Tuesday, April 15, 2008

He's no John Peel...

Well, what a week for RTE celebrities.

I found myself watching that old rectangle in the corner of the front room last night, and a show called 'Livin' With Lucy', starring presenter Lucy Kennedy was on. To cut to the chase, Lucy was trailing Dublin singer Samantha Mumba as she went about her biz. What grabbed me about the show was something Sam said when Dave Fanning was mentioned, which was music to my ears.

“I cannot stand Dave Fanning. He knows I can’t stand him. He is a twat if I ever met one”
“He is a fucking knob”

Thank you Ms. Mumba, Ive been waiting so long for an Irish person to finally come out in public and speak for so many of us. Fanning is a decaying relic whose brief is 'yoof/music' presentation for RTE, and has been since the FUCKING 70s.

Like many poncey students of his generation, Dave has a fetish for the guitar that goes beyond the sexual and into the realm of OCD. Yes Dave, PUNK changed everything, it was a revolution, not the marketing scheme of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren to sell cheap crap at a high price to posh 'anarchists'. And yes Dave, ALL non 'rock' music is kids making music on their nokia's, recording it to a dictaphone and shouting 'Bitch' over it. Cunt.

Next target has to be this PRICK

Any takers? ;)

Anyway, heres the nob Fanning trying to interview musically superior human being Naphta. I dont know how he didnt smack him one.

And here's some Sammy for all you pop pickers, featuring Junior Gong himself, Damien Marley.

And in other news........

...it seems another RTE parasite whose CV obviously got mixed up with someone else's down at the job centre, had his day in court today, winning the rights to a piece of gorse land adjacent to his Dalkey Palace by way of agreeing to pay the people who 'didn't own it' to let him have it.

Your TV licence at work

Claiming squatters rights, its another sad example of how the rich twist and turn Irish law to serve themselves. Nice one Pat. Looking forward to the next Toy Show. Plank.


clom said...

Dearie dearie me!

When was this interview done?

Colz said...

Not 100% sure Clom, early '07 if I remember corrctly. Theres some more interviews with Naphta here

clom said...


so the debate as to whether electronic music can even be called music continues to rage in Fanning's head 8 years into the 21st century.

fuddery of the first order.

Colz said...

Aye. Poor Dave doesnt seem to get the fact that his beloved music is itself a sub genre of electronic music, a 30 year phase thats now just another sub genre like all of them. Once there's circuitry, its electronic. He suffers from the fundamentalism rockism shizm ;)