Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bok Bok + L-Vis 1990 Fact Mix

Dublin pisses me off. I can't go out to a club these days without hearing very bad drum and bass, or even fucking breakcore. Why is this? In the case of d'n'b, its particularly disturbing - if I hear breakcore I can just leave and that's the end of that. A quick smoke outside and I can't even recall what permutation of Amen-clever clogism I've been assaulted with. But when its d'n'b its one of two things; in the case of the recent stuff, I get a dreary feeling equivalent to seeing an ex you once loved, now a crackhead on the 77 bus home. You feel for them but at the same time hope they won't recognise you. When its the old stuff (quality), I feel depressed in a different way - Its like exhuming a beautiful corpse, or looking at a photo of the dearly departed. It can lead to upset.

Those were the days. These are NOT

So, Dublin. Elsewhere in Ireland there seems to be more variety; Dublin promoters seem to book the same acts again and again - year after year. And so, what with the recession and the fact that the middle class are the only young people who seem to be able to afford to have any fun anymore (ah, the comfort of the safety net), there's been much talk in Smokeless Towers, for the first time in decades, about moving to The Big Smoke across the water - if there's any work there. Like everyone at the moment, they too have their own problems.

However, at least over there you can hop on a tube and catch a quality night like This. Night Slugs has the kind of line ups that I would kill to have over here on the regular. Kill I say. Have a listen to Lower End Spasm's Bok Bok and L-Vis for FACT and maybe your ears will know what I mean, even if nothing else makes sense. Lucky sods. I'm going to start my own night in the new year.



01 - KARIZMA - broken beats
02 - RAPID - report to the dance floor
03 - DJ MYSTERY - changes
04 - LIL SILVA - funky flex
05 - CONAN LIQUID - one time (for your mind)
06 - GEENEUS - yellowtail
07 - D1 - ongie bongie
08 - D MALICE - monopoly
09 - L-VIS & BOK BOK - Bongo Jam Refix
10 - CRAZY COUSINZ - infiltration
11 - L-VIS 1990 - flux
12 - ROD LEE - let the horns go
13 - MOVES!! - all skate
14 - SILVERLINK - message is love (L-VIS 1990 Dub)
15 - DJ ZINC - ghosttrain
16 - BOK BOK - no need to front 2009
17 - IKONIKA - please
18 - KODE 9 vs LD - bad
19 - HUNGER PAINS - in middle (DJ SLUGO remix)
20 - DROP THE LIME - hear me (BURAKA SOM SISTEMA remix)
21 - L-VIS 1990 - the night slug


Anonymous said...

S'up man. "Dublin promoters seem to book the same acts again and again - year after year". True the bigger ones and I think we could name them if we wanted, but can't tar all the promoters wit the same brush? I for one is well looking forward to seeing some of the acts booked for a new monthly night next year, a lot of whom will be playing in dublin for the first time...

"I'm going to start my own night in the new year."
This is the way to do it ppl.

"...or even fucking breakcore" ha ha can't wait to clog up yer inbox with my britney spears glitchcore rmx so ;)


cólz said...

Whats the new monthly chief? I need reassurance..

2BiT said...

well count me in if yer doin a night! :D

cólz said...

Consider yourself BOOKED my aul segoshia!

2BiT said...

Heh, ya sound like the law now :D

Unknown said...

Hey Guys,
Just reading this post, we've did a Nightslugs party in The Button Factory earlier this year, we've another one on the 5th December.

Here's some more stuff you may or may not be into..

Saturday 24th October
Mustard Pimp (Mad Decent)


Saturday 31st October
The Subs (Live)


Saturday 7th November
Riva Starr (Dirtybird)


Saturday 5th December
Nightslugs London Present Bok Bok + Special Guests TBA


Saturday 12th December
Jackbeats & Transmission DJs