Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dubculture Label Launch Tonight

Tonight sees the official launch of Dubculture Records in Galway City, and the label's first release, 'Cavegirl' by RSD ( check the track above ) along with Crysis's 'Super Villain'.

In session tonight will be Crysis and Sub One back to back on the platters, with a live set of exclusive Irish dubs from Major Grave and Konspiracy in anticipation of the Full Irish Special Part Two ( coming soon ), with an 08 update on the mostly 07 tracks of the first mix . If yer fortunate enough to be way out west this weekend, drop down. Go with an empty stomach though; grub will be provided.


Here's Crysis, Sub One and Konspiracy on the turntables from the night, courtesy of DJ Welfare.

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