Sunday, March 2, 2008

Last Night@Dragon Dance - The Verdict

Well, that was a wierd one last night.
Strange as friday was with myself and Don Rosco playing dubstep back to back frantically with less than an hour to do it in between us, Saturdays gig was one stranger.

Meself and the quare one got to the venue around midnight and settled into a high quality drum and bass set from Rosco, it was a real relief to hear the records he was playing, they had everything that seemed to be missing from friday nights drum and bass selection - syncopation, swinging sub rhythms and a hypnotic franticness that you dont hear in todays d'n'b. Or Im just getting old....The sound has big and there was a decent crowd building.

I finally copped that I wouldnt be playing there when I found a smaller room upstairs where Miles Iwes was spinning dubs. The room turned out to be a nightmare, the system was really shit so Im sitting here with a bit of the aul tinnitus and itchy ear syndrome. Not good.

Plus, the room seemed to attract the people with the biggest drink and drug problems in the venue, who would lunge, fall and roar as they wrestled with each other in a barely repressed homoerotic desperation. You know the type, in their 30s, posh as can be but look like they havent washed in weeks on a matter of principle.

Anyway, every time one of these clowns would jump, so would the record. Mixin or progressing a set became impossible, and their behaviour just encouraged the decent punters to leave. I couldnt play anything that got them jumping, so had to keep it doped out. Very frustrating. Still, sound for Miles and the boys for persevering. Hopefully the next one will see this venue dumped, or just keep everything to the good system and concrete floor downstairs. Meh.

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