Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dirty Collective Galway

Delayed Responses 2 Launch Party

If yer in town tonight, get yerself down to !Kaboogie's new(ish) twice monthly !K Club.

Don't Stop The 'Woc

This evening should be a good one, as its the official launch of T-woc's Delayed Responses Vol 2. The man himself will be spinning his dubs, and will have copies of his previous vinyl outings for sale at the venue.

For more info on tonights events, click HERE.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Naked Mix Part 1

Micky and Martyn at work

Here's a brand new selection from Micky of Naked Lunch Records, featuring new dubs from Breakage, F, Scuba, Martyn and more...


1 martyn - jd on a good night(version)
2 breakage - together
3 juswan - submersive(scuba version)
4 F - phantom
5 quantec - ray of hope(made up sound remix)
6 indigo - osiris
7 howie b - royal sound(ramadanman refix)
8 narcossist - metronome(LV remix)
9 flying lotus - roberta flack (martyn's heart beat mix)
10 madd - subslide
11 narcossist - coldbrew(logos remix)
12 quest - stand
13 shackleton - you bring me down(peverlist remix)
14 F - rumours
15 thom york - nude(narcossist remix)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gemmy - 25 Minutes Of Wow

Thanks to Curb Crawlers for this, a nice 25 minute mix from Gemmy; with 'Do You Mind' making an appearance in there I'm looking forward even more to the 8th of November....


1 RSD - Cave Girl
2 The Others - Africa
3 Chase and Status - Eastern Jam
4 Gemmy - BK 2 The Future
5 Rusko - Get You Cock Out
6 Gemmy - Rusty Tin
7 Sukh Night - Jinglist
8 Crazy Cousins - Do You Mind
8 Joker - Gully Brook Lane
9 Gemmy - Supligen
10 Guido - Tango

Thursday, October 23, 2008

DJ Goldy's Time Of The Month

Click the pic for the latest podcast from Goldy. A little remedy for recession.

Goldy Nuggets

Tru Blood Souljaz

Here's one...this must be the first Grime MC Crew out of Shannon, collectively known as TBS. Ignore the first minute, the track kicks in after.

A Market Of Books

Assault (With A Deadly Pepper)

Gardaí are to be issued with pepper spray canisters to enable them to deal with the increasing number of attacks on unarmed officers.

Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern is to announce that the Government has sanctioned the supply of the 'less-than-lethal' weapon to all uniformed and unarmed gardaí.

The decision was taken following approval by Garda Commissioner Fachtna 'less than lethal' Murphy.
Try Some!

...and to give you an idea of just one of the many uses for this wonderful product, here's the bwais in action back in 2006 getting stuck in to some dangerous people(students), armed only with their batons. Brave men.

Join The Fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

D 4

MC Gowan

A lot of journo types have him down as Ireland's greatest living lyricist, but I'm not too sure. Here he is spittin' bars in, apparently, a 'muddafuckin' house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Thank God for the Irish media. A closed shop, protected by stringent laws that ensure not one genuine pirate broadcaster exists on the island, it does its best to protect its flock from any subversive notions, like a latterday John Charles McQuaid. Stll, without Irish TV we never would have learnt that 'Rap' (as opposed to mid-atlantic 'indie' wank), didn't originate in Ireland. You live and learn.

Brigadier JC 'Jazzman Terror'

I'd been meaning to post something from Brigadier JC for a bit now, and today he sent me this slice of 165bpm wonkyness (or thereabouts), 'Jazzman Terror'.
A native of Brittany, he's been DJing around Limerick City since he arrived in Ireland in '03, and is soon moving on from these shores, back to the continent. His own productions vary in tempo and feel, but always have their heartbeat rooted in the dub. Enjoy this clip.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Special 2007

Today, someone asked me to re-upload this one from last year because the zshare link is banjaxed. This being the season, I may as well throw it up here too. Thanks to Niall for the oxygen-deprived governator.


1 Bones - MRK 1
2 Flapjack - THE OTHERS
3 Ghost Not Memory - DARQWAN
4 I (Loefah Remix) - SKREAM
5 Fat Larrys Skank (Kode 9 Remix) - KODE 9, BENNY ILL and THE CULPRIT
6 Slums Dub - DZ
7 Lightning - SKREAM
9 Yours - LOEFAH
10 Skeng - THE BUG feat. KILLA P and FLOW DAN
11 Strong On Ya - DZ
12 Dead - CHIMPO
13 Midnight Request Line - SKREAM
14 Dancin Shoes - BABYLON SYSTEM
15 Odyssey - CLUEKID
16 Gameboy Dub - VISTA
17 Founder - WADADDA
18 Curious - KODE 9 and THE SPACEAPE feat. MS.HAPTIC
19 Soul Music - ROGUE STATE
20 Ghost Rider - EL-B
21 Steppa Delights - MRK 1
22 Threat - MUNDO
23 Spongebob - COKI

DEAF Festival

This thursday sees the start of DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival), when Dublin City is overrun with beards, and the sound of sandals hitting concrete. As these pale and bony knob twiddlers emerge from their fleapit studios to converge on the city for four days, there is much to choose from. But I cant be bothered, so check HERE. Unfortunately, I'd never define myself as a fan of 'electronic' music per se, coz I've forgotten what it means after 30 odd years of being told its what I'm 'in to.' But, I'm just into good music of varying degrees of electronic interference. So, I'll be staying in bed crying for most of Friday.

On Friday The mysterious Push Move Click are making their debut upstairs in The Twist O' Lemon (or whatever the fuck its called now), where the trio will be squeezing their analogue experimentalism through a Function One sound. Grizzle will be debuting his home made touch screen drum machine on the night - see below....

