Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Albert Hofman 1906 - 2008


Thanks to PaddyDX

Sibín Festival


Tactus - 'Bruntsfield Reprazent'

Edinburgh's Tactus throws down his first mix using Ableton, and its a selection of some real classics...and one of my old tracks even managed to get in there. Maximum reeespek ;)


1. Geeneus - Dark Boy
2. Goth Trad - Cut End
3. Jah Shaka - Father and Son
4. Tactus - Hijacked
5. Kromestar - Kalawanji
6. Juju - Punks
7. Tactus - In The Shade
8. Fat Freddy's Drop - Cay's Crays (Digital Mystikz remix)
9. Spacemonkeyz vs Gorillaz - Starshine
10. Marc Ashken - Size 3 (Skream remix)
11. Mala - Lean Forward
12. Tes La Rok - No Need 2 Be Nasty
13. Marc Ashken - Roots Dyed Dark (Skream remix)
14. Tactus - Steam Cloud
15. Massive Music - Find My Way (Kode 9 remix)
16. Search & Destroy - Candyfloss
17. Marlow - Machine
18. Benga - Pleasure
19. Colz - Stoney Park
20. Tyrant - Adnausium
21. Sintax - Annihilate
22. Migrant - Invincible (Skrewface refix)
23. Toasty - The Knowledge
24. Bass Clef - Opera
25. Kromestar - Aggravation
26. Fullness and Marlow - Butterfish
27. Coki - Officer
28. Tactus - Life In The Fridge
29. Vex'd - Angels
30. Darqwan - Said The Spider
31. Distance - My Demons

Monday, April 28, 2008

DJ Colz April Mix

Well, the summer is only around the corner, and I've been pulling out a few oldies which always get me in the mood. I don't know why, but its the same every summer, and out come the old Zed Bias, M-Dubs and DJ EZ mixtapes, along with the good green and the cold brews.

With that in mind, the first bit of this mix is made up of just a few of my favourites from that era. These days with the glut of almost heavy metal-like halfstep coming out of (mostly) Europe and the US, I find myself yearning a little more for the sounds and vibes of London '98 - 2003.

The mix is sloppy, as it wasnt really thought out or practised, I just wanted to throw it down from a pure 'feel' perspective. Damn fine tracks anyway, old and new ones. Please use responsibly.


2 Buck & Bury - EL-B featuring MC JUICEMAN
5 Neighbourhood - ZED BIAS( el-b remix )
6 Feel For You - TRG
8 Shake It - SKREAM
9 Brother - PATTIE BLINGH v 2562
10 Quanta - HEADHUNTER
11 Never Sleep - KROMESTAR & HATCHA
14 Traitor - SKREAM
15 Misty Winter - DIGITAL MYSTIKZ
16 The Cut - BENGA
17 Dollar Sign - STUSH / STICKY
18 My Story - EMALKAY
19 Smokescreen - 12th PLANET
20 Time Is Now - TRG
21 Touch - DJ ABSTRACT
22 Turbo Shandy - TUBBY
24 Dawn Stepped Outside - KUMA ( horsepower mix )
25 Mood Dub - COKI

Sunday, April 27, 2008

2562 - Exclusive Dubplate Mix

(L-R) 2562, Colz, Steo @Reach, Dublin

Here's an exclusive dubplate mix by Dave Huismans aka 2562, taken from
Rob Booth's excellent weekly
'Electronic Explorations' podcasts.

The mix features 'Techno Dread' and 'Enforcers' by 2562, forthcoming on Tectonic.

1 Pinch - Emo [Dub]
2 2562 - Moog Dub [Tectonic]
3 2562 - Resistance dub [dub]
4 Martin Buttrich - Well Done (Headhunter Mix) [Four Twenty]
5 Headhunter - Grounded [Dub]
6 SMD - I Believe (Pinch Remix) [White]
7 Peverelist - On & On [Dub]
8 2562 - Enforcers [Tectonic]
9 S.U.A.D. - Epileptic (Martyn Remix) [Dub]
10 2562 - Techno Dread [Tectonic]
11 TRG - 2084 [Dub]
12 Shed - Masque (A Made Up Sound refix) [Soloaction]

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Tone Generation - Around The World In Electronic Sound

Over 10 programmes, every Friday at 7.30 pm GMT on London's Resonance FM, artist/musician Ian Helliwell delves into his archives to look at the development of electronic music right across the world in the classic era of analogue technology.

