Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last Night 12/03/2011

After a few weeks away from the radio show, It felt good to be back last night.
The working week, the steady drag of life in Dublin these days, and the lack of decent regular nights on the weekends make the show something I look forward to each week - by sunday I'm already thinking of what to play on the next one - and in a city where commercial and watered down versions of the music we love now dominate the ever-dwindling clubs, it's felt like a lifeline lately.

To be honest, if it wasn't for Raidio Na Life we'd be pissing in the wind; the Internet may offer opportunities I could only have dreamed of back in the 80's when I first took to the turntables, but many great shows can get lost in all the marketing hype and downright overpopulation of the ether. FM is still important, and I would hate to be growing up in Dublin now with the serious dearth of choice on the radio, so big up 106.4 for the last few years.

We'll keep it rolling as long as the listeners keep listening, and as long as the state continues to fund what has become the only place left in Dublin for underground music on yer radio. So a special thanks to Muiris, Mark, Fearghal and of course Karla for the opportunity.

Back to the music, just short of an hour of this and that from myself, followed by Bob on the final 40. We're back next week for the Paddy's weekend, which is essentially the usual standard runnings, but dyed green for the tourists.



01 Mizz Beats - The Day Before Tomorrow
02 Brackles - Rawkus
03 Artwork - Rank
04 Big$hot - Preditor
05 Landslide Vs Slaughter Mob - Splurt (Skream Remix)
06 Geeneus - Parasite
07 DJ Narrows - Saved Soul
08 J Sweet & Alias - The Joker
09 Mistayif - Fortress Riddim
10 Teeza - Bounce
11 Rude Kid / Terror Danjah - Best Crawler
12 Badness Feat Lil Nasty & Skepta - Nightmare (Mensah Remix)
13 Spooky - Top 3 Selected Remix
14 Ras Kwame - Cum On
15 Menta - Havoc
16 Darqwan - As We Enta
17 Donaeo - Riot Music (Skream Remix)
18 Cluekid - Monkey Style
19 Toasty - Angel
20 Grievous Angel - Lady Dub
21 Coki - Officer
22 Untold - Fly Girls
23 A Made Up Sound - A Touch Of Sun
24 Skream - Angry World
25 Dubwar - Generation
26 Dj Nasty - State of Ghetto Jackin (TRG Brooklyn To Bucharest Remix)
27 Markomen vs Asimilon - Dreadlock Dislocation
28 Jack Sparrow - Preditor
29 Gemmy - Bass Transmitter
30 El-B - Son De Cali
31 Dubwar - Murderous Style
32 J Courage Feat Shizzle -Too Deep

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