Monday, January 26, 2009

DJ Colz January Selection - 2 Step

Old School Fool

I woke this morning at 8, suffering the effects of the weekend but thankfully with no work to face today, just the task of keeping this monthly mix thing going. This time the mix is pretty much exclusively 2 step garage, with some wot u call it of various types thrown in for good measure. All weekend, people I talked to (well, three anyway) were requesting more 2 step - the sound is in general enjoying a revival, but its virtually first time around in the clubs for it as far as Dublin goes. People seem to be feeling it, so I'll keep playing it. I used to use older tunes in my mixes to add a little syncopation to the newer; nowadays I seem more and more to be seeking out suitable new tunes to fit in with all the old school. Hmm. I hope the ever worsening leaky-fader situation doesn't spoil your enjoyment of these tracks - once a few years back it would have been inexcusable, but the economic situation gives us all an excuse for shoddy workmanship. Bump this mix in yer jammer then, if you still have one.



1 Ebon - E - What To Do
2 El-B + Nude - Reality
3 All Night Jam - Zed Bias + DJ Principal ( S. Gurley Remix )
4 Jay Da Flex - Wez 2
5 Brasstooth - Celebrate Life ( Zed Bias Remix )
6 Groove Chronicles - Been Here Before
7 El-B + Nude - South West
8 Benga - Amber
9 Artful Dodger + Craig David - Rewind
10 Skyjoose + Skykap - Perfect Dark
11 Corporation Of London - Roar Beats
12 Melodi Brown - Naked ( Groove Chronicles Dub Mix )
13 Darqwan - As We Enta
14 Porn Starz - Dis One
15 Fuze - Unknown
16 Roxy v El-B - Cuba
17 J-Sweet - Rock U
18 Roll Deep - Roll Deep Regular ( Devil Mix )
19 Dizzee Rascal - Off To Work
20 Benga - Dose
21 Kode 9 - Swarm
22 Hatcha - Dub Express
23 Scandalous Unlimited - Dark Horse
24 Geeneus - Detroit


clom said...

where's the link!
fiends be losing their minds out here for that 2-step business!

the sound totally passed me by first time round but i've had some great digs in archives for old mixes.

cólz said...

On its way Colm...forgive the delay but Im havin multiple crashes...could be the wee hours...
some real killers on this one tho ;)

Anonymous said...