Part one starts with Britain, and features music from a number of BBC Radiophonic composers including Daphne Oram and Delia Derbyshire, and you can download it / listen below.

To hear the next nine parts of this excellent series, subscribe to the podcast HERE.

All City Jam March 2008

Here's some footage from the all city jam, easter sunday 2008 in Dublin.
DJ Laz E on the 1s and 2s rocking the breaks. Big Up the B-Boys and writers.

All Galway Massive - Milanese @Get Low

Galway gets a heavy dose of the virus next week with an appearance by Milanese courtesy of the Get Low rudebwais. Support will come in the form of myself reppin' B.A.C. and Kanobi starting the night off with some
ambient sounds. Should be a mash up situation....

In the meantime, here's a 35 minute mix to download by Milanese to whet the appetite...


1 Milanese vs Virus - Dead Man Walking / Anthony Rother - Don't Stop The Beat / The Freakazoids - Atic Futura
2 Wiley Kat 10 / Voice Stealer - acrobat
3 Wiley Kat 22 / Hal 9000 - Hal / Milanese - Barry
4 Electronome - Morphing / Vector - Phantom Cart (Advent Remix) / DMX Krew - Cold Heart pt2
5 Wizzbit - Breakdown / Milanese - Mr ion / Voice Stealer - Mobius
6 Industrial Bass Machine - Invisible Force / Wiley Kat 13 / A Credible Eye Witness - Episode 1
7 Milanese - Mr Bad News / Little Computer People - Acapella / DM3
8 Milanese - Caramel Cognac / Dizzee Rascal - Fix up look sharp
9 Milanese - Peggy Flynn / Timberland - The way i are

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fono One - one to check this weekend

Bit of a late heads up for this, but if you are around town this Friday and want to hear one of the best producers of grimey bashment and dubstep on this green island, get down to The Blue Goose off Ormond Quay to check a live set from Belfast's Fono One.

Here's one of his tunes that really grabbed my attention last year, a track called 'Language'.

Get over to his Myspace to hear his newest dubs, as well as some tasty downloads. One to watch folks.

T-Woc 'Cachaca Barato'

Well folks, after today's fine weather in Dublin, you'd almost swear the summer was actually going to go ahead this year after it was cancelled in 07.

T-Woc has provided the perfect soundtrack for the warm summer breeze...

This mix is made up of, in T-Woc's own words:

....'some carnival tunes i picked up in salvador a few years ago, yummy....'


manhu de carnaval - tiao motorista
tristeza pe no chao - os batuguerios e os mulatos
? - aparecida
17 anos - aparecida
boa noite - os batuguerios e os mulatos
boa noite - aparecida
se na for por amor - depois do carnaval
faustina - jorge veige
a marcha do gut gut - gilberto montenegro
naquela mesa - retalhos de cetim
samba do traba llador - darcy da manguera


Samba Time

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

DJ Tu-Ki 10 minute mix

One from DJ Tu Ki now, with the mix he slew the competition with at the 2006 Movida Corona World DJ Championships. Way to win a jeep...

Catch Tu Ki along with Richbea this Thursday night @DIG

Colz 'Salvia'

Here's a track I made in early 2007, the first time I sat down with the intention of making a track rather than just a riddim in a LONG time.

The track is a blend of many samples from sources that should be at odds, but then thats the joy of sampling. The title of the track comes from two years prior I had spent cultivating and getting acquainted with the aul' scary cabbage.

Further education below thanks to brownhairguy And, here's the 140bpm refix of 'Salvia', which was put together for last year's Irish X-mas Dubstep Special...

Tes La Rok @SubQuake

This Friday sees the nice folk at Parastate:999 bringing over Finland's finest, Tes La Rok for some very reggae-steeped sounds at the next SubQuake in Radio City.

Tes La Rock 'Bass 31'

Local support comes in the form of Miles Iwes and REACH hustler BarryDelta. Check Miles's latest mix below, just click on the pic...


