Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Thursday Dubstep @DIG

DJs Gon, ( aka Pasta Masta ), A Force and Myself take over the reins at Choice Cuts thusday sessions in The Globe this week.

DIG is more usually concerned with the funk / hip hop end of things in there, and I was a little dubious about playing 140bpm in a bar on a meat market night. Plus the fact that the bar is a haven for achingly trendy 20-somethings, tourists and yuppies, I had visions of being asked to 'play something faster', 'play some drum and bass' or god forbid, 'this shit isnt dubstep'.

Anyway, as its A Force's missus' birthday, we should have a crowd of supporters in our corner to fend off the gimpology.


Roots said...

Two nights of dubstep in a week then in Ri ra. App Hank shocklee played mainly dubstep at his gig there on Saturday. At least that was what I heard.

Colz said...

Nice One Roots, heard he was in town, hes heavily involved in promoting DUB WAR with Joe Nice in New York city...but apparently he aint too fond of dubstep as music! Would have been interesting to hear what he least this night is advertised as 'dubstep' so hopefully we wont get the same crowd as last time we did it there....shudder

Anonymous said...

Best not to forget one's boomstick eh. just in case like ;>