Friday, December 5, 2008

WagaWaga - mrepsican ep

" asked me about 6 months ago if I wanted to do an EP. We decided on Dec 1st and then I didnt think much more deeply about it until a week ago. I wanted to wait til the last minute before picking the tunes in case I wrote anything worthwile before the release. So, this week i started picking tracks and I couldnt resist putting as much music on there as possible. So instead of a 4/5 track EP its become an 11 track LP. I tried to get it to flow so it was listenable as one solid piece of music rather than just isolated tracks. Musically it's all quite similarly paced, sitting somewhere between dub, acid and jungle with plenty of bass. It's nice to finally have picked out some tunes to present properly to people rather than the usual method of just giving random bundles of tunes bit by bit. I hope people enjoy it as much as I do."


Download mrpepsican here

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