Reso - Toasted
Distance - Feel me
The Others - Hear Dis Style
MRK1 - Bones
Headhunter - Drop The Waste
Sarantis - Outlaw Dub
Janner & Snoman - Jah Wednesday
Jazzsteppa - Two
DZ - slums dub
Cotti & Cluekid - The Legacy
Reso - Curse Dub
Innasekt - Archetype
Rogue State - Big up From Sheff
Kudos - wierdo's welcome
+2H-2N - Rock Da Frenchy Beat
A. Stench - What The Future Holds
TRG - Killed it Dead (emalkay Remix)
DZ - Just Rolling
Rusko & Caspa - Bread Get Bun
Caspa - Louder
Rusko - Original Cut
Ruf - Rudebwoy Riddim
Excision - No Escape
King Cannibal - Call me Mr Cold Blooded
Lone Wolf - The Plague
Cardopusher - Voicemail

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Elgato 'Bruk Radio' SUB FM 05/04/2008

An absolutely brilliant selection from Elgato from the 'Bruk Radio' show on SUB FM. A perfect blend of garage classics, early and current dubstep. Catch the show Saturdays 11.00 - 13.00 GMT.


Matthew Dear - Some New Depression
Groove Chronicles - Holiday Da Vybe (Dub Mix)
Melchior Productions - Que Pasa
Basement Jaxx - Red Alert (Steve Gurley Remix)
Groove Connektion - Club Lonely (Dem 2 Don't Cry Dub)
Horsepower Productions - Gorgon Sound
Groove Chronicles vs Beatnut - Music
Scallywags - You Don't Know
Sully - Trackside
Dem 2 - Baby (You're So Sexy) (Big Time Scary Dub Mix)
Narcossist - Sunblind
Artwork - Basic G
Peverelist - On & On
Nu Birth - Anytime (Groove Chronicles Remix)
2562 - Channel Two
Dub War - Generation
Peverelist - The Grind (Bass Clef Remix)
Basement Jaxx - Jump n Shout (Dem 2 Mix)
Benga - Skank
Plasticman - White Gloves
Menta - Jacknife
Mr De - Time Space Scrilla
DJ Rashad - Work 07
Pole - Winkelstreben (Peverelist Remix)
M.R.K. 1 - Stardust
Grain - Untitled
Shackleton - Blood On My Hands
Gatekeeper - Let Go
Stereotyp - Fling Style (outro tings)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

DJ Mek 'Scratchin'

Well, after the frankly disturbalising previous vid, here's something to clean out yer ears. DJ Mek a few years back in Scissorland cutting his favourite break, 'Scratchin' by by Magic Disco Machine. Rock the House, y'all.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DIG tomorrow night...

Well, Gon just sent me the flyer for tomorrow night...see here for (slightly) more details

Mundo 'Come To Me'

Mundo (L) with Richie !Kaboogie

Here's the latest track from Dirty South Dubstepper Jason Mundo.

Hailing from Texas, Mundo is highly regarded in Dubstep circles the world over for his releases on Dub Assembly. Gritty, doped out and grimey tracks like 'Down In The South' and 'Threat', which you can hear in my Hallowe'en mix from last year by clicking the spookiness below


This new track, 'Come To Me' sees Mundo injecting some nice Tex-Mex elements into the dub. It works really nicely, the guitars create the tempo while the rhythm below it is lush and rolling. Check below....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dem Boyz - 5 mins then End

Meanwhile over at Audiolemon, the modular synths were bubblin' and squeakin' last week ( minus midi sequencers ) for a five minute experimental jam. I think she turned out quite nice really.....

Grizzle: '...myself and the 3 boys in the pic are trying to get some kind of live modular thing going. We're trying to do it without computers or keyboards. Just analogue sequencers... it can get a bit messy... very messy :) - This is the first one that sounds something like music. A bit too structured maybe but we'll work on warping it up. It's a live 5 minute improv using 3 Euroracks and the Jomox 09. It kind of ends abruptly but Dem Boyz told me to post it unedited so here it is...'

Sanny X - Electro '84 Megamix

Jesus, this takes me back.

When I was a nipper, my mates dad was a DJ. On saturdays I'd go up to his gaff and if his dad wasnt there, wed go into the front room where his 1200s and his old GLI were set up, along with tonnes of plastic.

