Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dem Boyz - 5 mins then End

Meanwhile over at Audiolemon, the modular synths were bubblin' and squeakin' last week ( minus midi sequencers ) for a five minute experimental jam. I think she turned out quite nice really.....

Grizzle: '...myself and the 3 boys in the pic are trying to get some kind of live modular thing going. We're trying to do it without computers or keyboards. Just analogue sequencers... it can get a bit messy... very messy :) - This is the first one that sounds something like music. A bit too structured maybe but we'll work on warping it up. It's a live 5 minute improv using 3 Euroracks and the Jomox 09. It kind of ends abruptly but Dem Boyz told me to post it unedited so here it is...'

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