Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DJ Zinc - Trust Me I Was There - Chapter 9 - 1991 (Part One)

"...This is the 9th chapter in my 'Trust Me I Was There' series - this is the part 1 from 1991.

91 was the year I started on pirate radio with my DJ partner Swift (not Mampi Swift btw, a different one!) we were on Impact FM and our first show was the first time I'd touched a pair of technics - till then i'd been using decks without pitch, or if I was lucky, some Soundlabs. The studio mixer was an MRT 60, futuristic business at the time :D

Swift and I did 4 hours every sat night and 4 hours sunday night, plus any cover shows we could do. keen...

Music wise - 91 was a real turning point, you can really hear the UK sound starting to take off, most tracks had a breakbeat instead of the 4/4 kick that had been more common before and it sounds like the samplers were getting used in the studio more and more - for me, the music up to this point was great, but from 1991 it just becomes exceptional. The golden era of the Jungle sound has now begun :D...

- Zinc

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