - More Weed
23 Roots Manuva - Dreamy Days (MJ Cole Remix)
24 Dom Perignonn & Dynamite - Got Myself Together (DND Mix)
25 Irv Gotti - Down 4 U (DND Cornmelt Mix)
26 DND - Da Bomb
27 Sticky - Golly Gosh
28 Wiley - What Do U Call It?

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Last week was a lot of fun (see post below), so this week we're doing something of a part two - so expect more bumpy, slinky and grimy favourites from the crates.

Dublin listeners can find us on 106.4 FM on your radio - otherwise lock in via the Livestream. The show starts at 9 PM, ends at 10.30.

All times are GMT.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Night 19/03/2011

Clouds and rain may have obscured the Supermoon for us Dubs last night, but we fought through the greyness with a stack of Garage 12's, for our version of a sun dance - hope it works.

Myself and Bob will be back same time and place next week; thanks to all who got in touch last night!



01 Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close
02 GOD Limited - Untitled
03 KMA - Cape Fear
04 Same People - Dangerous (New Vocal Mix)
05 St Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)
06 Nu Birth - Can't Stop (Asylum Bass Drop Remix)
07 Brasstooth & Frances James - Pleasure (2 Step Dark Mix)
08 DJ Faz - Believe
09 The EQ Project - I Wonder Why (Ghost Mix)
10 X-Presidents - Diamond Rings (DND Remix)
11 Gass - Dark 97
12 Zed Bias - Been Here Before
13 Wookie - Battle
14 Roxy Vs El-B - Cuba
15 Nicole - Running Away (Todd Edwards Mix)
16 The Ambassasors Of Swing - Coming Up (Screaming Piano Mix)
17 Frances James & DJ Face - Girls Play Too
18 El-B - The Club
19 Wookie - Every One Falls In Love
20 Big Bird - Flava (Urban Myths Rmx 1)
21 Steve Gurley - Its gonna be my way (Dub)
22 Lina - Playa No Mo (Social Servies Dub)
23 DND - Pick Me Up (Corrupted Crew Dub)
24 Tru Faith & Dub Conspiracy - Freak Like Me (Wideboys Dub)
25 SkyKap - Endorphins
26 T2 Featuring Jodie Aysha - Hearthbroken

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Shystie - Headbanger

Friday, March 18, 2011

Heart beats

Heartbeats is a music project aimed at rasing money for charity. The first compilation to be released will help raise money for those affected by the Japanese earthquake. All tracks featured on the soundcloud page are taken from the compilation, and it can be purchased for just £5 from the Heartbeats Bandcamp page. All proceeds go to charity.

Please also check Nihon Kizuna.

Spooky Rinse Fm 06-08-07

Been annoying the neighbours all week with this one, Spooky 3hr Grime mix on Rinse FM from back in 07. Big shout to Slackk for the link.

Standard Radio Saturday

Paddy's day seems to have passed without too much mayhem, and the sun has decided to bless the weekend here in Dublin (for today at least) - signs of life are visible once again, and with the coming of Spring it's time to draw for the UK Garage 12's. We'll be bringing some sunshine to your Saturday this week, as usual, on Raidio Na Life for another Standard Radio Show.

If you're in Dublin, tune in to 106.4 FM on your radio - otherwise lock in via the Livestream.

Kick off is at 9 PM, ends at 10.30 (GMT).

You can send us a shout via Facebook

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gaz - Linguistics

Nugget - Story

DJ Mek - St. Paddy's Day Mix

For the day that's in it, DJ Mek provides the shenanigans for your speakers with a 100% magic leprechaun dust mini mix. So, La Fhéile Pádraig shona daoibh go léir and all that, enjoy the break, have a little dance, and be nice to each other.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kozzie - Spartan Remix featuring Marger, Merky Ace, Rival, Ego & Scruffizer

Kode9 - Essential Mix

You've listened no doubt, and probably read a bit about it too. Now you can grab it. Thanks to FACT for the link.



01 Hype Wiliams — Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior
02 Warren G — Regulate
03 Ossie — Moves
04 Fhloston Paradigm — Chasing Rainbows
05 Giorgio Moroder — The Wheel
06 Attica Blues — What Do You Want (King Britt Remix)
07 Kudu — Transit
08 Nubian Mindz — Future Past
09 A Guy Called Gerald — Finley’s Rainbow (4 Hero Remix)
10 Kode9 — Green Sun
11 Kode9 + The Space Ape featuring Cha Cha — Love is The Drug
12 Funkystepz — Trouble –
13 Kode9 — Black Sun (Partial Eclipse Mix)
14 Zed Bias — Basic Needs
15 DJ Rampage — Deep Inside (Rama Re-edit)
16 2562 — Cheater
17 Karizma — Outta Control
18 Ossie — Set The Tone
19 Ill Blu — Meltdown
20 Zed Bias — Stubborn Phase
21 Funkystepz — Fuller
22 Hard House Banton — Sirens (Sami Sanchex Remix)
23 Funk Bias — Last Forever
24 Champion — Loose Control
25 DJ Naughty — Firepower
26 Funkystepz — Hurricane Riddim
27 DJ Naughty — Gearshift
28 Devine Collective — House Girls
29 Bok Bok — Look
30 Kode9 + The Space Ape — Otherman
31 Riko — Woo Freestyle
32 Terror Danjah — Minimal Dub
33 L-Wiz — 442 Oz
34 Addison Groove — Nautilus
35 Andreya Triana — A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix)
36 Dok — West Coast
37 Grain — Untitled
38 Dok — West Coast VIP
39 Mala — Education
40 Terror Danjah — In The Biz
41 Girl Unit — Wut
42 Mala — Bury The Boy
43 Gucci Mane — O Dog (Mosca Instrumental Remix)
44 Kode9 feat. Cha Cha — Time Patrol (Dub version)
45 Spooky — Spartan (Terror Danjah Remix)
46 Morgan Zarate — Hookid
47 DJ Rashad — Itz not Rite
48 DJ Spinn — Lol

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last Night 12/03/2011

After a few weeks away from the radio show, It felt good to be back last night.
The working week, the steady drag of life in Dublin these days, and the lack of decent regular nights on the weekends make the show something I look forward to each week - by sunday I'm already thinking of what to play on the next one - and in a city where commercial and watered down versions of the music we love now dominate the ever-dwindling clubs, it's felt like a lifeline lately.

