Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Chop Shop

This month sees The Chop Shop Podcast celebrate its first birthday with this, Limerick top-shotter A2DF's latest set for this series. They've already reached volume 20 in 12 months which is a pretty decent batting average by anyone's mixtape standards - and there are some more big podcasts in the pipeline. Click the pic below to download...

.."He’s back again folks, A2DF returns with his 3rd installment. More a comp than a mix this time round but i’m sure u guys won’t have any problems with that especially when u see the track listing. Anyways sit back relax, if theres any of those funny fags going round, have a pull and listen these funky beats...."

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Friday Saturday & Sunday - Potato salad (DIG)
Frank Williams Rockateers - You Got to be a man (Deep City)
The Fabulous Traits - Love is strang (Tele Phonic)
Freefare - Everything is gonna out (Showcase)
Momie-O -Your welcome to stop on by (Identify)
Belva & The Randolp Bros - Happy Fool (Randdolph Bros)
Willie Rogers - Wake up (Ronn)
Pazants Bros - Fever (RCA)
Brother Soul - Train Song (Janion)
Sons of Slum - 14 miles of plastic ghetto (GAMMA)
Asterix - keep yourself together (sho pro)
David Batiste - Funky soul (Soulin)
Bill Deal - Tucks Theme (Heritage)
Reggie Sadlier Review - Raggedy Bag (Quantus)
DAB Express - Aint that a DAB Shame(Cha-ru-wa)
Master Story Teller - You gotta pay pay pay (SPQR)
Hokis Pokis - Nowhere (Shield)
The Trend - You gotta take it with you (Capitol)
The Endeavors - I know you dont want me (Stop)
The Caprells - Close your eyes (Bano)
Jimmy Bo Horne - Hey there jim (DIG)
Marie Queenie Lyons - Fever (Duplex)
Pricilla Price - Rockefeller jones (GMC)
Tuomo - Dont take it too hard (Jupiter)
The Protein Bros - Cholo (Rural Records)

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hi can i have some info on that:

the trend - i gotta take it with you

i love it!!!!

can't find any info anywhere