Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rusko @Get Low

Any Dublin Heads interested get on the bus....

There's many's a good moan on the dubstepforum, which has of late had quiet, more shy readers like myself scrambling off elsewhere to escape the increasingly inane banter and pointless debates...pretty similar to what happened over at the once very useful resource H2éire many years ago.....(but nowhere near as arse clenchingly embarassing as that creche. Please, don't visit. It aint funny anymore)

One major fuel behind the moan engines has to be Rusko. Love or hate him, its yours. Fact is he does his own unique thing, and does it well. He'll be doing it for the first time in Ireland next Saturday in Galway, and its guaranteed to be a stormer. Not to be missed....
Keep an ear out for a possible 'Cockney Thug/Amhráin na bhFiann' mashup.

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