Plus, later the same night we'll all bail downstairs for the Dirty Collective's annual shindig. I've no idea what the plan is for the night, so I'll say its going to be great craic. Come along and support the Crew.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wobble Returns

Dublin's Wobble crew return this friday..get your arse down there for a night of Grime, Dubstep and a special appearance by Jungle legend Naphta.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

TIME 'Audio Banquet Mix' Volume 4


My personal (almost) life-long love affair with Bristol continues, thanks to this mix of coming releases and exclusive dubs by TIME. I reckon the auld arthritic b-boy in me was drawn in by the scritchin'.

Track list

1 TIME - Heavy Rain
2 TIME - Dead Mans Step
3 TIME - Stand Up
5 TIME - Dont Push Me
6 TIME - Freak Out
7 TIME - Top Shotta
8 Bella and TIME - Sunwise
9 1son - Psychological Warfare
10 33rd Degree - Kumitai
11 The Widdler
12 TIME - Zone
13 Bella - Owl
14 Bella - Duality
15 TIME - Alter Destiny
16 Clone A Side and TIME - Epiphany
17 TIME - Orb
18 Phaeleh - Hide (feat. I-mitri)
19 TIME - Beat Box
20 The Widdler - PsychoSkank
21 Sickman D - Steppin Out
22 Turbulence - Notorious - TIME Dubstep Remix
23 Sickman D - Diablo
24 TIME - Time Will Tell
25 Phaeleh - Selecta (feat. I-mitri)
26 Rumblejunkie - Missing Faith
27 TIME - I Got Cha
28 RSD - Over It
29 RSD - Cavegirl
30 TIME - Sokyoku
31 RSD - Accepted
32 RSD - Forward Youth

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


...seems to be back. But its loike sooooo two days ago.

Kode 9 - Kid Approved

Monday, October 6, 2008

Dubstep Forum 3rd Birthday Mix

Set up in 2005 by Dubway, Dubstep Forum has been shut down by the moderators on this, its third birthday. To celebrate / lament what was (once) an indispensable resource for people like myself, (physically removed from the nascent scene but seeking more music, more mixes, and more info), is a third anniversary mix by Sub FM's BunZero. Alas, like many forums before it, it has begun to croak under the sheer weight of...people like myself. Big shout to our own K3Bee on the inclusion of 'Dark Whisper', which you can download here. For the mix, click the pic above to download, and say bye for now.


01. 16bit - Lazy Town
02. The Widdler - PositiveVibes
03. Phaeleh - Cheki Deep
04. Fused Forces - For The Biters
05. XI - Light FM
06. J.Sparrow - Sniven
07. Hyetal and Sines - Secrets
08. Jus Wan - Twilight
09. Myrkur - Skttrbrain
10. Simon/off - That Night
11. Janner - Synthetik
12. Not In My Name - Blunted
13. DFRNT - Aftermath
14. k3bee - Dark Whisper
15. Fiberous Oxide - Return To The Sea
16. Low Density Matter - Transparency
17. 3rd Eye - Irish Wind
18. Izc - Arcticdawn
19. Superisk - Eve Takada (Wascal Mix)
20. Marlinspike - Bongo Rocka
21. Threnody - No Imagination
22. Saviour - Squarefootage VIP
23. HxdB and Cure - Spill The Beans
24. Reflux - Who Built The Lion
25. Hd4000 - Fake Rekkid
26. Blackmass Plastics - Time To Quit
27. Loetech - Liters (12th Planet Rmx)
28. Kion - Room Modes
29. Pure Phase - Napoleonic Complex
30. Vibezin - Touch And Go

Friday, October 3, 2008

Saviours Trailer

See Cheebah for More.

16HZ + Johnny Oakley

Fresh from T-woc's return to these shores and to Raidio Na Life, here's a guest set from DeadBeat Dublin heads Simon Lynch (aka 16HZ) and Johnny Oakley comprised of their own productions. No tracklisting yet, I'll try and get some titles from the lads soon. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hessle Audio - Exclusive FACT Mix

Fact Magazine presents an exclusive mix from Hessle Audio head-the-ball Ben UFO. Some tasty soon to be released tasters here from NakedLunch, Tempa and Hessle themselves. Download below...


1. Scuba – Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)
2. Untold - Discipline
3. Peverelist - Esperanto
4. T++ - Allied
5. Quantec - Ray Of Hope [A Made Up Sound remix]
6. Pangaea - Coiled
7. Luke.Envoy - So
8. Toasty - Some Kind Of Noise
9. Howie B - Royale Sound [Ramadanman remix]
10. Headhunter - Mint 500
11. F - Unsung
12. Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling
13. ??? - Working Title
14. Greena - Pattern Recognition
15. Ramadanman - Blimey
16. Whistla - Riot Squad
17. Jus Wan - Trifelin'
18. Pangaea - Router
19. Peverelist - Clink Click Every Trip
20. Mala - Learn
21. TRG - Broken Heart [Martyn's DCM remix]

The Wilhelm Scream

Where Were You?

Here's a short promo for the forthcoming book on Dublin's Youth Tribes from the 60s to the 90s.

Author Gary O'Neill claims to be about 80% finished, but needs your help. Any dubs out there with some auld snaps should send them on to him HERE. More B-boys from back in the day needed I reckon...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Nice artwork from Gavin Beattie once again for part two of Delayed Responses...coming soon...

DubCulture 001

Out on the 30th of November, the first release from Galway Bass Merchants DubCulture is a double A-sider featuring Get Low anthem 'Super Villain' by Crysis, and Bristol's living legend of dub Rob Smith, aka RSD with 'Cavegirl', a tune that we first heard on dubplate at Rob's Galway debut a fortnight back. Here are the exclusive snippets...