Sunday, March 30, 2008


Thanks to Cheebah for alerting me to this, a piece I'd been told about but hadn't actually heard till today...from 2005, I'll let T-woc explain.....

...'for those that aren't familiar with the irish trad scene it basically comes in two flavours, one being watered down 'trad hits' usually found in temple bar in dublin and other tourist spots and the other a free for all who are musically minded to sit in the corner and drink & play whatever instrument you can, usually fiddles, pipes, whistles spoon etc.. the later being the rowdier and far more fun variety, and it was the Sin é in Cork city, a particularly (in)famous trad pub that we found ourselves continuing eek's 50th birthday celebrations downing the black stuff from lunchtime till close.

here is a 6 minute recording... '

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