Wednesday, April 23, 2008

T-Woc 'Cachaca Barato'

Well folks, after today's fine weather in Dublin, you'd almost swear the summer was actually going to go ahead this year after it was cancelled in 07.

T-Woc has provided the perfect soundtrack for the warm summer breeze...

This mix is made up of, in T-Woc's own words:

....'some carnival tunes i picked up in salvador a few years ago, yummy....'


manhu de carnaval - tiao motorista
tristeza pe no chao - os batuguerios e os mulatos
? - aparecida
17 anos - aparecida
boa noite - os batuguerios e os mulatos
boa noite - aparecida
se na for por amor - depois do carnaval
faustina - jorge veige
a marcha do gut gut - gilberto montenegro
naquela mesa - retalhos de cetim
samba do traba llador - darcy da manguera


Samba Time

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