Saturday, March 1, 2008

Monkey Boots

Often regarded as the '15th Beatle' Raggaman Bob is a freestyle emcee/balladere from the original school. He recorded his first album on a park bench, ('Hello Hoochie'-1991). Due to the Irish weather and the price of varta batteries he decided to record his second album, ('Easi Singles'-1992), indoors with the aid of a four track cassette recorder, a basin of scrumpy jack and a bottle of hair oil. The album was criticized by a few 'non-believers' and Raggaman sought to silence them fast with another studio album, ('Door to '94'-1993), then a fourth, ('the Kilbride Plaza sessions'-1994).

In between recording,touring and frog fishing, Raggaman has performed on stage many times with Irish hip hop pioneers 'ScaryÉire' and once staggered in for a full show as RíRá's stunt double. He has received high praises from people like Sinéad O'Connor, Damien Dempsey and a few 'previous non-believers' and no less than nine, that's NINE albums later the RaggamanBob show is still, without question, 'all the go'.

More recently Raggaman has teamed up with his long time drinking consultant RíRá on the 2006 release 'W'DunDat' (Madd Axxe RíRá EP), and also on a cover of the age old 'ScaryÉire' classic 'Dole Q'. Expect any number of albums in the future from 'the Richie Kavanagh of rap'..............'Peel dem an' ate dem, dont forsake dem.............for fuck sake.'

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