So, whenever he was out we'd carefully record the D.M.C. subscription vinyl that would arrive in his door every month, trying not to leave fingerprints on the turntables...he would have killed us if he thought we were touching his stuff. And, it being 1984, none of this stuff was ever heard in the club he played in.

This mix by Swedish pioneer Sanny X was probably my favourite, and really introduced me to the concept of DJ'ing more than anything I'd ever heard. The blend between 'White Lines' and 'Breakdance Party' was a revelation then, and still gets my admiration every time. Genius.

Tracklist :

1. Shannon - Let The Music Play
2. Break Machine - Street Dance
3. Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
4. G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid - Play That Beat Mr. DJ
5. VHB, The - Beethoven's Fifth (Street) Symphony
6. D.St. - Crazy Cut's
7. Afrika Bambaataa - Renegades Of Funk
8. Herbie Hancock - Rock It (Megamix)
9. Afrika Bambaataa - Frantic Situation
10.Ollie & Jerry - Breakin' There's No Stopping Us
11.Grandmaster Melle Mel - White Lines
12.Break Machine - Break Dance Party
13.Jellybean - The Mexican
14.Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown - Unity
15.Shannon - Give Me Tonight
16.Newcleus - Jam On It
17.Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge
18.Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)

Released december 84 on the D.M.C. label.
Uploaded By DJ Mek.

He's no John Peel...

Well, what a week for RTE celebrities.

I found myself watching that old rectangle in the corner of the front room last night, and a show called 'Livin' With Lucy', starring presenter Lucy Kennedy was on. To cut to the chase, Lucy was trailing Dublin singer Samantha Mumba as she went about her biz. What grabbed me about the show was something Sam said when Dave Fanning was mentioned, which was music to my ears.

“I cannot stand Dave Fanning. He knows I can’t stand him. He is a twat if I ever met one”
“He is a fucking knob”

Thank you Ms. Mumba, Ive been waiting so long for an Irish person to finally come out in public and speak for so many of us. Fanning is a decaying relic whose brief is 'yoof/music' presentation for RTE, and has been since the FUCKING 70s.

Like many poncey students of his generation, Dave has a fetish for the guitar that goes beyond the sexual and into the realm of OCD. Yes Dave, PUNK changed everything, it was a revolution, not the marketing scheme of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren to sell cheap crap at a high price to posh 'anarchists'. And yes Dave, ALL non 'rock' music is kids making music on their nokia's, recording it to a dictaphone and shouting 'Bitch' over it. Cunt.

Next target has to be this PRICK

Any takers? ;)

Anyway, heres the nob Fanning trying to interview musically superior human being Naphta. I dont know how he didnt smack him one.

And here's some Sammy for all you pop pickers, featuring Junior Gong himself, Damien Marley.

And in other news........ seems another RTE parasite whose CV obviously got mixed up with someone else's down at the job centre, had his day in court today, winning the rights to a piece of gorse land adjacent to his Dalkey Palace by way of agreeing to pay the people who 'didn't own it' to let him have it.

Your TV licence at work

Claiming squatters rights, its another sad example of how the rich twist and turn Irish law to serve themselves. Nice one Pat. Looking forward to the next Toy Show. Plank.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Richbea 'Yes Sir Mix'

Here's a Dublin DJ I know nothing about, only that DJ Richbea ( as he's known ) has thrown a sweet selection of recent / not so recent classics, including some of my favourite oldies from the days when I would buy a new 7" every week with the aul' airgead póca. Download below and enjoy.


1 "Tape Hiss" Madlib
2 "Filthy" Madlib
3 "Disconnected" RJD2
4 "Mistadobalina" Del The Funkyhomosapien
5 "Indictment" Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
6 "Whats Golden" Jurassic 5
7 "Peter Piper" Run-D.M.C.
8 "Ego Tripping" Ultramagnetic MC's
9 "Impress The Kid" Slick Rick
10 "The Shouty Track" Lemon Jelly
11 "Method Man (Skunk Remix)" Wu Tang Clan
12 "Can Truss It" Public Enemy
13 "Hold on, Im Coming" Sam & Dave
14 "Jungle Boogie" Kool & The Gang
15 "War" Tomorrows Children
16 "Another One Bites The Dust" Queen
17 "The Breaks (Part 1)" Kurtis Blow
18 "Hernandoz Hideaway" Archie Bleyer
19 "I'm Good" DJ Format
20 "Shrimp" Mr Scruff
21 "Time To Get Away" LCD Soundsystem
22 "Lets Go To Bed" The Cure

Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Thursday Dubstep @DIG

DJs Gon, ( aka Pasta Masta ), A Force and Myself take over the reins at Choice Cuts thusday sessions in The Globe this week.

