Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Drum Machines/2 Modulars/1 Tu-Ki - Live

"So we had a sweet day down in Tu-Ki's studio. We brought the modulars down to see if they'd play nice with all other gear. An 808, a 909, an MPC 1000, 2 modulars and Tu-Ki being killer on the decks. We were just messing about really trying to see if we could get it all synced and working. The track above is a live jam... about 11 mins long... starts cooking a few mins in... no edits, no mastering, no mixing, just the machines sounding raw. The 808 is going through the Frostwave Resonator for a bit more bite. It really was a lovely way to spend my B'Day.

If you like it we are going to try and organise something for this year's DEAF festival. PushMoveClick and Tu-Ki doing a live thing... hopefully projectors and cameras again. Anyways hope you like the track..."

- Grizzle


DeFeKT said...

great crack!

yup ya boy ya...

love those machines jesus :)

cólz said...

Sound Maff!