Monday, November 10, 2008

GON November Mix

Winter is well and truly upon us now, and the TV is already jingling its bells in anticipation of the now two month long forced grin that approaches. With the Lord Mayor of Dublin switching the lights on early and exhorting us to show some 'civic patriotism', and buy more useless crap. So, to make it easier to sail through this period, I'll be measuring the winter by mixes, beginning with the November Mix from GON, who has also uploaded some fine tracks on his MySpace and promises more to come soon, including a couple of collaborations with other Dublin talent. You can check more of his productions and download some great mixes via his aliases HERE and HERE.


1 Synkro - Get down
2 Pangaea - Router
3 Sully - Phonebox
4 Landslide - dreams
5 Bionics - Dubcore
6 Liquid Wicked - Grit dub
7 Numa - Dema style
8 Gemmy - Bk 2 the future
9 DZ - Stompa
10 Ed Solo - Age of dub
11 Goth Trad - Law
12 Nero - Something else
13 Silkie - Skys the limit
14 Darkstar - Break
15 Mala - Alicia
16 Caspa - Moments
17 Likhan - Qumran
18 Martyn - Suburbia
19 Martyn - Broken
20 Trg - Generation
21 Zed Bias ft. Jay Electronica & Ghost 1 - The cauldron
22 Dj Rekless - Shout it out
23 Smasher - Back in the day (4x4 remix)
24 Bird Peterson - Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with

Check The Dub V Dubstep Mix.

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