Monday, March 3, 2008

Naphta 'Long Time Burning'

Big Up the man like Naphta.

A big favourite of mine from the end of 2007, the eagerly awaited(in this gaff anyway for sure) long player 'Long Time Burning' was released on The Fear label. I'll let them tell you like it is...

'Purposely rooted in the source music that inspired the original sample-heavy Junglistic blueprint back in 1993/‚94, this album offers a selection of ruff cuts that draws on reggae, dancehall, funk, soul and hip hop. This strictly limited co-release with Ruff Revival is available on to buy on CD directly from The Fear, or from Road Records in Dublin.

"If you're only going to buy one drum 'n' bass album this decade, it should be this one." - Woofah magazine

"This album isn't a homage to the days when Drum and Bass was exciting, vibrant, experimental, melodic, intricate, tongue in cheek....IT IS exciting, vibrant, experimental, melodic and all the other great things drum and bass at it's best can be." - Irish Drum and Bass'

Naphta has very kindly offered the track from his Myspace for free download...and it ain't on the album folks!

Here's the track, and a beauty it is too ;)

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