DIG is more usually concerned with the funk / hip hop end of things in there, and I was a little dubious about playing 140bpm in a bar on a meat market night. Plus the fact that the bar is a haven for achingly trendy 20-somethings, tourists and yuppies, I had visions of being asked to 'play something faster', 'play some drum and bass' or god forbid, 'this shit isnt dubstep'.

Anyway, as its A Force's missus' birthday, we should have a crowd of supporters in our corner to fend off the gimpology.

Wiley 10th May @ The Button Factory

Original Eskiboy Wiley brings the sound to the venue formerly known as the Temple Bar Music Centre, now known as The Button Factory.

Founding member of Pay As You Go, Roll Deep, and the Boy Better Know label, Wiley's Dublin appearance should be an interesting one, as the release of Wearing My Rolex seems sure to bring a diverse audience of trendies, auld hip hoppers, scene watchers and MCs. With the venue finally refurbished we can only hope they get a decent sound in for this one. Be on the lookout for hipsters in BBK t shirts.

live with Skepta and DJ Twin B performing Gangsters, Duppy, No Qualms, Rolex Dance, Wearing My Rolex

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tivannagh L'Abbé 'Zip Fly '

Myself and Sarsparilla are big fans of the sounds created by Vancouver native and all-round musical genius (she'll hate me for that) Tivannagh L'Abbé.

A lifelong sufferer of Multi-Genre Disorder (MGD), and currently residing in the UK to pursue her musical studies, Tiv manages to juggle piano, drums, guitar, bass guitar, and some harp, violin, cornet, banjo, and ukulele along with the electronic side of things. Here's a monster of a track called 'Zip Fly'.

Equilibrium Presents...

The Sound equilibrium is proud to present...

a 50 minute piece of hip hop / that timeless isch

Free to Download... click HERE

Troubled Soul

Colz 'Stoney Park'

Here's an oldie whose time never really came, but I'm still fond of it, as its one of the last tracks I made in 2001 before my equipment started to cough, and so began the descent into a long dry spell away from creating and back to listening to music again for a few hermit-style years.

This track was my attempt to fuck around with the two-step and broken sounds I was listening to a lot at the time, the track is around 138bpm I think, and was released on The Alphabet Set's first label sampler, the 'RUN' compilation.

The track is named after the place I was born and bred ( until that year when the aul gaff was demolished ) and the picture of yer wan above bears no resemblance to my upbringing, I just like the look of it. I'm currently searching for CD's and tapes of my tunes and demos from the period, its proving difficult. Remember kids, buy a marker and write the name of your demo on the CD. Bah.

DJ Jus Me 'Chop Shop Podcast Vol 16'

The Chop Shop are in business again this week with their latest installment of The Chop Shop Podcast. Already in its 16th volume, the series has featured Irish DJs such as Halfdutch, Jimmy the Hideous Penguin, Stevie G, Pasta Masta, A2DF, and more.

This time around its the turn of California born but adopted Corkonian DJ Jus Me, digging out some choice ones for this smooth and sweet selection. The mix also features some tracks from the forthcoming album 'De Aqui De Alla' from Lineage Krew, a Kerry based project featuring DJ Jus Me, Miguel Ahumada and Alex O'Brien.

Whats always guaranteed from the Chop Shop series is quality, tunes you may love or tunes you may not love just yet. Check their site to subscribe to the podcasts, you won't be dissapointed. Unless yer looking for country and western.

Click the pic below to download..


