Monday, November 3, 2008

Colz 'Big Life'

After great sessions in Dublin and Galway with The Dirty Collective, I've felt the time is right to get off my arse, ignore the old school method anxiety and get making music again. I sat down last night and started programming a beat, just to see where it would take me. This is as far as I got using ACID with no plugins, so there's no EQing, F/X or mixing of any kind gone into it yet, but its got a decent groove... and cheesy Beenie Man sample. Once I threw it in I couldn't bring myself to remove it. Ta for listening. There's 15 seconds of unintentional silence at the end by the way.


Anonymous said...

Big Tings!!!

Feelin this colz, great rhythm nice one..

Now get the fx runnin!!!


Anonymous said...

great to see you started making tunes again man ! i dont think there should be a line between old and new skool, grimey as hell ! cant wait to hear this finished..

zhao said...

spaced out introspective funky... nice! the beats get a bit muddy in some places and the bass smothers the groove a little, but over all in a good direction. don't stop.

cólz said...

Thanks a lot, its great to get some
feedback from you all. I reckon I'll try and do a proper mixed version so
Thanks again