Sunday, November 30, 2008

DJ Colz November Mix

Just in time to keep things regular on the podcasts, here's my mix for November.
I seem to be getting very slack on keeping these things rolling lately..anyway, I held out for the dubculture test pressings and threw the mix down today so forgive the messiness.



1 Kontext - Plumes (Ramadanman Refix)
2 CaveGirl - RSD
3 Explorations - Calenda
4 Dawn Stepped Outside - Kuma (Horsepowr MK7 mix)
5 The Bug - Skream
6 Decisions - TRG
7 Closer - Synkro
8 Solitary - Landslide (Simple Time Mix)
9 Tempered - Rustie
10 Back 2 The Future - Gemmy
11 3KLane - Joker + J@kes
12 Benga's Off His Head - Benga
13 Rumors and Revelations - Zomby
14 We Are IE - Lennie De Ice (Caspa + Rusko Remix)
15 The Lie - Zomby
16 Prototypes - Headhunter
17 Vancouver - Martyn (2562 Puur Natuur Dub)
18 Bees - DJ G
19 Super Villain - Crysis
20 Take It Personal - Toasty
21 Modem - J@kes
22 Twitch - Scuba (Jamie Vex'd Remix)

*ps - If you're having trouble downloading these mixes, you can get them down on the right of the page under the 'DJ Colz Mixes' header. I'll sort out some kind of new audio player soon.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Colz On PCP Radio

Here's last saturday's radio show from DJ PCP on Raidio Na Life, starting off with a selection from the man himself(while me and Grizzle were battling through the traffic to get there in time!), followed by a mix of old and new from myself as usual. If you would like to listen in/download, see below.



1 Little Jinder - Eat my fears -Drop The Lime remix
2 Major Grave - Healing of the nation
3 The disciple Grin -Tempered
4 Various productions - really hot (missy Eliot mash)
5 Solen - Lord(dub)
1 Pangea– Router
2 Dj Abstract- touch
3 Horsepower productions - Gorgon sound
4 El b feat juiceman - Digital
5 Digital Mystikz -haunted
6 Deleted Scenes –sick
7 Untold – Yukon
8 Benga and skream – Judgement
9 Lofeah - twisup vip
10 Skream – angry
11 Metalbox Products - do what you do
12 Brackles – glazed
13 Benga - Benga ’s off his head
14 Gemmy - Back to the future
15 Miss dynamite / Sticky – Boo
16 Sticky feat Tubby t- Ganjaman
17 Joker – Gully brook lane
18 Rustie – Tempered
19 The Bug feat flowdan – Ganja
20 Wiley - Cable street
21 Zomby - The Lie

Many thanks to the man like PCP for the many years bringing quality sounds to Dublin across the airwaves.

Ganja Mi Love

Earlier this week, us weed heads heard the news that cannabis may actually improve memory, pointing to a possible use in the future as a medication for sufferers of Alzheimer's.
Today, more evidence for its use throughout human history was unearthed.

"Researchers say they have located the world's oldest stash of marijuana, in a tomb in a remote part of China.

The cache of cannabis is about 2,700 years old and was clearly "cultivated for psychoactive purposes," rather than as fibre for clothing or as food, says a research paper in the Journal of Experimental Botany...."

Read On....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dubculture News

Good news for Galway....
Dubculture have confirmed Cooly G's first Irish appearance, happening on the 17th of January 2009.
This is also the first time someone from inside the Funky scene has played over here, and I say no better woman to light this particular fire. And, sound as she is, she even sent us a dubculture MR JJ refix...

have a listen HERE....

