Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Night 26/02/2011

A massive thank you goes out to the deejays who made it round to the yard last night.

I kicked things off for the first bit, before some fiddling around with wires while Slug prepared for an all too rare Ambient set.

Next, up stepped Droid with a box of legendary 7"s and an echo box, followed by Bob with the tasty UKG flavours...

A little more from Bob, then RickyForce and Don Rosco raid the 90's crates for a proper Jungle classics back to back...along with a couple of specials.

A little added scratch from DJ Mek before it's the turn of Stacks with a big and bashy set, ranging from underground House to Dubstep...

Technical issues crept in around this point...more from Stacks with a few from myself and Don Rosco..

Thanks to everyone who tuned in throughout the night, we're back on the radio on Saturday March 13th, so do lock in then if you can.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Standard Yardcast Saturday

Yes, we're a little late, but we certainly aren't getting any younger so finally we've managed to organise our 3rd birthday bash.

The festive mood-swing begins Saturday February 26th at 8 PM (technical hitches notwithstanding).

Therefore, there won't be a live Standard Radio Show on your wireless this week; so if you usually tune in or like to catch up on the downloads, join the fun live from the yard via the wonderful world of ustream.

We've some very special guests joining us as usual - more on that soon, so do check back here between now and 8 PM on Saturday.

When the time comes, log on to our ustream channel.

All times are GMT

Gemmy - 25 Minutes Of Wow Part 2

Here's a mix that's been a long time coming to say the least...thanks to Sureskank.


Gemmy On Souncloud

Tonight @ REACH

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

SertOne - The View From Above EP

SertOne's 'The View From Above' EP drops today! You can buy it HERE>

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last Night 19/02/2011

We ventured out into the foggy night (definitely still winter then) for another Standard Radio broadcast last night, starting with 30 minutes from me, then 30 from Bob, and finally a grimy excursion for the final half hour. A big thanks to the listeners and all who sent shouts, you keep us going. Back again next week, but in a different form.



01 Aaron Carl - My Oasis (Nick Holder Vocal Dub Remix)
02 Bad Autopsy - Ginmixer (Scratcha DVA Remix)
03 GOD - What You Want (What You Need)
04 Sia - Little Man (Exemen Works)
05 C.R.S.T. - Ultra84
06 GuGu - RockAByeBaby
07 Cooly G - Phat Si
08 Seiji - Straylight
09 Goldspot Productions - Threshold
10 Mala - Bury Da Bwoy
11 Oris Jay - Biggin Up The Massive
12 Qualifide - Ruff and Tuff (Old Skool Dub)
13 Kele Le Roc - My Love (Remix)
14 Wideboys - Please Don't Turn Me On (Oyster Vocal Mix)
15 Untold - Flyboys
16 Boxcutter - Moon Pupils
17 George Fitzgerald vs Amel Larrieux - Tell Me (Refix)
18 Superisk - Find Your Way (Mensah Remix)
19 S-X - Woo Riddim ( DJ Q Remix)
20 Marco Del Horno v Swerve Featuring P Money - Ho! Riddim
21 Livewire - Gangster
22 Wiley - Club 4
23 Maniac - Salt Fish
24 J Sweet & Alias - Spartan Remix
25 The Thunderclaps - Put 'Em In Their Place (Remix)
26 Teeza - Reebok Pumps
27 Wiley - It's A Par
28 Swindle - Air Miles
29 Spooky - Over Capacity
30 Musical Mob Royale - Pulse X
31 J Sweet & Alias - No Dream
32 Jon E Cash - 4Ward (Club Mix)
33 TRC - Skipping Rope

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Ossie - Tarantula/Creepy Crawlies

Thanks to dirtnap2

Standard Radio Saturday

After a couple of solo runs these last few weeks, I'll be joined by Bob on selections from 9 till 10.30 PM this Saturday night, for an old-time back to back type show.

This of course introduces a touch of randomness - it's quite possible we could turn up wearing the same records (how embarassing), but between us we'll keep it rolling, somehow.

Dublin listeners can tune in to 106.4 FM - if you live beyond The Pale you can still lock in via the Livestream.

All times are GMT.

Get in touch via Facebook

Or tweet us



Seiji 3 Promo Mix

As I've said here before, I've been a fan of Seiji's music ever since those days, and have really enjoyed the 12" series he began putting out last year - installment 3, 'More Of You/Sticks' hits the racks this weekend, and to celebrate he's put together an hour long mix, chock full of smokeless favourites. You can download the mix HERE, and buy Seiji 3 HERE.


