Monday, July 7, 2008

Ghost 'n' Jay Instrumentals ( 2004 )

Ghost 'n' Jay way back

Here are some instrumentals I did for Dublin Hip Hop legends Ghost'n'Jay(above) in 2004. They were never finished as tracks so these are just the bare rhythmic bones of what were to be possible tracks for the album we never got done, probably due in no small part to the demands of fatherhood and work on the bwais. The first one is called 'Some More' and was originally going to be a scratch track with minimal MCing as far as I remember...

The next one is just a simple loop, nameless as it was going to form the basis of a skit, so its nice and short....

This one was known as 'Nowhere to Hide' and was a proper full on MC tune. I like the drunken step to the rhythm. So there.

And the final one is one I did for the lads but knew myself it was too kinky for the kind of stuff the lads were doing, its called 'Scrambled'.

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