Monday, March 17, 2008

Foggy Notions and !Kaboogie presents Kode 9

Friday March 28th sees the Irish debut performance for both Kode 9 and Various Productions in what promises to be a night of pure dubwise scintillation.

Kode 9 is one of the absolute heavyweights of the 21st century London bass community. His oceanic meta-dub productions have continuously eroded and exploded the sonic boundaries of dubstep through his idiosyncratic marriage of spectral atmospherics, ethereal melodies and bone-shaking sub bass frequencies.

Kode 9 at Sonar 2007

Publicity shy duo, Adam Phillips and Ian Carter, aka Various Productions, defy orthodox classification. Their planet-size tunes straddle the genres of underground UK electronics, folk and pop creating a maelstrom of lush melodies, razor-steppin beats, beautiful vocals, dextrous bars and intoxicatingly heaving b-lines. Their collaborations with varied singers and MCs and their masterful production has enabled them to sculpt their own inimitable sound.....

Various Productions 'Hater'

Support Irish style comes from the mighty Don Rosco and main !Kaboogie man himself Richie.

Friday 28th March
The Vaults,
Connolly Station/IFSC, Dublin 1
15 euro!

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