In other news, the test pressings for dubculture001 touched down in Dublin today...release dates soon, please check back...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cooly G - Dub Organiser Vol 1

Cooly G in production mode

Here's a DJ and Producer from Brixton whose music I only discovered earlier this week, and I'm hooked. Its near impossible to hear this form of music in Ireland, even on the internet its easy to feel out of the loop; hopefully in 09 we'll be bringing over talent like Cooly G to blow this music open outside the UK. If some of the more commercial sounds of Funky have put you off, her music should be a good remedy.
I've no audio clip to give you a taste of her productions (I'm waiting on her EP in the post) so hop over to her MySpace and immerse yourself.

Click here to buy Dub Organiser Vol 1

DJ Halfdutch Dubstep Mix

One of Dublin's most consistent vinyl junkies, DJ Halfdutch's weekly radio show 'Éalúchas' on Raidio Na Life beams out over the airwaves and the web Thursdays from 9 till 10.30 GMT (repeated saturdays). Here's a show from earlier this month, with the focus on dubstep throughout.



1 L.V. & Errol Bellot - Globetrotting
2 Ka - Insanity
3 Skream - Rutten
4 Quest - Eden
5 RSD - Love Of Jah Light
6 RSD - Pretty Bright Light
7 DJG - Shadow Skanking
8 Sia - Where I Belong (Various Production Remix)
9 Hektagon - Running Through
10 Ramadanman - Every Next Day
11 Headhunter - Spyro
12 Sully - Phonebox
13 Pangaea - Router
14 Peverelist - Roll With The Punches
15 Pattie Blingh - Brother The Point (2562 Rmx)
16 Mala - Lean Forward
17 Jazzsteppa - America
18 Zed Bias - Ambush Riddim
19 Cotti - The Search
20 Skream - Oskillatah
21 The Bug feat Warrior Queen - Poison Dart
22 The Bug - Poison Dart Remix ft Flow Dan
23 Various Production - Pintman
24 Rustie - Response
25 Tes La Rok - Reggae
26 Landslide - Dreams & Visions (Compound One Rmx)
27 Ed Solo - Age Of Dub
28 Benga - Roller

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Warrior Queen unfortunately couldn't make the !Kaboogie gig on friday, but Flow Dan stepped in to save the night. Thanks to Niall for the short clip.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Postcards From Dublin

A wierd pleasure of mine involves watching the quirky and often funny videos tourists make when they come to Dublin; The city is so embedded in my visual field I can't even see it anymore, so its always good to see through the eyes of someone from outside. This one is the strangest yet, almost a video for DJ Signify's 'Migraine'

PCP ina Shuí

I'm doing a guest slot on PCP ina Shuí tonight from 10.30 to midnight on Raidio Na Life 106.4FM, along with DJ PCP himself. If you're not in the greater Dublin area and would like to tune in, you can listen live.

pcp blog

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tonight In Dublin

Grievous Angel 'Darkness'

Being a big fan of Sheila Chandra, and also of Grievous Angel, I'm happy to see the two united, albeit unofficially. The track in question, 'Darkness', is up for free download until the 23rd, so grab it if the idea gets you going. It's highly unlikely it will see a release, and I won't be posting it here so get over there quick....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cotti Down Under

Here's a nice mix by Cotti, recorded during his Australian tour in October, pretty much all his own productions bar one or two. Download below...




Outreach II

After the great success of Outreach last June, and friday's insane asylum that was Reach's 2nd Birthday Bash, there's much mumbling in the air already about 2009 and Outreach II. Nothing is officially confirmed as yet, but a couple of things we can say for sure is that it will take place in the TP rather than The Vaults, and is going to happen in January. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's N-Type on the mic and the wheels at Outreach I. This should give you an idea of the sheer weight of the sound that night...

Boyz n the Head

Major Grave + Sub One at the Welfare Clinic

Major Grave and Sub One

There's a new show hosted by DJ Welfare on Raidio Na Life, its called 'The Welfare Clinic' and it broadcasts across Dublin and beyond every tuesday from midnight GMT. Welfare has been running Galway's Recipe d'n'b night for the last while, but alas, this saturday sees them rinsing it out for the final time, before folding it up and putting it away for now (see flyer below). And so, its to Dublin and the airwaves for Welfare now. This week's show featured Dublin head-the-balls Major Grave (with a selection of his own dubs), and DJ Sub One giving a spin to some vinyl favourites. Listen below if you missed it...we'll see about getting a tracklist from these reprobates. The show kicks off with Cork's own Radikal Guru and his latest, 'No Good' out now....

