Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Solen - New Release on Alphabet Set

Heads up for the forethcoming release from Solen, due out at the end of April on the Alphabet Set label, and available in 10" Vinyl Format. I've already seen the lads live, and heard a very tasty dubplate at the good friday session. The energy and focus in their music is evident at their gigs, more of which I'm hoping for in the wake of this release.

This is a double A sider, the tracks are titled ' Lord ' & ' Block ', two slabs of heavy electroid textures with two stepping rhythms, grimey to a degree but with dubbed out melodies floating around in the mix. Here's an exclusive one minute snip of each track...

This release will be distributed in Ireland and the UK by zaudio, and in mainland Europe by Toolbox records. Mastered at Transition.

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