Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are You Dumb?

What? 16 blips? Yer damn right. And worth every penny. Fight the freeze tomorrow night at the Tipsy Leper. While Bodytonic are at home wondering how they're going to pay for their many mortgages, us toxic-debt free low life types will be commandeering their gaff for the night. Both floors will be open for bizz, and the action kicks off at 9pm with Push Move Click. Those of you with big ears may have caught them being very wierd but beautiful at the last Dirty Collective..if not, then here's a clip of Grizz, Maff and the man like 16Hz doing what they have done in the past. Check their MySpace for a preview of what they're doing now. Tasty.

After all that we have The DeadBeat Crew celebrating their first birthday alongside DubCulture popping the corks in honour of their first release. So, look forward to an evening of beautiful sounds from the likes of local low end theorists DeFekt, LightYear, 16Hz and Johnny Oakley, Ed Chamberlain, Sub One, Me, Crysis, along with very special guests Jamie Vex'd and the legend that is RSD. So are you or what?

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