*ps Lá Breithe Sona Raidió na Life! 15 bliain ar an aer!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DJ Zhao - Fusion One

DJ and blogger Zhao of NGOMA AfroAsia Sound System sent me a link a little while back to this mix, 'Fusion One', in which he fills in the gaps and draws the lines between traditional musical forms and the modern. A preview version of this mix appeared in the Blogariddims series, the concept being originally formulated for the Fusion Festival. It's an intriguing audio experience I can't recommend enough.

For the full story, tracklist, and the artwork, click HERE.

Rustie - Gutterish Mix

Here's an old but deadly mix from 06, its Glasgow's Rustie, whose recent 12 with Joker has been going down a treat in Dublin and Galway, and no doubt elsewhere far and wide.
Many thanks to Safetyboy for the link.


1. mark one - slang (tectonic)
2. dj marsta - gridlock 4x4 (a.r.m.y bullet)
3. dj mentat - what's happ'nin' instrumental (?)
4. otto von schirach - trick snitch (touchin' bass)
5. rick ross - hustlin' remix instrumental (def jam)
6. loefah - mud (dmz)
7. wiley - flat derik (dump valve)
8. eh? - b2 (d&g)
9. matty g - for the smokers (argon) nessbeth - respect (4 player)
11.mrk 1 - empire (tyke)
12.newflesh - wherever we go space engine mix instrumental (?)
13.juelz santana - oh yes (def jam) & d.j distro - a2 (b.p.s.i records)
15.ripper man - rubble (white)
16.stacs of stamina - roll wonder refix (werk)
17.wonder - what geeneus rmx (dump valve)
18.mondie - straight feat. all in one (white)
19.spac hand luke - sidthug (rephlex)
20.the dexorcist - connect one (control tower)
21.slew dem - da firing range (slew dem)
22.b.i.g - spit your game remix (bad boy) urban - bang that shit up (kne' deep)
24.nephets - bounce lady (pro-jex)
25.dizzee rascal - give u more feat. d double e (xl)
26.feadz - go on beef (bpitch)

Monday, November 17, 2008

DubCulture Vision

That's The Spirit

A small bit of footage from my set at The Dirty Collective Tour at DubCulture, Galway on Hallowe'en Night.

Benga + Coki
into Brackles(slightly dodgy mixing), followed by some Caspa for severe end of night gut=wobblage. More video to come from the rest of the Collective soon....

Check Smokeless Snaps for pictures of this night (and others) I've thieved off people who own cameras...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tonight In Dublin

Performance Artist Nailed

The trial of Northern Ireland's premier 'Performance Artist' Michael Stone has ended with his conviction. The controversial artwork which led to this judgement involved various art materials; explosives, a handgun, a garotte, three knives, and an axe. Here's the UFF's answer to Andy Warhol being interrupted during the 'installation'. Sponsored By Brandy Dog Food.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

K3Bee 'Sensifier'

Fast becoming one of my favourite Irish producers, K3Bee is knocking them out lately. This one is called 'Sensifier', and as ever from the bee lad, its a treat. Check it below.

Lethal Bizzle In Dublin

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plastician @Anseo Tomorrow

Plastician is playing a free one this wednesday at 8pm in Anseo, courtesy of legal drug barons He****en. He played some lethal stuff last time he was here, and I would like to hear more. A free gig in Dublin is as rare as a phonebox in Foxrock, so take advantage.

