Friday, November 28, 2008

Colz On PCP Radio

Here's last saturday's radio show from DJ PCP on Raidio Na Life, starting off with a selection from the man himself(while me and Grizzle were battling through the traffic to get there in time!), followed by a mix of old and new from myself as usual. If you would like to listen in/download, see below.



1 Little Jinder - Eat my fears -Drop The Lime remix
2 Major Grave - Healing of the nation
3 The disciple Grin -Tempered
4 Various productions - really hot (missy Eliot mash)
5 Solen - Lord(dub)
1 Pangea– Router
2 Dj Abstract- touch
3 Horsepower productions - Gorgon sound
4 El b feat juiceman - Digital
5 Digital Mystikz -haunted
6 Deleted Scenes –sick
7 Untold – Yukon
8 Benga and skream – Judgement
9 Lofeah - twisup vip
10 Skream – angry
11 Metalbox Products - do what you do
12 Brackles – glazed
13 Benga - Benga ’s off his head
14 Gemmy - Back to the future
15 Miss dynamite / Sticky – Boo
16 Sticky feat Tubby t- Ganjaman
17 Joker – Gully brook lane
18 Rustie – Tempered
19 The Bug feat flowdan – Ganja
20 Wiley - Cable street
21 Zomby - The Lie

Many thanks to the man like PCP for the many years bringing quality sounds to Dublin across the airwaves.


Anonymous said...

thanks for coming in - Tasty set! Oh yeah that little jinder track is remixed by drop the lime - jus clocked and fixed my list. Nolaig Shona!

cólz said...

Agus Nollaig Shona duit freisin!
Ta again ;)