To be honest, if it wasn't for Raidio Na Life we'd be pissing in the wind; the Internet may offer opportunities I could only have dreamed of back in the 80's when I first took to the turntables, but many great shows can get lost in all the marketing hype and downright overpopulation of the ether. FM is still important, and I would hate to be growing up in Dublin now with the serious dearth of choice on the radio, so big up 106.4 for the last few years.

We'll keep it rolling as long as the listeners keep listening, and as long as the state continues to fund what has become the only place left in Dublin for underground music on yer radio. So a special thanks to Muiris, Mark, Fearghal and of course Karla for the opportunity.

Back to the music, just short of an hour of this and that from myself, followed by Bob on the final 40. We're back next week for the Paddy's weekend, which is essentially the usual standard runnings, but dyed green for the tourists.



01 Mizz Beats - The Day Before Tomorrow
02 Brackles - Rawkus
03 Artwork - Rank
04 Big$hot - Preditor
05 Landslide Vs Slaughter Mob - Splurt (Skream Remix)
06 Geeneus - Parasite
07 DJ Narrows - Saved Soul
08 J Sweet & Alias - The Joker
09 Mistayif - Fortress Riddim
10 Teeza - Bounce
11 Rude Kid / Terror Danjah - Best Crawler
12 Badness Feat Lil Nasty & Skepta - Nightmare (Mensah Remix)
13 Spooky - Top 3 Selected Remix
14 Ras Kwame - Cum On
15 Menta - Havoc
16 Darqwan - As We Enta
17 Donaeo - Riot Music (Skream Remix)
18 Cluekid - Monkey Style
19 Toasty - Angel
20 Grievous Angel - Lady Dub
21 Coki - Officer
22 Untold - Fly Girls
23 A Made Up Sound - A Touch Of Sun
24 Skream - Angry World
25 Dubwar - Generation
26 Dj Nasty - State of Ghetto Jackin (TRG Brooklyn To Bucharest Remix)
27 Markomen vs Asimilon - Dreadlock Dislocation
28 Jack Sparrow - Preditor
29 Gemmy - Bass Transmitter
30 El-B - Son De Cali
31 Dubwar - Murderous Style
32 J Courage Feat Shizzle -Too Deep

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Okayyy..(Badness Voice)..let's try this again.

We had to abandon the show last week. We got in the door of the radio station to find the old crusty Stanton warrior replaced by a shiny new Rane mixer; great news, but unfortunately only the turntables were hard-wired into the desk, so no mixer meant no mix. Let's hope things have been fixed for this week.

Another weekend then, so it's time for me to snap out of it and start thinking radio again, and pull a few plates from the crates. As ever, kick off is at 9 PM, with the final whistle being blown by 10.30. 90 minute TDK styles.

If you're in Dublin, tune in to 106.4 FM on your radio - otherwise lock in via the Livestream.

All times are GMT.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Smoove Kriminal - Under The Influence

Spyro - Rinse FM 07/03/2011

I haven't posted a set from Sir Spyro in a long while, but this one from Monday on rinse definitely has to be shared - favourites, classics and a few personal specials from a true original. Enjoy...


Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sons Phonetic feat RiRá - Rhyme Style Stencil

Tomo - Ill Skills

Slick Bullet - Cash On Delivery

Grievous Angel - Jungle Pressure

"74 minutes of ruffneck ragga jungle with a few bits of techstep and jump-up added in. 100% vinyl."

- Grievous Angel



01 Shabba Ranks - Lets Get It On (Beef Joint) (Dillinja/Goldie remix)
02 Beenie Man - Gimme De Gal (DJ SS remix)
03 DBO General/Mickey Finn/Aphrodite - Some Justice 95 (Arsonist)
04 Krome & Time - Ganja Man
05 Shabba Ranks - Wicked Inna Bed (DJ SS remix)
06 Prisoners of Technology - Deadly Technique
07 MA2 - Hearing is Believing
08 Prisoners of Technology - Ghetto Shit
09 Digital - Deadline
10 Congo Natty - Jah
11 Congo Natty - Jah Set It
12 Congo Natty - Fever 98
13 Digital - Fix Up ???
14 Digital - Sounds of Freedom
15 Congo Natty - Radical
16 Aphrodite - President
17 Congo Natty - Your Love
18 Digital Feat. YT - Hard Ears (Dem Can’t Hear Must Feel)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Slimzee - Rinse FM 01/03/2011

March already? Hard to believe; the blue skies and sunshine are doing their best to convince us that spring has sprung - but as soon as she sets the fog and frost are telling a different story. Still, here's a nice surprise to kick off the month - none other than Slimzee stepped up and filled in for BBK this week on Rinse, reminding us why he is the don. If you missed it, you're in luck. Thanks to DJ Shandy for the link.