Support will come in the shape of Safetyboy, going back to back with
Jerdy Curl, also known as whats his face. It'll be a tight squeeze, so get down as early as you can, obviously bringing cans of gargle and baggies of weed with you, as there's a recession goin' on.

Check Plastician's May 2008 Mix below for an appetiser...


1 12th Planet - Busy Signal Vocal
2 Skream - Bits Dream
3 Sukh Knight - Lick It
4 Caspa - My Pet Monster
5 Plastician vs Kosheen - Guilty Remix
6 Skream - Filth
7 Chasing Shadows - The End
8 Crissy Criss - Soap Dodger
9 Rusko - Soundguy Target
10 Benny Page - Step Out
11 Benny Page & Zero G - Time To Kill
12 Babylon System - Get On Up
13 Ed Solo - Age Of Dub
14 Skream - Kinky
15 Crissy Criss - Tricks
16 Chase & Status - Bits
17 Komonazmuk - Night At Deluxe
18 Noah D & Roommate - Street Sound
19 MRK1 - Counteraction
20 DZ - Old Timers
21 Red Hot Entertainment - Junior Spesh

REACH Radio Tonight 8-10pm GMT

Tune into REACH RADIO tonight on, in anticipation of REACH's 2nd b-day this friday night. I'll be joining BarryDelta tonight from 8-10pm GMT, more than likely playing a selection of early dubstep, 2step and grime.



1 sub sequence - music is the vibe - too'z up
2 cool hand flex - melody madness - in touch
3 your mine - state of the art recordings
4 studio pressure - jump mk2
5 horse power productions -gorgan sound - tempa
6 el b + juiceman -digital- locked on
7 sully - phone box (remix)
8 benga - skank - big apple
9 hatcha & benny il - highland spring - tempa
10 tears - ??
11 kode 9 - dislocated - rephlex
12 dusk - focus - keysound
13 geiom featuring marita - reminissin(kode 9 remix) - berkane sol
14 leofah - da wrath vip- dmz
15 Artwork - red - big apple
16 riko - ice rink - white
17 rustie - tempered - kapsize
18 compound one - get loose - compound one
19 fused forces - safety catch - art
20 vaccine - confusion -
21 benga - crunked up - tempa
22 kulture - diesel - disfigured dubs
23 warp 9 - j@kes - hench
24 the bug + warrior queen - poison dart - ninja tune
25 trg - generation (breakage remix)- naked lunch
26 gemmy -bk 2 the future - punch drunk
27 joker - l.v.anderson - earwax
28 joker - snake eater- soul motive
29 mala - forgive - deep medi
30 el b - nobody better
31 digital mystikz - haunted
32 12th [lanet feat emu - control - basshead
33 anti war dub - dmz
34 benga - emotionz

Monday, November 10, 2008

GON November Mix

Winter is well and truly upon us now, and the TV is already jingling its bells in anticipation of the now two month long forced grin that approaches. With the Lord Mayor of Dublin switching the lights on early and exhorting us to show some 'civic patriotism', and buy more useless crap. So, to make it easier to sail through this period, I'll be measuring the winter by mixes, beginning with the November Mix from GON, who has also uploaded some fine tracks on his MySpace and promises more to come soon, including a couple of collaborations with other Dublin talent. You can check more of his productions and download some great mixes via his aliases HERE and HERE.


1 Synkro - Get down
2 Pangaea - Router
3 Sully - Phonebox
4 Landslide - dreams
5 Bionics - Dubcore
6 Liquid Wicked - Grit dub
7 Numa - Dema style
8 Gemmy - Bk 2 the future
9 DZ - Stompa
10 Ed Solo - Age of dub
11 Goth Trad - Law
12 Nero - Something else
13 Silkie - Skys the limit
14 Darkstar - Break
15 Mala - Alicia
16 Caspa - Moments
17 Likhan - Qumran
18 Martyn - Suburbia
19 Martyn - Broken
20 Trg - Generation
21 Zed Bias ft. Jay Electronica & Ghost 1 - The cauldron
22 Dj Rekless - Shout it out
23 Smasher - Back in the day (4x4 remix)
24 Bird Peterson - Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with

Check The Dub V Dubstep Mix.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things To Do Tonight

If you're stuck in Dublin tonight and can't make it to Galway City(see above), fear not (see below).

