Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patricks Day Doings

Today is St Patrick's Day, a day where all over the world people who aren't Irish get bladdered drunk in celebration of the coming of christianity to Ireland. Dressed in green (for some reason) they celebrate. I'll be dressing in black to lament the day some Welsh god botherer (symbolically or otherwise) brought the crazy cult and the ensuing misery to this land. Join me in drowning my sorrows / celebrating having a day off poxy work.

First up today is this - a fundraiser for the Mantua Festival. Recreate the bog dance in the heart of Dublin's tourist hell, minus the mud but with the vomiting students.

Later on in the night, a very green faced looking Benga will be entertaining the crowd alongside the REACH lads.

Outside of Dublin, Dubculture has put on two shows for Paddy's Day - one in Galway (their home) and one across the pond in Bristol. Should be interesting.

Anyway, if you're at any of these tonight, be kind to each other, try not to get too messy and force broken glasses into each others faces tooooo much. Some of us have to live here.

PS If you arent Irish, try not to use the P Word when talking to us. Only we can use that, its ours.

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Anonymous said...

How did the Dorans session end up on Monday?
Did grown men weep?
Did ye ever get to find out what's wrong with Antknee's eye?