01 Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me (Mdcl's Keyapella)
02 Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You Buy
03 Xxxy - Ordinary Things
04 Point 9 - Wild Forest
05 Eddy Meets Yannah - Runnin'
06 Terrible Shock - Good Foundations
07 Greenmoney - Heat It Up
08 Martyn - Left Hander
09 Ig - Tpower
10 Jackal Youth - Bruk
11 Terri Walker - Heartbeat [Mosca Remix]
12 Spoek Mathambo - Mshini Wam (Canblaster Remix)
13 Canblaster - Clockworks (Teki Latex & Para 1 Intsrumental)
14 Velour - Booty Slammer
15 Wildlife Ft. Terry Lynn - Nocturnal World (French Fries Remix)
16 Sandra St. Victor - F.M.A.O (Seiji Garage Mix)
17 Seiji - Straylight Vip Dub
18 Kelis - Brave (Darksky Remix)
19 Seiji - More Of You
20 Ethix - Breaking Bad
21 Seiji - Sticks
22 Seiji - Yesman
23 Seiji - Buzzcut
24 Mark Pritchard - Boingy Re Edit
25 Compound One - Back Off
26 Jack Sparrow - Loveless
27 F - Phantom
28 Jamie Grind - Balloon Buy
29 Naifian - Blue Snow


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wifey Mixtape #5 - Oil Gang

"The current wash of watery electro grime which serves no purpose than to create some kind of weird symbolic exchange between the mainstream pop charts and some larger record companies' wallets, it's refreshing to hear some genuine gritty 8 bar grime coming out..."

That says everything really...


01 Deset-Gladiator Vs Spartan Vs Mortal Kombat
02 Merky Ace - Ninja 3style
03 Spooky - Over Capacity
04 Splurt - Shock
05 Marger - Grime Ting
06 Faze Miyake - Jump
07 Spooky - Bashment Woooo
08 Spooky-Darkside
09 Darq E FreakerThe - Queen Of Hoxton
10 DokChemical Planet - (Gully Floss Remix)
11 Merky AceGrime - Scene Undertaker
12 SpookyGrime -Slime
13 Splurt - StormBuy
14 Faze Miyake - Shaolin
15 Juz - loLocked Down
16 Mik & Merky - AceDo It Remix
17 Spooky - Main Stage
18 Src - R022
19 RocksPow - (Sephirocks Mode)
20 Swindle - Mood Swings
21 S-X - Woooo Riddim (Dj Q Remix)
22 Darktonesound - Club Magic
23 Darq E Freaker - Cherryade
24 Mistayif - Fortress Riddim
25 Faze - MiyakeSonic
26 Spooky - Retro Arcade Riddim
27 Darq E Freaker - Next Hype Relay
28 Mik & Merky Ace - Shutdown

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Champion - Fabriclive x Butterz Mini Mix

Here's a banging little mini mix from DJ Champion - he'll be joining the Butterz line up for their room 3 takeover at Fabric this weekend.

In case you missed them, you can grab the other 3 promo mixes for the event HERE.



01 Miss Fire – 004FH
02 Joe – Claptrap
03 Champion – Lose Control
04 Champion – Lighter VIP
05 Dumplin Vs Champion ft Laura Lexus – Falling Down
06 Dj Naughty – Champagne Remix
07 Toddska – Gal From England
18 Champion – Tribal Affair VIP
19 Funkystepz – Fuller
20 Champion – Motherboard
21 Addictive – Bad Girl (Champion Remix Dub)
22 Mr Lucro & Sir Spyro – Ricochet

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Night 12/02/2011

I hopped in a cab last night and sped down to the radio station, reminiscing with the driver about the good old days before the ghost town. With these happy thoughts in mind, so began another Standard radio broadcast. Bob couldn't make it in time so it's just me again this week - I won't bore you with genres; it's just a load of records that were good, so I bought them, and then I mixed them together. Standard.

Back next week same time and place - thanks again to the listeners who got in touch, and the downloaders.



01 Taylor McFerrin - Georgia (Kaytronik's Brukitdown)
02 Roska Featuring Anesha - I Need Love
03 Seiji Featuring Lyric L - Loose Lips (Instrumental)
04 Aroop Roy Featuring Sacha Williamson - The Lonely Years
05 Daluq - Supafine
06 Menta - Sounds Of Da Refix (Nervous Refix)
07 Hypno - Sunkin
08 C.R.S.T. - Roullette
09 DJ Dubs - Sky's The Limit
10 PD Syndicate - Ruff Like Me (Artful Dodger Vocal Mix)
11 Emalkay - Crusader
12 Loefah - Twisup VIP
13 Desto - Disappeaing Reappearing Ink
14 Objekt - The Goose That Got Away
15 Compound One - Back Off
16 Pangaea - Memories
17 TRC - Oo Aa Ee VIP
18 Gemmy - Last Three Digits
19 Joe - Claptrap
20 Skream - Burning Up
21 LD vs Clue Kid - The Intro
22 The Ganja Kru Featuring DJ Daddy - This World
23 Rossi B & Luca Featuring Killa P - Police Ar Come Run (E10 Vocal)
24 Royal-T - Music Please (Devil Mix)
25 So Solid Crew - More Less More Soul (Wooh) (Instrumental)
26 Rossi B & Luca - Optimus Prime
27 Royal-T - Hot Ones Remix
28 Splurt - The Return VIP (Mega Refix)