Friday, November 7, 2008

Colz Halloween Mix 2008

It's a week late, but here's my monthly podcast for October. It's a selection of funky, grimey, broken and dubby tracks that currently or have previously(and still do) light the candle in my pumpkin. As we're a week into November already and Hallowe'en is becoming a misty memory, I'm going to pull my finger out and get to work on the next one. Probably.


1 Paleface feat. Kyla - Do You Mind (Crazy Cousinz Mix)
2 Fuzzy Logik - Funky Roller
3 Afro Force - Goza
4 Donaeo - My Philosophy (Bounce)
5 Fuzzy Logik - Twiss
6 Wiley - Its A Par
7 Kode 9 - Dislocated
8 Benga - Skank
9 So Solid - Dilemna (Instrumental)
10 Wiley - What Do U Call It? (Eskimo Instrumental)
11 Artwork - Basic G
12 El-B - Amazon
13 Nicole - Running Away
14 Grevious Angel - Lady Dub (2 Step Mix)
15 Synkro - You Dont Know
16 M Double + Dangerous - No Delay
17 Sully - Phonebox
18 More Fire Crew - Oi!
19 Brackles - Glazed
20 Ladybug - Dem A Bomb We
21 Large Joints - Thinkin' (Dub)
22 Joker - Stuck In A System

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

26 Minutes Of Numbers - Joker + Dexplicit

Here's a tasty set from Glaswegian crew Numbers, promoting the sounds of Joker and Dexplicit who are debuting in the night of the same name at Glasgow's Sub Club this Friday. We won't be able to make it to Scotland for the session, but this promo set will make up for it a little.
Download below and enjoy...



1 Joker - Stuck In The System
2 Joker - Gullybrook Lane
3 Joker - Grimey Princess
4 Joker - Snake Eater
5 Joker - Hollybrook Park
6 Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
7 Joker - There She Gos
8 Joker - JV Anderson
9 Dexplicit - Blazer
10 Dexplicit - Might Be
11 Dexplicit - Headstrong
12 Dexplicit - One Night Stand (4x4 dub)
13 Curses! - What I Need (Dexplicit Remix)
14 Kasia - Over You (Dexplicit Remix)
15 Dexplicit - Bullacake

Joker + Gemmy @Dubculture

Here's one the crew have been eagerly awaiting for some time now, and like all good things its finally coming. This Saturday night sees the Irish debut of Bristol's Joker and Gemmy at DubCulture in Galway City. Anyone who reads this blog will know how strongly I feel about the music these lads make, so I won't rant..suffice to say this will be THE night if you're on the West Coast this weekend. Massive. is now up and running...hopefully it will become a portal for all things Irish and Bass heavy. Drop in, Sign Up, and Rant away.


Moneygall's Finest

Monday, November 3, 2008

Chop Shop Podcast Crew This Friday

More Info

Colz 'Pleasure Control'

Here's one I worked on today; basically some twiddling me and Grizzle did a while back on his modular which provided the low end, the rest is the usual skitteriness...

Colz 'Big Life'

After great sessions in Dublin and Galway with The Dirty Collective, I've felt the time is right to get off my arse, ignore the old school method anxiety and get making music again. I sat down last night and started programming a beat, just to see where it would take me. This is as far as I got using ACID with no plugins, so there's no EQing, F/X or mixing of any kind gone into it yet, but its got a decent groove... and cheesy Beenie Man sample. Once I threw it in I couldn't bring myself to remove it. Ta for listening. There's 15 seconds of unintentional silence at the end by the way.

Sunday, November 2, 2008