Monday, March 3, 2008


A record that, though composed by Stephen Hague and connected to the RSC more through the video(and the beautiful artwork on the cover), always makes me smile when I hear it. I remember being amazed by the cover as a kid, and spending hours copying Doze's style. It was only when I saw the video a couple of years later that I realised I would have to dedicate every minute of my life to b-boying.*cough*

In fact, Im still blown away by the vid, its great to see original moves like uprocking and even the webo being performed to such perfection by a crew that did more than any to bring Hip Hop out of the South Bronx and to the world.

My copy is still upstairs waiting to be pulled out at the right moment...

*PS* Rumours abound of a visit by Prince Ken Swift to these shores very soon...Ill keep you posted ;)

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