Previous Shows

Footsie - High Grade No Bush

Ghost Records - Ghost Chaser LP

Friday, February 11, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Lock on to 106.4 FM once again this Saturday night, from 9PM till 10.30 - Myself and Bob will be throwing records into the wrong sleeves/talking shit when we should be concentrating for another 90 minutes of live mixing, through your radio box.

If you're fortunate enough to live far, far away from the Black Pool, you can join us by awkwardly skanking near your computer via the magic of the Livestream.

All times are GMT.

Get in touch with the studio via Facebook

Or tweet us


We welcome your involvement >>

Raggaman Bob - Nipple Hill Freestyle

Lethal Bizzle - POW! 2011 (Royal-T Remix)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grievous Angel Presents - Grime

A banger of a mix here from Grievous Angel - clocking in at just half an hour, its a short and sweet selection of Grimey favourites from the man himself. Get the full picture and tracklist here.


Monday, February 7, 2011

DJ Mek - UK Hip Hop Flashbacks Part 2 - Ragga Hip Hop

Part One was the sound of barbecues and sessions last summer (for the reminiscing old farts anyway) - this time around I've been keeping warm by rubbing my hands with joy as the second in a series of mixes from the man like DJ Mek, charting the roots of UK Hip Hop(this time with the emphasis on Reggae influences), has arrived. We've actually been rinsing it since new year, but its public from today..

Big up Choice Cuts for hosting. Beg the DJ for tracklistings.


We Are 3

This blog is three years old today, and how it's grown.

Unfortunately the happy day has fallen on a monday, so we're delaying any popping of corks and slapping of backs until a more suitable time.

With that in mind, please join (when it happens) as we celebrate in time honoured fashion. Details soon...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last Night 05/02/2011

Just myself on the turntables for the full 90 last night, starting with some House and Garage, ending in some Grimey business - thanks to all who locked in before the dance, and those who got in touch. We're back again next week, when it's that happy time again.



01 St Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)
02 GOD - Untitled
03 T Williams Featuring Terri Walker - Heartbeat (Mosca Remix)
04 GuGu - AC Riddim
05 Roska - Time Stamp
06 Katy B Featuring Ms Dynamite - Lights On
07 Seiji - Weedkiller
08 Mujava - Pleaze Mugwanti
09 CR Zero - Funky Rider
10 Hem Featuring Terrible Shock - On A Mission (Shortstuff Remix)
11 DJ South Central - Free Ur Mind
12 Didz & Chico - Something New
13 Phuturistix - Deepdown
14 Mario Cee Featuring Alexia - Negativiti (Chris Mack 2 Step)
15 Horsepower Productions - Fist Of Fury
16 Benga - The Virus
17 Goldspot Productions - Songbeat
18 Harry Lime - Can U Feel It
19 Fyrus - Jawz
20 Royal-T - Orangeade
21 Terror Danjah - Minimal Dub
22 S-X - Woo Riddim
23 Riko - Ice Rink
24 Dizzee Rascal - Go 3
25 Spooky - Spartan
26 Darq E Freaker - Rhythm & Slags
27 Slew Dem Productions - Grime (Remix)
28 The Thunderclaps - Grindin (Remix)
29 Illmana Featuring P Money - Stomp
30 SRC - Goomba VIP

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

We'll be braving the storms this saturday night, and dragging records through gale force winds for the standard 9 pm shuffle. Dublin listeners, lock on to 106.4 FM - if you're outside Dublin check the Livestream.

Show kicks off at 9 PM, ends at 10.30. All times are GMT. You can reach the studio on Facebook or text +353 866001064

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lady Chann - Treble To Your Bass

!K Club Tonight - City Discs R.I.P.

It's never much fun when a record shop has to shut its doors for the last time - Dublin has already seen well established music providers follow the same pattern as businesses country-wide, leaving the city centre tumbleweed infested and a lot poorer as a result.

Still, all we can do is have some fun and pay our respects, which is the traditional way to hold a wake after all.

Do join us in showing your appreciation tonight from 10 at the !K Club where myself and Bob will be making a (these days) rare appearance alongside the resident DJs. We're going all-out Garage and Grime tonight so bring your best skanking shoes.

Facebook event page

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011