Monday, October 31, 2011

StephEmri - GassedOfTheTing #6

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Smoove Kriminal - Undergrowth

Deep and funky House is the order of the day from the man SmooveKriminal, who has kindly put the track 'Undergrowth' up for free download from his Soundcloud - keep an ear out for more from the producer behind some of the toughest UK House around.


Lady Leshurr - Lego

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Night 29/10/2011

Plenty Dubstep favourites with a sprinkling of Grime last night, as Bob applied the anti-static cloth to the vinyl, and the vinyl to the steel platters. A big shout to all who got in touch and all who lurked. Lock in again next week, same time and place, standard.

Samhain shona díobh go léir. Watch them bonfires.



01 Skream - Bahl Fwd
02 Dj Abstract - Touch
03 23hz & Numaestro - Al-Andalus
04 L-wiz - Egyptic
05 Loefah Vs Draqwan - Warrior Stance
06 LD - Clock Watchin dub
07 Toasty - Reflect
08 Compound One - Get Scared
09 Jack Sparrow - Preditor
10 Dj Wolfe Feat Mic Man - Graveyard
11 Skream - Afeks
12 TRG - Feel For You
13 Horsepower Productions - Lets Dance
14 Sines - Love Becomes She
15 Quiet Storm - Tribute 10
16 Skream - Midnight Request Line
17 Roll Deep - Roll with us
18 Benga - Crunked Up
19 Superish - Find Your Way
20 Kode9 - Stung
21 Search & Destroy - Candyfloss (Loefah rmx)
22 Toasty - The knowledge
23 Coki - All of a Sudden
24 Rob Sparx - Independent Life (El-B rmx)
25 Guido feat Aarya - Beautiful Complication
26 Ikonika - Please

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Bob will be keeping the fire burning this Samhain weekend while I'm away being chewed on by mosquitos - lock on to 106.4 FM Dublin tonight for another Standard Radio show, from 9PM till 10.30.

My fellow outside-Dubliners can also tune in via the Livestream.

Shouts welcome.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Last Night 22/10/2011

Here's last night's show, Bob on the ones and two's with a selection of House, UK Funky, Garage and Dubstep from the vinyl vaults. Big up the listeners, and lock in again next time for your Hallowe'en soundtrack....



01 Bulb - Reflection
02 Motor City Drum Ensemble - Got it
03 Ramadanman & Midland - Your words matter
04 Joy Orbison - So derobe
05 Maurice Donovan - Babeh
06 Ultrasound - Heavy Roll
07 Kenny Dope - Phili 4/4
08 Dj Naughty - Quicktime VIP
09 Dj Naughty - Goosebumps (Jamie George rmx)
10 Pearson Sound - Wad
11 Geeneus - Into the future
12 Al Tourettes - Dodgem
13 Boxcutter - Moon Pupils
14 Kode9 vs LD - Bad
15 High plans drifter feat Goldspot production nyc - Sholay
16 K-klass - Burnin (Groove Chronicles rmx)
17 Groove Chronicles feat. Andrea Wright - Sweet Dub
18 Grove Chronicles - 1999 (The remix Millennium Funk)
19 Steve Gurley - Walk on by (Cj Rein 2step rmx)
20 Benga - Drumz West
21 LD - Traumatic times
22 Desto - Disappearing Reappearing Ink
23 2562 - Hijack
24 Martyn - Natural Selection
25 Headhunter - Locus Lotus

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Catch Bob on Raidio na life 106.4 FM Dublin tomorrow night for another Standard Radio show. As usual, we're on the air from 9PM till 10.30, live and in the mix.

If you're outside Dublin, you can hear us on the Livestream.
Send us your shouts on Facebook or tweet @I__Bob

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last Night 08/10/2011

That's all, folks.

Thanks again all who tuned in, downloaded, or had a sneaky listen over the last few years.

It's my final show for a while as I'm getting my arse (and the rest) out of Ireland along with my missus, and the mutt. The other side of the world has given us a bell and we've decided to take it up on its offer.

As soon as I get myself somewhat settled, and my equipment makes it's way across a couple of seas and the odd ocean, I'll be back via the power of the web.

Bob and Major Grave will be keeping the flag flying for Standard Radio in my (physical) absence, keeping what must be Dublin's only remaining show on FM radio that keeps the continuum continuous, in continuity.
It's been fun. Catch yiz later.

Nitey nite.



01 Dusk & Blackdown Featuring Farah & Teji - Kuri Pataka (The Firecracker Girl)
02 Benga - Emotionz
03 Skream - Filth
04 Martin Buttrich – Well Done (Papa Ench Remix)
05 Pearson Sound - PLSN
06 Ramadanman - Revenue (Untold Remix)
07 Search & Destroy - Anger
08 Goldspot Productions - Songbeat
09 Toasty - Reflect
10 Daluq - Supafine
11 X1 - Smoke Signal
12 Hatcha & Benga - 10 Tons Heavy
13 Sound Proof - 3 Degrees (Remix)
14 Pinch - Punisher VIP
15 Skream - I (Loefah Remix)
16 Digital Mystikz - Give Jah Glory
17 2562 - Circulate
18 Roxy vs EL B - Endorse & Set It (Bump Mix)
19 Ikonika - Please
20 Wiley - Club 5
21 Chimpo - Lockoff
22 Badness Featuring Li'l Nasty & Skepta - Nightmare (Mensah Remix)
23 RSD - Over It
24 LV Featuring Dandelion - CCTV
25 The Others - Light Up Your Spliff
26 Mala - Blue Notez
27 Kode 9 Vs Badawi - Den Of Drums
28 Skream - Burnin Up
29 Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Well, tomorrow is the last time I pack a bag of records, traipse across the city, set the turntables up in battle mode, and muddle my way through ninety minutes of live mixing and pidgin Irish mumbling.

Lock in for the sendoff:

Dublin 106.4 FM > 9 PM - 10.30 PM (GMT)

On the web > HERE


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Night 01/10/2011

As we roll into another month, here's another broadcast - this time its 45 minutes of allsorts from me, followed by 45 minutes of strictly Grime from Bob.

Lock in again next week at the same time and place for what's going to be my last show for a while.... more details soon.


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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Catch me and Bob on 106.4 FM Dublin tonight for another Standard Radio show. As usual, we're on the air from 9PM till 10.30, live and in the mix.

If you're outside Dublin, you can hear us on the Livestream.
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