1. DJ Krush- Bypath 3
2. DJ Krush- 3rd Eye/ Gil Scott Heron- Paint It Black
3. Mathew Larkin Cassell- In My Life
4. The Sound Stylistics- Night Theme/ LA Carnival- Blind Man (accapella)
5. Roy Ayers Ubiquity- Giving Love
6. Terry Callier- Holdin On (to your love)
7. Isaac Hayes- Joy
8. Jackson 5- Ready Or Not (here i come)
9. Grover Washington Jr- Aint No Sunshine/ Man And Boy
10. The Dramatics- Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
11. The Nite-Liters- Damn
12. The Love Affair- Never In My Life
13. The Village Soul Choir- The Cat Walk
14. The Parliaments- Good Old Music
15. Clarence Carter- Snatchin It Back
16. Big Black- Diggin What You’re Doing
17. Bettye Swann- I Will Not Cry
18. War- The World Is A Ghetto
19. Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orchestra- The World Is A Ghetto
20. Isaac Hayes- Do Your Thing
21. Penny Goodwin- Too Soon You’re Old

—– Linage Album Sampler —-

22. Jah Seh
23. En Esta Family
24. Beauty Of Life
25. 2 Tras El Tiempo
26. Untitled
27. Snakes And Ladders
28. Beatbox Skit
29. Empire Breakdown

Bluefood 'Dek Rudder'

Lego expert, language mangler, and creator of atmospheric and often funky tracks, Bluefood makes choons influenced by many strains of music, and in the case of this track reggae gets put through the Bloo lad's electronic shredder. Check his tracks on his MySpace, and his releases on Alphabet Set.

click above to download the exmas ep ...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And This Is For Those....That Dont Know The Half

Thanks to Rabbi for this. Takes me back to the time I was a kid and I got the flyer for UK Fresh '86 thrown in with my copy of Electro 13...but I wasn't going anywhere across the water with no funds and school in the mornin'. Ah well.

Check HERE for more info.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ghost 'n' Jay 93 /94 @ The Rock Garden Dublin

Rabbi keeps the hazy memories coming back with some footage of Ghost 'n' Jay back in the day supporting Scary Eire in th'auld Garden of Rawk, performing 'Good & Evil'.

Ghost 'n' Jay were one of the original Hip Hop crews in Dublin, I first met Jay back in '89 at the Public Enemy gig in McGonagles, and met Ghost soon after. We got to work together again many years later in 2006 with the 'What Do Ye Want' EP on All City Records. The EP pulled together a lot of auld skoolers like Myself, Mek, Rí Rá, Ghost, Jay, Exile Eye and Mr Browne, as well as roping in young Corkonian Scooby to throw down a verse.

Heres the A side..

Rí Rá '25 O'Clock In The Morning'

Probably the best Irish solo Hip Hop 12 ever released, Rí Rá comes correct with the classic
25 O'Clock In The Morning.

This track, as well as having a sick beat by the man himself, is the finest example of lyrical content ever put on wax in the Emerald Isle. Go on, contradict me.

He's roped in the services of fellow midlands audio/video artist Plus One to create this vid, which bangs along beautifully with the track. BIG up all Offaly crew!

Breaker 'Crack Dog'

More from Dublin's Breaker, this one is straight out of the oven this week....check

Sunday, April 6, 2008

2Bit 'Late Shift'

Had a brief chat with Audiolemon blogger and producer 2Bit in the freezing cold outside Freebird Records yesterday, along with A-Force and Gon, talkin 'bout this and that, and the subject of the return of 2 step came up. As I'm a bit of a diehard fan of the sound, 2Bit told me he has a few tracks in that swing in the pipeline, and on the evidence of 'Late Shift' below, I look forward to hearing them soon. Tasty.

Catch 2Bit live at Redrum 19th April

Breaker 'Shadow Dubbing'

Reach Dubstep DJ Breaker on the re-rinse of Doc Scott ( aka Nasty Habits )'s classic '96 stepper Shadow Boxing. Check it Below...

RickyForce 'Golden Ratio / Skank'

RickyForce hard at work with Randall

And speaking of Reach (see below), here's a couple of slices of proper Dublin Junglism courtesy of Reach resident, DJ and producer RickyForce.

'Golden Ratio' and 'Skank' are representative of the music we loved in the 90s and are examples of how some dedicated Irish producers and DJs are keeping the true sound alive for us today. Catch Ricky this friday to hear some proper rollers at Dublin's home of Jungle.

Golden Ratio


Outrage @Reach This Friday

A visit to Dublin this coming Friday by UK'S Outrage at Reach. Support comes in the form of residents RickyForce and Stacks. Here's a wee vid of Outrage in action....

More Info