Monday, April 14, 2008

Richbea 'Yes Sir Mix'

Here's a Dublin DJ I know nothing about, only that DJ Richbea ( as he's known ) has thrown a sweet selection of recent / not so recent classics, including some of my favourite oldies from the days when I would buy a new 7" every week with the aul' airgead póca. Download below and enjoy.


1 "Tape Hiss" Madlib
2 "Filthy" Madlib
3 "Disconnected" RJD2
4 "Mistadobalina" Del The Funkyhomosapien
5 "Indictment" Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
6 "Whats Golden" Jurassic 5
7 "Peter Piper" Run-D.M.C.
8 "Ego Tripping" Ultramagnetic MC's
9 "Impress The Kid" Slick Rick
10 "The Shouty Track" Lemon Jelly
11 "Method Man (Skunk Remix)" Wu Tang Clan
12 "Can Truss It" Public Enemy
13 "Hold on, Im Coming" Sam & Dave
14 "Jungle Boogie" Kool & The Gang
15 "War" Tomorrows Children
16 "Another One Bites The Dust" Queen
17 "The Breaks (Part 1)" Kurtis Blow
18 "Hernandoz Hideaway" Archie Bleyer
19 "I'm Good" DJ Format
20 "Shrimp" Mr Scruff
21 "Time To Get Away" LCD Soundsystem
22 "Lets Go To Bed" The Cure

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