Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hessle Audio Mix For RA

"I think that at the moment there's a lot of middle-of-the-road dubby techno that doesn't really do a lot, and whilst you might describe it as dubsteppy techno, it's not what I'm really into. I prefer stuff that maybe takes a few different influences, like Pangaea's "Router" which borrows from quite a few different genres and creates something new rather than a Basic Channel rehash at 140 BPM."


An exclusive mix by Ramadanman, co-founder along with Ben UFO of Hessle Audio, Resident Advisor's label of the month. A great selection of Hessle tracks and some unreleased and released gems.


1 Pangaea - Deviant [Hessle Audio]
2 Ramadanman - Offal [Soul Jazz]
3 Guido - Orchestral Lab [Forthcoming Punch Drunk]
4 Loefah - Rufage [DMZ]
5 TRG - Put You Down (Ramadanman Refix) [Hessle Audio]
6 Benga - Electro Scratch [Ringo]
7 2562 - Hijack [3024]
8 Untold - Bones [Hemlock]
9 Ramadanman - Tak [Hessle Audio]
10 Compound One - Space Oddyssey [Unreleased]
11 TRG - Put You Down [Hessle Audio]
12 Benga - Back in the Day [Unreleased]
13 Shackleton - Massacre [Hotflush]
14 Ramadanman - Humber [Forthcoming Applepips]
15 TRG - Broken Heart (Martyn's DCM Remix) [Hessle Audio]
16 Joe - Rut [Forthcoming Hessle Audio]
17 Pearson Sound - Ex [Unreleased]
18 Joker - Do It [Unreleased]
19 Pangaea - Router [Hessle Audio]
20 Plastician - Death By Stereo [Rephlex]
21 Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling [Unreleased]

Thanks to Safetyboy

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