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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last Night 16/11/2013

Deeper and darker selections from Bob last weekend on Standard Radio as he raided the vinyl classics - ice cold music to match the weather in Dublin City.

Be sure to lock in again next saturday before the real winter starts to take effect...


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Billy Daniel Bunter - 80's Electro Special

For those of us who came of age in the 80's, and for whom these records were the backing track. The real golden era of Hip Hop; when Morgan Khan, and our older brothers on the building sites of London brought us back a sound that defined our generation.

Mixed by UK Hardcore legend Billy Bunter on Kool FM.



01 Special Request ‎– Salsa Smurph
02 Papa Austin With Great Peso ‎– Wrong Girls To Play With (Dub)
03 Mantronix ‎– Needle To The Groove
04 Run-D.M.C. ‎– Jam-Master Jay
05 Mixmaster Gee And The Turntable Orchestra ‎– The Manipulator
06 Awesome Foursome ‎– Monster Beat
07 Word Of Mouth Featuring D.J. Cheese ‎– King Kut
08 Whodini ‎– 5 Minutes Of Funk
09 Pac-Man ‎– I'm A Pac Man
10 Art Of Noise ‎– Beat Box
11 Steinski – The Motorcade Sped On
12 Davy DMX ‎– One For The Treble
13 Boogie Boys ‎– Zodiac
14 Time Zone ‎– The Wildstyle
15 Key-Matic ‎– Breakin' In Space
16 Newcleus ‎– Jam On Revenge
17 Chris "The Glove" Taylor ‎– Itchiban Scratch
18 Afrika Bambaataa – Bambaataa’s Theme
19 Project Future ‎– Ray-Gun-Omics
20 Man Parrish ‎– Hip Hop Bee Bop
21 Kid Frost ‎– Rough Cut
22 G-Force Featuring Ronnie Gee & Captain Cee ‎– Feel The Force
23 The VHB ‎– Beethoven's Fifth (Street) Symphony
24 Newcleus – Jam On It
25 Bobby Broom ‎– Beat Freak
26 Africa Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Perfect Beat
27 Tyrone Brunson ‎– The Smurf
28 Byron Davis And The Fresh Krew Featuring Special K.M.C. ‎– My Hands Are Quicker Than The Eye
29 Broken Glass ‎– Style Of The Street
30 Captain Rock ‎– The Return Of Capt. Rock
31 Freestyle ‎– Don't Stop The Rock
32 Zero – Real Time
33 Hashim ‎– Al Naafiysh (The Soul)
34 Ziggee Toir ‎– Lectric Ziggee Groove
35 The Unknown D.J ‎– 808 Beats
36 Syncbeat – Music
37 Cybotron ‎– Clear
38 World Class Wreckin Cru ‎– Surgery
39 Egyptian Lover ‎– Girls
40 The Knights Of The Turntables – Fresh Mess (Jam...Your Radio)
41 Hashim ‎– Primrose Path
42 Chris "The Glove" Taylor ‎– Reckless
43 The Knights Of The Turntables – We are Knights
44 Egyptian Lover ‎– Egypt, Egypt
45 The Unknown DJ ‎– Let's Jam
46 Uncle Jamm's Army ‎– Naughty Boy
47 World Class Wreckin Cru ‎– Mission Possible
48 World Class Wreckin Cru‎– Juice
49 Cybotron ‎– Techno City
50 Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Last Night 09/11/2013

Just Bob on the set last weekend, spinning the new and old to keep the blood flowing in the chilly season. Be sure to lock in again next saturday night for more. Thanks again to all who locked in; you can grab the show from the links below.


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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Standard Radio Saturday

Back on the airwaves once again this week, flying solo tonight after a long couple of weeks of guest mixes on the show. Plenty of new music lined up this evening, so keep them ears peeled and your hands on the FM dial as we roll through for another hour and a half.

Dublin City - Lock onto RnaL 106.4FM from 9pm - 10.30

If your outside Dublin City, you can listen HERE via the live stream

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Last Night 02/11/2013

Joining Bob and Major Grave down the studio at the weekend was Jack Specialist, bringing a suitably ice cold set to kick start the month of November, and soundtracking the first signs of frost in Dublin City.

Thanks again to all who locked in; if you missed it you can download it or listen below.

Tune in again next week for more from the Standard Family.


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Friday, November 1, 2013

Standard Radio Saturday

Joining us this week for a guest mix is Shriekin Specialist. Some forth coming material dropping soon in the future form the Carlow based grime producer. Head over to his soundcloud and grab a listen to his music HERE

As ever Dublin City - Lock onto RnaL 106.4Fm from 9pm - 10.30

If your outside Dublin you can listen HERE 

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