Thursday, April 10, 2008

Colz 'Stoney Park'

Here's an oldie whose time never really came, but I'm still fond of it, as its one of the last tracks I made in 2001 before my equipment started to cough, and so began the descent into a long dry spell away from creating and back to listening to music again for a few hermit-style years.

This track was my attempt to fuck around with the two-step and broken sounds I was listening to a lot at the time, the track is around 138bpm I think, and was released on The Alphabet Set's first label sampler, the 'RUN' compilation.

The track is named after the place I was born and bred ( until that year when the aul gaff was demolished ) and the picture of yer wan above bears no resemblance to my upbringing, I just like the look of it. I'm currently searching for CD's and tapes of my tunes and demos from the period, its proving difficult. Remember kids, buy a marker and write the name of your demo on the CD. Bah.

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