Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Night 24/09/2011

Much fun down at the radio station last night, despite the studio amlplifiers cutting out during the odd mix and blend - otherwise a fairly hyped show this week, mostly on the Grime / 8 Bar side of our record collections: 45 minutes from me followed by 45 from Bob.

We're back next week with more from the crates.


Tracklists are being worked on...

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

It's Standard Radio tim once again, and tonight myself and
Bob will be keeping it fairly Grimey for the full hour and a half.

Lock on to Dublin's Raidio Na Life 106.4 FM from 9 PM till 10.30 - if you're outside our reach, you can also get us over the web via the Livestream.

Shouts and that always welcome - you can hit us up in the studio on Facebook.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Night 17/09/2011

Here's last night's triple decker, with our special guest DJ Sectionfive kicking things off, followed by some from me, and then some from Bob.

Apparently there were some issues regarding the live stream, so apologies to all outside Dublin and our flimsy FM reach - you can catch up below for 90 minutes of UKG Vinyl favourites if you missed it.

Thanks again to all who sent shouts, we'll be back next week.


Tracklists...hold tight

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

After last week's break (too much birthday cake), we return to the airwaves this Saturday night with our special guest Sectionfive kicking things off for the first half of the show, with myself and Bob providing the tunes for round two. We're on from 9 PM as ever.

Channel us through your car stereo by rotating your dial to 106.4 FM - if you live outside Dublin, we're also live on the web.

You can get in touch with the studio via Facebook.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Joker - Back in the days Ft.Buggsy,Shadz,Scarz,Double....

Here is some new music from Bristol's Joker, a track from his forthcoming album The Vision!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last Night 03/09/2011

Another trip through some favourites from the 2 Step era, kicking off with a selection from Bob, with myself joining in for the second half. Thanks once again to the listeners/fellow cultists; we'll be back next week armed with another bag of twelves.



01 Tallisman - Bad Blood
02 Bump and Flex - Long Time Coming(Nu Births Gone Down Dub)
03 K-Klass - Burnin (Groove Chronicles Remix)
04 Groove Chronicles feat Andrea Wright - Your Sweetness
05 Groove Chronicles - 1999 remix Millennuim Funk
06 JK and MJ - Where Love Lies (Piano Dub Mix)
07 Reach & Spin - The Hype (DND remix)
08 B-15 Project feat Lady Saw - Freak Break
09 Danny C & Viper feat Maxwell D & Spider B - Ultimate Warriors
10 Surgery - Wheeze
11 Blaze Featuring Juiceman - Check One
12 El-B Feat MC Rumpus - Bubble (Dub)
13 SkyKap - Endorphins
14 Elephant Man – Log On (Horsepower Productions Remix)
15 Zoom & DBX - Comin' Again (Club Mix)
16 Landslide - Hear My People
17 Ms Dynamite - Ramp
18 Wookie - Scrappy
19 DJ Luck & Shy Cookie - Troublesome (Vocal Remix)
20 B-15 Project - Girls Like Us (Artful Dodger Remix)
21 Roy Davis Jr – Gabriel (Large Joints Remix)
22 Craz-E-D - 7 Day Kiss (Zed Bias Remix)
23 Wookie featuring Lain - Battle
24 Artwork - Red
25 D'n'D - Da Bomb (Vocal Mix)

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Myself and Bob will be sharing duties tonight from 9 PM on Dublin's Raidio Na Life 106.4 FM for another episode of Standard Radio (9PM till 10.30).

We'll also be broadcasting live on the web as usual, so lock in from there if you'd like to join us.

You can get in touch with the studio via Facebook

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