Friday, April 4, 2008

Fuzzy Logik 'Leader' / 'What Goes Around'

Two tracks by up and coming Fuzzy Logik taken from shows by Pioneer and Supa D, adding to the confusion by welcoming listeners new to the sound by bigging up 'All The Funky House Divas'...


'What Goes Around'


Anonymous said...

These tunes are big man, this is what the funky is all about, big up to Fuzzy Logik one of my favourite producers right now, along side Apple, MA1, DJ Naughty and Fingaprint!!

HA HA, Obviously when the mc host is bigging up 'all the funky house divas' he is talking about the girls in the club. Whats the confusion, lol!!

DJ Maco

Colz said...

Nice one Maco, yeah proper examples of funky, I think the confusion is in the music journalists and their search for the pigeonhole...
and those divas, yeah man...u know its workin when the floor is female ;)